1924 Vintage Wedding: Emily & Richard

Way back when I started APW (it’s funny that 2008 seems so long ago now), one of my goals was to prove, once and for all, that simple weddings were traditional. Or, in other words, to prove that all this nonsense about but-you-have-to-have-it-it’s-tradition, was just that: nonsense. And then I wrote a whole book about that very same subject, which you all will get to read come January.

So I’m beside myself with glee to share Emily’s, of Emily Takes Photos, Great-Grandmother Emily’s wedding from 1924. First, let’s all swoon over her grey wedding dress and her adorable hat and flowers. And then, let’s chortle with delight over how simple their invitations were:

Indeed. Simple and traditional and proper. And yes, you caught that. At the bottom of the invitation it indicates that the reception will be, “At Home.” Traditional indeed.

But the best part of all of this? The newspaper announcement, that starts with, “Simplicity will characterize the wedding this morning of Miss Emily Mon…” it continues, “A luncheon at the Mon home will follow the service at the church. This will be simple in keeping with the charming dignity of the wedding…”

And don’t even get me started on, “The two young matrons of honor at today’s ceremony were also recent brides. In their early girlhood, Miss Mon, Mrs. Dietze and Mrs. Nicolaides agreed to serve as bridesmaids or matrons of honor for each other and this morning the romantic contract is fulfilled in its entirety.” I know. Anne of Green Gables and I will be over here with the smelling salts, trying to pull ourselves together.

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