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50 Creative Save The Date Ideas

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You’re engaged, you’ve picked your wedding date, and now you’re looking for save the date ideas, so your friends and family can mark their calendars! Save the dates are like pre-invitations with logistics like the date and wedding location so that guests know that a) they’re invited, and b) not to make any other plans that day. Save the dates can also be a fun way to show your personality, since they don’t have to match, well, anything. Not the formality of the wedding or your other paper goods or your families’ opinions. The great thing about save the dates is that they’re a recently modern invention, so chances are your grandmother has no opinions on them. That means that if you’ve been looking for a creative wedding project, this might just be the perfect thing—because maybe you want to send your loved ones something quirky and non-traditional, like balloons or chocolate, with no complaints.

If you’re looking for save the dates ideas that you can just you know, buy, and be done with it, scroll to the end of this post for our best ideas. (And yes, save the date etiquette says you can totally just send an email. But let’s be real, if you’ve come here looking for save the date ideas, chances are you’re not gonna send an email.)

So, now that we’ve all admitted that we’re a little bit into over-the-top save the date ideas, and maybe you want to DIY your save the dates. Start by thinking of things you can buy in bulk! Things like playing cards, maps, balloons, and buttons are easy to repurpose or personalize so that you don’t have to break the bank for a cute idea.

We’ve split this post into two handy sections: nifty new ideas that you can craft or recreate, and super cool and (mostly) affordable save the dates you can buy.

But first, here’s a list of the fifty save the date ideas we’ve dug up (plus plenty of inspiration pictures below).

Save The Date Ideas

  1. Enamel Pin (Above)
  2. Caricature Stamp
  3. Finger and Ransom Note
  4. Photostrip
  5. Tea Towel
  6. Mini Easel
  7. Seed Packet
  8. Secret Message
  9. Fancy Footwork Card
  10. Twisty Straw (and Wine Bottle)
  11. Paper Doll
  12. Word Search
  13. Scratch-Off Ticket
  14. Knot Tie Card
  15. Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Ticket
  16. Cassette Tape Stationery
  17. Colorful Letterpress
  18. Personalized Pencils
  19. Metallic Boarding Pass
  20. Boozy Lollipops
  21. Customized Balloon
  22. Hand Painted Lotería
  23. Illustrated Map
  24. Personalized Magnet
  25. Crossword Puzzle
  26. Felt Flag
  27. Holographic Heart
  28. Paper Airplane
  29. 3D Anaglyph
  30. Ferris Wheel
  31. Flowchart
  32. Childhood Photo
  33. School Note
  34. Board Game
  35. Holiday Ornament
  36. Laser Cut
  37. Old-School Windows
  38. View-Master
  39. Drink Umbrella
  40. Customized Chocolate Bar
  41. Library Book Checkout Slip
  42. Floral Wreath
  43. Trifold
  44. Happy Heart
  45. Let’s I Do This Thing
  46. Love Story Infographic
  47. Beach Adventure
  48. Simple Flowers
  49. Happy Together
  50. Blooming Love

Ideas You Can DIY

caricature stamp of a couple on a tag

Stamp by Stamplifier (starting at $43.44)

caricature Stamp: Okay, we cheated a little bit with this one. You’ll have to buy the stamp, then you can DIY whatever you want with it! This crazy cute couple caricature stamp is a great way to turn super cheap tags into something fun. Plus you can use it on decor for the wedding.

save the date ransom style finger in a box

Finger via Jane Beljo on Flickr

Finger and ransom note: This is hands down the creepiest save the date we’ve ever seen. And unlike the prototype here, we suggest you add your names and the fact that you’re having a wedding, or you might get a few upset phone calls after you send them out. And, honestly, you might still get a few. But these save the dates are a couple with a dark sense of humor’s dream.

photostrip save the date

Photostrip via Annie Franceschi

Photostrip: Keep your photo session simple with DIY photostrips, with or without a magnetic back. You can even make and print them from the comfort of your own home—no photo booth needed.

tea towel save the date with envelope

Tea Towel via Uncommon Designs Online

Tea Towel: At first this will make some super special kitchen decor, and then later it will be functional and remind people of that joyful day.

save the date on a mini easel

Mini Canvas and Easel by Brooklyn Bride

mini Easel: Want to keep your save the date minimal (like really really minimal)? Consider creating mini art!

save the date ideas seed packets

Let Love Grow by MillstoneCrafted ($20 for 25 without seeds | $37.50 for 25 with seeds)

Seed packet: You can choose to buy the packets san seeds (so you can select your own) or buy them with seeds already included. Save the date ideas like this are filed under the DIY section, because we think including your favorite flowers seeds inside is a fun and personal detail. That way everyone who gets them can grow a little bit of your love. Or at least your favorite flowers.

secret message save the date

Encrypted Save the Date via Paper Truly (DIY Assembly: $180 for 25 | Full Assembly: $220 for 25 )

Secret Message: Test your guests’ spy skills! Your friends and family will have to break out their decoder glasses (included) to find and save your date.

dance steps save the date

Fancy Footwork via Martha Stewart

Fancy Footwork Card: Let your guests know that they’ll have to break out their best moves for your wedding party. Martha’s got you covered with a DIY; scroll down into the comments on the post for the PDF.

wine bottle in a case with a silly straw

Wine Bottle via Mighty Girl

The Twisty Straw (And Wine Bottle): Our friend Maggie made these invites for an event. And while she later told us that the cost of mailing wine bottles is… regrettable… the twisty straw made to look like a river, over a map of Russian River? You can take that one to the bank, my friends. (Seriously though: no shipping wine bottles unless you have ten or fewer guests.)

bride and groom paper dolls

Paper Doll via Happiness Is Blog

Paper Doll: Channel old-school playtime with DIY vintage paper doll save the dates. This woman worked her photoshop to make the dolls look like her and her fiancé.

gold foil save the date word search and envelope

Word Search via Edyta Szyszlo

Word Search: Save the date ideas that are fun can also work hard and accomplish two jobs at once. Guests didn’t know the couple was engaged, so this doubled as an engagement announcement. Hidden within the letters was their surprise message!

Photo of a card saying it's a winning combination

Scratch-Off via Martha Stewart

Scratch-off ticket: Share your luck in love with these DIY scratch-off save the dates. If only all scratch-offs were this easy to make.

tying the knot save the date

Tying the Knot via Smitten on Paper

Knot tie cardTie the knot, literally. These save the dates are a fun spin on the classic saying and an easy DIY.

Save The Dates You Can Buy

Harry Potter map save the date

Harry Potter Save the Date by PrettyPicStationery ($56 for 30)

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Ticket: This is perfect for couples who want to pay tribute to their love of Harry Potter without a ton of DIY.

cassette mix tape save the dateCassette Tape via (starting at $2.59 each)

Cassette Tape Stationery: These save the dates are for the chill and retro couple who miss the ’90s but don’t actually want to make a ton of mixtapes.

letterpress the dates with neon pink edges

Letter Press via Swell Press (contact seller for pricing information)

Colorful Letterpress: If you don’t want to stray too far from traditional save the date ideas, but still want something a little special, consider this neon letterpressed stationery.

white and gold save the pencils with couples' name and wedding date

Pencils via Not On The High Street ($10.45 for 12)

Personalized Pencils: Make it quick and easy for your guests to mark you down on their calendars with these fun personalized pencils. These would be great for a school-themed wedding or a teacher in love! Plus, unlike so many wedding-related things, they’re guaranteed not to go to waste, and you can enjoy the extras for years.

gold metallic boarding pass style save the date

Boarding Pass by aLITTLEsmallTALK ($93 for 10)

Metallic Boarding Pass: We love these gorgeous metallic boarding passes. They get across all the necessary wedding info while letting everyone know you’re having a glam destination!

Save the Date Lollipops with alcohol

Lollipops via Holly’s Lollies (starting at $44.60 for 20)

Boozy Lollipops: Send out of these boozy little lollipops as a preview of all the sweet times that’ll be had at your wedding. *The lollies are also available in non-alcoholic flavors if you want to keep the kids happy/avoid any boozy surprises.

pink balloon save the date

Balloon by WhiteKnot ($4.25 each)

Customized Balloon: How often do get people get balloons in the mail? Not often enough, in my opinion. Send out these cool save the dates and guest will be doubly excited.

colorful loteria style save the date

Lotería Love by Julie Song Ink ($980 for 100)

hand Painted Lotería: This color palette and groom in a traditional Lucha Libre mask is near the top on the list of super fun save the date ideas. This couple decided to celebrate their culture by creating a colorful custom Lotería game!

custom map illustration

Map by Virginia Brown Art (starting at $175)

illustrated Map: Out-of-town guests will love this fun and functional save the date. The maps are all customizable and can be made to represent any city you want!

comic book save the date magnet

Magnet by LoveMeDoDesign ($60.57 for 30)

Personalized Magnet: Magnet save the dates are popular for a reason, guests will be reminded of your date every time they go for a snack. Even better, Etsy has tons of these so you can have it personalized to even the most niche interests.

save the date crossword puzzle

Crossword Puzzle by Rubiazul ($69)

Crossword Puzzle: Let your friends and family know your wedding date AND give them something to do on a Sunday morning.

save the felt flag with school supplies

Custom Pennant by Coral Pheasant (contact seller for pricing information)

Felt Flag: Coral Pheasant created these flags for a couple who met and fell in love in college! These save the dates can be customized to your school colors and are sure to get your guests into the wedding spirit!

hand holding a holographic heart save the date

Holographic Save the Date by Rachel Emma Studio ($2.44 each)

Holographic Heart: If you’re planning a colorful and sparkle-filled wedding, this stationery fits the bill. These iridescent save the dates are perfect for the outside-the-box couple!

air mail style envelope for a save the date folded into a paper airplane

Paper Airplane by Hip Hip Hooray ($8.37)

Paper Airplane: This save the date is great for couples planning weddings abroad, you can personalize and print them right at home. No muss, no fuss!

3d anaglyph save the date

Anaglyph 3D Wedding Save the Date via Projecttwenty9 ($84 for 50

3D Anaglyph: Make your save the dates pop! This couple put a twist on traditional stationery and sent anaglyph save the dates and 3D glasses to all their guests.

ferris wheel save the date spinner

Ferris Wheel by StationMerry ($25 for 70)

Ferris wheel: This adorable postcard lets your guests spin for your wedding details.

flowchart save the date on top of a pink envelope and palm leaf

Flowchart by Smitten Paper Co (Digital File: $49 | Printed: $165 for 50)

Flowchart: Give your guests no other choice but to attend to your wedding. Okay not really, but these fun invitations are great for a couple with a good sense of humor.

bride and groom as children on a save the date

Old Photo via Zazzle ($1.20 each)

Childhood Photo: Guests will get a kick out of seeing you and your fiancé as kids. Just upload your childhood photos to create this adorable throwback save the date. (These are doubly cute if you’re marrying someone you know from way back when.)

will you marry me? circle one yes or no save the date

High School Sweethearts by PuzzlePrints ($10)

School note: These printables are simple to create and give me middle school flashbacks in all the best ways!

get me to the wedding save the date board game

Board Game by Paper Truly (DIY Assembly: $405 for 25 | Full Assembly: $485 for 25)

Board Game: Treat your guests to an impromptu board game! Think The Game of Life: Wedding Edition. These save the dates come in both DIY and full assembly options, so you can put in as little or as much effort in as you want!

navy and white Christmas ornament save the date

Ornament by Abbey Malcolm Press (contact seller for pricing information)

holiday Ornament: Send these out for your Christmas wedding or as a celebration of your favorite season. Or send them out whenever, because these would be a beautiful way to share some cheer, any time of the year!

yellow laser cut save the date

Laser Cut by Avie (starting at $32)

Laser Cut: So dainty, delicate, and beautiful you could (and probably should) frame them. These save the dates are custom beauties that your friends and family will be talking about for a while.

retro Microsoft window save the date

Windows by Sthblue ($35)

old-school Windows: This save the date idea is funny, geeky, and reminiscent of the ’90s—aka the perfect combination.

view master save the date

View-Master on LoveMeDoDesign ($1,442.17 for 40)

View-Master: Okay so let’s address the elephant in the room, these are… expensive, especially since the starting price only includes forty View-Masters. But these save the dates are so cool and unique and retro, we couldn’t not mention them. Maybe someday someone will send us one!

pink and white save the date with a cocktail umbrella attached

Kickin’ Back Umbrella by Invitations by Dawn ($89.99 for 12)

drink Umbrella: Give a tropical feel with this textured beach chair stationery. Drink umbrellas included!

chocolate candy bar save the date

Chocolate Bar via WH Candy ($3.49 each)

customized Chocolate Bar: Who doesn’t love the day when a candy bar comes in the mail? These custom candy bars are budget friendly and come in Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Silver or Gold Foil, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate, or Belgian Milk Chocolate.

library checkout slip save the date

Library Card by Twoforjoypaper ($1.75 each)

Library book Checkout slip: Tell your love story through the magic of smart and chic literary elements.

Far More Traditional Save The Dates (And Where To Buy Them)

couple with flowers around them save the date

Growing Together via Minted ($270 for 100)

Floral Wreath: This save the date is a luxe letterpress option that keeps it simple and classic. Minted is one of our favorite sources for save the dates (and all wedding paper goods, really), and their choices are nearly endless.

three pictures couple save the date

Maybe I’m Amazed via Minted ($179 for 100)

Trifold: You spent precious time (and money) on your engagement pictures, so why not use a many as possible in your save the date? This one gives you a great bang for your buck.

couple on save the date with hearts

Happy Heart via Minted ($270 for 100)

Happy Heart: Hearts don’t have to be cheesy. This stationery is sweet without being saccharine and would be perfect to send out for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

simple color block save the date

Let’s I Do This Thing via Minted ($129 for 100)

Let’s I Do THis Thing: Straight and to the point. You’ve got the info, and you’re ready to do this thing.

save the date infographic

Long Story Short via Shutterfly ($2.49 each)

Love Story Infographic: Use your save the date as an opportunity to tell your love story with a fun infographic. Guests that don’t know both partners will love the extra insight. Check out the Shutterfly Wedding Shop for more cute and affordable save the date ideas.

beach adventure save the date

Adventure Awaits via Shutterfly ($1.48 each)

Beach Adventure: Let guests know that you’ll be celebrating by the sea at your laid-back wedding. I can hear the waves just looking at this one.

simple blue and flowered save the date

Mandarin Grove via Paper Source ($44 for 20)

Simple Flowers: Give your save the dates the hand-painted feel without the hand-painted price. This is a collaboration with Rifle Paper Co., and we’re way into it.

happy couple on a save the date

So Happy Together via Paper Source ($44 for 20)

Happy Together: If you’re not into florals and still want a fancy feel, try a save the date that’s centered around calligraphy.

light blue save the date with flowered vines

Blooming Love via Paper Source ($44 for 20)

Blooming love: This save the date just screams Spring: the flowers are blooming and so is your love. Paper Source also has tons of great save the date ideas, so get shopping.

P.S. If you’ve gotten to the end of this post and still haven’t found the save the date idea you’re looking for, check out Oh So Beautiful Paper’s Save The Date Archives, and prepare to lose half the afternoon.

What were (or are) your Save The Dates? Did you buy? or do some DIY?
Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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