Squirrels! (Thanks Printable Press)

You guys have been wonderfully patient waiting for the results of the Printable Press giveaway (APW sponsor) that I hosted a few weeks ago. In the meantime Kimi has been holed up, designing new invitations inspired by the winning comment. They’ll be added to Printable Press’ regular line up (so anyone can buy them), but the winners get one for free, get to modify it with whatever colors and text they like, and change up the wording. You know, usual Printable Press style.

So. Kimi and I read the comments separately, and immediately came to the same conclusion about who needed to win. It was gut level and totally obvious to both of us. So, drumroll please, the winning comment was this:

Just as you don’t usually post giveaways, I don’t usually enter them. However, this one seems like it was made out of my dreams, and I just can’t stop myself! It’s also been a generally crappy week in wedding planning as our second venue just canceled on us and, well, queer family drama abounds. But that’s not the point of this entry; the point is squirrels. I’ve been looking high and low for a wedding invitation that includes squirrels. I won’t say exactly why online (lest I embarrass my beloved), so I’ll just say that funny things happen to bodies when they embark on a female to male gender transition. And now I love and collect squirrels. There are plenty of squirrel valentines day cards and even a few birthday/anniversary/Christmas/holiday cards, but no wedding invites! We’d love to have a casual, kind of funky invite that features a squirrel and maybe some sort of reference to our breakfast for dinner reception. We’re looking at dove grey and apple green as our unofficial colors.JM & MJ

And this was what Kimi had to say:

Everyone’s ideas are so inspiring, and there are a lot of great weddings being planned! It was a hard choice, but JM & MJ’s plea for an invitation with squirrels just won me over. Not only because her entry touched me (and intrigued me), not only because I was so charmed by the phrase “my beloved’, but also because, well, there just should be squirrels on an invitation somewhere. Recently at our cabin a pair of tiny red squirrels have taken up residence in our stone wall and we have fallen in love with them.

And because Kimi is a total doll, and was on a creative roll, she ended up designing THREE squirrel invitations, so JM & MJ can have their pick. I literally love each one more than the last, and when I got to the end, I was pretty teary. So JM & MJ, email me, and we’ll make some magic happen.
PS If you don’t like these (though I really hope you do) you get to pick any other Printable Press design.
PPS May I suggest printing on Kraft Paper? I think that might be genius.
PPPS It’s days like this that I am extra exuberantly grateful to this community. All of you, even the quiet ones, even the new ones, are so crucial to the magic that happens here, on the very best days.

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  • SHUT UP! We won?!?! As soon as I stop crying and pick myself up off the floor, I will call M and let him know. And then we'll try to choose between these designs – a task that will be incredibly diffifult. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What an amazing community and an amazing gift. . .

  • Look how adorable these are!!! I couldn't pick, if it had been me. Maybe the middle one? Eegads.

    That middle one esp. Congrats to JM and MJ!

  • Meg

    I kind of like the last one, because they are kissing. And I'm a sucker for kissing squirrels, it turns out..

    And yes, you did win. Unanimously.

  • Ohhh, congratulations!! The last one is my abslute favorite, I love the flugelhorn and also breakfast for dinner… :)

  • Oh, yes. I forgot to say that we welcome comments and votes, because choosing is going to be HARD.

  • Another stroke of Printable Press genius. I love the uniqueness of the hand drawn invite, but I think the last one is my favorite. Congrats you guys!

  • Oh, and also, they are all completely gender neutral. I didn't even think to ask for that, but it makes my heart very happy.

    And now I'm going to stop commenting before it becomes annoying :)

  • Oh I really hope they choose the last one!!! It's so happy! and the kissing squirrels!!!! TOO cute!!

  • These are adorable!Congrats JM and MJ! Good luck with the venue hunt…it'll all work out!

    Meg and Kimi – where does one find Kraft paper? I love the look and our wonderful up-and-coming designer just sent a first draft of our invite. It calls for "tan-flecky paper" and that might just do the trick. Any vendor or print-it-yourself knowledge you could impart would be much appreciated. We're going for a recycled, natural kind of look. Thanks!!

  • Kim

    Congrats JM & MJ! Despite my odd fear of squirrels I love the last one. Why? The squirrels are reaching out to each other…there's a bugle…"merriment to follow"…aww! But whichever one you pick will be a pure delight as they are all so sweet.

  • All three are adorable, but I love the middle one.

  • Ohhhh myyyy – these are soooo incredibly cute! I have to cast my vote for the first one. I love the playfulness of the squirrels but didya notice the special touch – the carving on the birch tree? Outstanding!! Congrats to JM and MJ (even though I'm wicked jealous)!! Nicccceeeee job Printable Press! Nice!


  • @KG you can order kraft paper and very excellent kraft envelopes in assorted sizes from JAM Paper: http://www.jampaper.com/

    I highly recommend them.

  • p.s. I gotta vote for the flying squirrels because that's what marriage feels like to me. plus yeah, the birch tree, the CARVING.

    okay now I'm done.

  • @K Guenther, you could also try this: http://paperandmore.com/cardstock/recycled_taupe_brown_fiber_80.html. We did our invitations on this recycled kraft cardstock, it was very affordable and the company was a joy to work with! (They answered my e-mails, cheerfully helped out when I screwed up my order 3 times, and shipped ultra-fast!) Good luck :)

  • A flying squirrel is just about the raddest animal around! Gorgeous work, Printable Press!

  • Very beautiful and cute invitations. I remember reading her comment and thinking..aww squirrels would be so cute.

  • YOU TWO ARE SO LUCKY!!! I love the first one with the Flying Squirrel by the way, it makes me think of Rocky my favorite childhood cartoon.


  • These are genius! A truly deserving winner :)

  • Also, will they be for sale? I'm in love with number 2. LOoooooOOOOoove!

  • Love love love all three! And your story. Congrats.

  • Meg

    Of course they'll be for sale!

  • MWK

    Gasp! So amazing. Congrats JM and MJ! (I think I might like the second one the best and vote for it but I love them all a LOT. A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot).

  • These are adorbs. Also, did you know that squirrels will hide out in trash cans waiting for you to throw something away so they can leap up and scare the crap out of you? True story.

  • I hate squirrels. But, I love these designs.

  • @Meg thank you for the reply. Can't wait to buy me up some squirrel stationary designs. w00t!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Squirrels! Flying ones and hidden ones and kissing ones!

    The last is my favourite. Except for the middle one, which is also my favourite.

  • OMG i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one! Congrats JM and MJ! And many happy blessings for a beautiful marriage :)

  • I just freaked out!! I'm love the middle design so much!! In my vows, I called my wife my tree who supports me in everything I do as I run along her branches because she's always called me her squirrel.

  • Wow, Kimi is talented!!! It feels wrong to say this, but I can't wait until that 2nd design becomes available to the rest of us… And thanks to JM & MJ for inspiring/creating the idea ;)

  • LME

    I L-O-V-E the 2nd one! Holy moly, I want that for my very own. I am so bookmarking printable press right now.

    But they are all fantastic!

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  • Dawn

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I am in the early stages of planning a wedding and the one decision that has already been made is a cake topper which is a bare tree that is customized with initials carved into the tree and two squirrels reaching for each other at the top. We are going to have a winter wedding and all of the invitations that I had found seem to center around the fall wedding theme. The first invitation is DEFINITELY the one we must have. When I showed it to my guy, even he said “Definitely, that is THE one!”