Keene’s site offers almost-engaged girlfriends, brides-to-be, and new wives something like what Sassy magazine, in its early-90s heyday, offered pre-teen girls terrified by Seventeen: a space where messy reality is normalized and confronted. Most of the site is devoted to real-world wedding stories, with budget advice and how-to’s included…. But the most striking posts delve into complicated and touchy issues like coping with toxic family relationships, planning second weddings, dealing with infertility—all things that are routinely airbrushed out of the glossier wedding media. —Tablet Mag

The APW Mission


APW is focused on creating a culture that supports laid-back, feminist weddings. All that stuff wedding media tells you that you have to have? We think you don’t have to have it (unless you actually want it). And we don’t actually believe that all those things people tell you are traditions actually are traditional. (So much so that Meg actually wrote a whole book about it.) Our wedding content is a mix of real wedding stories sharing what couples learned, how-to’s, and personal essays normalizing the messy reality of wedding planning. Sometimes it’s also pretty pictures, but always focused on people and emotions, not objects.


Through the Reclaiming Wife part of the site (original subtitle: Because wife is the new cunt. Reclaiming words is an important feminist tradition y’all), we are working to build a cultural conversation about what it means to be young(ish) and married right now, in this cultural moment. We’re working to collectively build a positive egalitarian idea of what marriage can be in society, and what it can mean in our lives. Our marriage content is a mix of personal essays from both staff writers and readers on a whole variety of subjects around relationships.

In Short

We want to change the world. We figured weddings were a damn good place to start (because really, what a mess). Marriage seemed the next logical step. Stay tuned.



Meg Keene

Meg started out in the world knowing that she wanted to make things and boss people around (in a nice way). When she was nine, she had her mom order her a set of business cards that said “Aspiring Artist.” She’s always had a fondness for business stationery. She attended NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts where she earned her BFA in experimental theatre. She is probably better at postmodern nudity than you are, or at least more qualified. After graduation she founded and managed a small theatre company, and worked in on and off Broadway in theater management. Once Peter Yarrow sang “Blowing In The Wind” in his living room to raise $1,000 for a show she produced. That was a good day. When she got tired of theatre, she moved to San Francisco where she worked in the research department of an investment bank. That is a long story. Also a long story, shortened is this: Meg founded APW in 2008, wrote a best selling wedding book, and no longer has to deal with professional nudity, postmodern or otherwise. Plus, she took the “Aspiring” off her business cards. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and son. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit

Digital Director & Style Editor

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie graduated from NYU with intentions of becoming Tina Fey, but quickly realized that she looks terrible in glasses. Although she once got to bring Montel Williams his coffee, Maddie soon realized that the entertainment industry was no place for someone who smiles 90% of the day. With that in mind (along with encouragement from Meg and the fine example of some other APW staffers—cough, Emily, cough), she became a wedding photographer instead. Now, as Managing Editor at APW, she gets to be snarky, eat cheese and smile 90% of the day. Just. Like. Tina. In her spare time, Maddie likes to spoon her dog and enjoys comparing her dreamy husband to the young Paul Newman. Also, she never says no to Karaoke, and yes that is totally a challenge.

Deputy Editor

Lucy Bennett

Lucy is an Atlanta native who sometimes has a Southern accent, but can never remember where she left it last. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and is currently completing a self-appointed Master's degree in Hey That Looks Like Fun Let Me Try. Outside of being a designer/writer/master of efficiency, she spends a considerable amount of time dabbling in fiction writing and working on various unfinished novels. When not coming up with weird self-challenges, she can be found marathoning TV shows or playing board games. She lives with her husband, her moderately internet-famous pup, and two cats, and takes herself very seriously.

Advertising Manager

Keriann Kohler

After spending her formative years in a monastic pursuit to become a professional ballet dancer, Keriann (better known on the interwebs as KA) has refused to commit to a career path. Leaving NY for LA, she earned a BA from USC in "SocialScienceswithanemphasisinHistory" with minors in Business, Architecture and Film; and worked in theater management, set design and real estate. She eventually returned to NY, but never got the memo that grown-ups only have one job. After years of managing the businesses of several creative entrepreneurs—and a nudge from Meg—she realized that WAS her job, and a business as a business manager was born. KA can also be found acting, renovating the house she grew up in, and planning hypothetical travel adventures. APW once taught her commitment-phobic self that while diversification is good for business, marriage isn’t so bad for a relationship, and she’s been happily married to Scott since 2011.

Copy Editor

Kate Bolen

Kate’s English BA from the University of San Francisco solidified her love of words, grammar, punctuation, and all things lit nerd. She resides in sometimes-sunny San Francisco with her cuddly husband Kevin and her supportive cat Nori. Privileged to be APW’s first reader, Kate had long dreamed of copy editing Meg’s work before it became a reality, and she is constantly in awe of and grateful for the amazing community that is APW. This crafty world-traveling native-Texan foodie anglophile Netflix-addict has more interests than she has time, so when not editing or creating, she contents herself to defend The Earth with her amazing powers of recycling and composting. She thinks bow ties are cool.

Ask Team Practical

Liz Moorhead

Liz grew up knowing that being an artist was not a sensible career choice. So, she tried everything from waitressing to telemarketing to teaching, and she completed three degrees including a Master’s of Education. Then, her son was born and she realized art was one of the few things she could do from home. While wearing sweatpants. Now, she paints custom stationery, screenprints tea towels, designs logos and websites, and blogs about the whole shebang. She somehow finds time in her day to type up impassioned opinions about weddings, etiquette and feminism, usually while shaking a fist and mumbling expletives around mouthfuls of cheese fries. Whatever other spare time Liz has, she spends sipping bourbon with her husband and playing Don’t Throw That in the Toilet with her son.

Contributing Editor


Elisabeth is a newly minted MPH working in public health in New York City. Her old okcupid profile said she’s really good at: fixing socially awkward situations at parties, return trips to Ikea, whipping up excellent mac and cheese on camping trips, leaping into the ocean, being chronically late, and having Friday night adventures all over Brooklyn. It must have worked, because she recently married her introverted, punctual K.

Writing Intern

Hayley Cotter

Hayley is a Boston native who traded her snow boots for flip flops and moved to the Caribbean with her then-fiancé, Nick. Their engagement spanned the better part of three years, six address changes, and countless flat tires, and they recently (finally!) tied the knot. (Much to the chagrin of friends and family, who had anticipated a barefoot beach wedding, they were wed in a "reverse-destination wedding" in Ohio.) When she's not busy at her grown-up job, you can usually find her in a hammock, napping, reading, or pondering married life.

Writing Intern

Kelsey Hopson-Shiller

Kelsey is a California native, residing in Denver. She married Julie, a Jewish girl from New Jersey, in September 2014. She works too many jobs, including one as an animal assisted therapist at a local high school, has too many pets, and really likes reading books in the sunshine, especially if there's bourbon involved.

Writing Intern

Lauren Fitzpatrick

Lauren graduated from Indiana University with no idea of what to do next, so she got a working holiday visa for Ireland. Over the next ten years she worked her way around the world, picking up a Master's in travel writing and an Australian husband along the way. They married in Hawaii in September 2014. She is now based in Newcastle, Australia, and still doesn't understand what "settling down" is supposed to mean.

Production Intern

Dana Eastland

Dana went to Tufts University in Boston, where she studied All the Lucrative Stuff (that would be English, History, and Drama). Now she lives in San Francisco, where she is the Editorial Assistant for, a website and newsletter all about food and restaurants in the Bay Area. She can often be found harassing her dog, organizing her clothes by color, and perfecting her cocktail party tricks.


Rachel W. Miller

Rachel went to Michigan State University, where she got into blogging, earned her BA in Journalism, and drank a lot of tequila. She then moved to NYC where she worked as an assistant at ELLE Magazine. For most of her life, Rachel has loved the sound of her own voice, and now she’s found a way to make money off of that. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, doing yoga (she still refuses to call it “practicing”), hanging out with her dogs, and talking Eric’s ear off.

Staff Photographer

Allison Andres

Allison became a wedding photographer when she realized that weddings are pretty much the BEST things ever. She is fueled by vegan chocolate chip cookies, red wine, and sensible shoes. Her camera is her first love, though her husband may disagree and say it’s their crazy beagle-chihuahua mix (sorry Fred). She adores black tee shirts, the color pink, and taking luxurious naps. When she’s not photographing weddings, or running through vineyards, you can find her visiting the Vallejo Farmer’s Market and working on her 75 year old house.

DIY Contributor

Michelle Edgemont

When Michelle was a child, there was a local newspaper article written about how all of her crafts won in the adult categories at the state fair. She has been a crafting superstar ever since. After working as a textile designer in NYC for six years, she combined her love of creating, mixed with her love of weddings, and launched a company that has a purpose—to design modern weddings with artistic, custom decor and colorful florals. APW was her dose of sanity in an insane wedding world while planning her wedding in 2009. Her work has been seen on all corners of the wedding blog world and she is a regular contributor to HGTV. When she’s not creating artistic wedding decor, she likes to veg out on the couch and marathon watch TV series while eating candy.