Every Inch of This DC Pop-Up Wedding Was on Point

No one in the district has swagger like them


Samantha, accounting clerk & Yeshi, gsa compliance officer

Sum-up of the wedding vibe: A fun-filled celebration of love!

Planned budget: $10,000

Actual budget: $9,000

Number of guests: 75


Where we allocated the most funds:

We allocated the most funds to the reception, which we held at Policy. There was no venue rental fee, only a food and beverage minimum ($2,000)—which worked perfectly for us. We offered a signature cocktail, Rum Punch, instead of the traditional beverage packages.


Where we allocated the least funds:

Décor! I made our centerpieces using Dollar Store vases, spray paint, glitter, spray adhesive, waterproof LED lights, and floating candles. Everyone loved them and even asked to take them home!

IMG_0517A93A0258 IMG_0531

What was totally worth it:

Having a POP! Wedding! Everything went so perfectly—better than either of us imagined.


What was totally not worth it:

Aside from needing a place to prepare, the hotel room probably was the least worth it—mostly because we wanted to go to our home and get into our bed!


A few things that helped us along the way:

Being able to have healthy dialogue and healthy disagreements. This helped us compromise with each other’s (at times outlandish) ideas, and it all worked out for the best!


OUR best practical advice for OUR planning selVES:

Even though time is scarce, be patient and allow room for flexibility as much as possible. Plan B’s (and C’s) are helpful!

A93A0143 Yeshi_Recep-36

Favorite thing about the wedding:

Everyone had such an amazing time! By choosing to go as nontraditional as possible, we had the opportunity to really enjoy ourselves. After all was said and done, a ton of our guests told us to “Do it again!”


Anything else TO SHARE:

Throughout the planning process we had amazing support from family and friends. Samantha has a huge family all around the DC and Maryland area, while Yeshi’s family is mostly in Jamaica, with the exception of her mom, sister, and nephews. There was a lack of support and attendance by Samantha’s mom, Yeshi’s dad, and a few older family members, because of their religious beliefs, but the day went on as planned. We were extremely happy that Samantha’s closest friends’ moms came and stepped in as maternal support. With all the love and support that surrounded us, all the world’s problems and missing family members seemed to fade into the background.

Yeshi has taken in Sam’s ten-year-old son Jayden like her own. He was such an instrumental part in our wedding planning and ceremony. Jayden was responsible for holding and presenting the rings at the ceremony, and was so excited to finally be able to wear his snazzy new suit that matched Yeshi’s. From the day that we explained to Jayden how our love and relationship was different from others, he has been our number one supporter. He often wonders why everyone just can’t love who they want and be happy for one another.

It was so important for us to stay grounded and have clear minds throughout this process. We had a ton of things going on in our lives already, and of course the wedding planning only added to it. No matter what we were faced with as far as those who were not supportive and any emotions that came with those decisions, we knew that we were making the absolute best decision ever, and nothing anyone said would deter us from our happiness!


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