2020 Fall Wedding Ideas To Hit Save On

How to make pre-pandemic wedding ideas work for 2020

First thing’s first. Weddings should be fun, and in 2020 we need all the fun we can get. Fall wedding ideas have traditionally skewed more rustic or fall holiday themed, but today we’re bringing you some ideas that are more along the lines of boho meets modern, but make it fall.

Most of Pinterest is full of fall wedding ideas that look like Halloween and Thanksgiving had a baby. And unless you’re planning on having a themed wedding, I’m going to assume that holiday ideas are not where you’re pulling inspiration from for your wedding day. 2020 calls for something personal and fun, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help with.

In the past six months we’ve seen that IRL events have been massively scaled-down, re-planned and reimagined in every shape and form. Smaller guest lists, face masks, social distancing and zoom invites are now the new norm. And while that may sound grim, don’t fret. We’re here to show you the ways you can take pre-pandemic wedding ideas and tweak them to work for a newly imagined wedding this fall. So without further ado, these are our favorite 2020 fall wedding ideas (and all the ways you can tweak them to be your own).

2020 Fall Wedding Ideas

DIY Floral Installations

With micro weddings, at-home weddings and elopements taking center stage lately, it’s no surprise we’re seeing couples take a DIY approach to their wedding decor. And in some cases, couples are going above and beyond the typical DIY centerpiece and creating beautiful floral installations. (I mean we’ve all got nothing but time on our hands, so if you like flowers, why not?)

If you’re looking for a wedding statement piece or just a damn good looking backdrop for a Zoom wedding, don’t be intimidated by the idea of creating an installation. Places like Etsy or your local hardware store have all the supplies you need to make your masterpiece. So go on with your bad self, you got this.

woman adding flowers to a hanging floral installation

Cloud Flower Centerpiece DIY via Bo Concept

DIY Cloud Flower Centerpiece: We’re here to tell you that even the most novice of crafters can achieve this level of DIY floral mastery. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the step by step process. With a little bit of elbow grease you’ll be well on your way to the wedding flower installation of your dreams.

2020 fall wedding ideas include orange and pink dried gypsophila

Terracotta Orange Stardust Gypsophila Preserved – 4 oz Bundle via Afloral

Preserved Gypsophila: The tutorial above uses smoke tree for a stunning monochromatic look, but if that’s too muted for you and you’re looking to add a pop of color give preserved flowers a try. Afloral offers allllll the colors and varieties of preserved flowers, grasses and greenery to make your vision come to life.

hexagon wedding arch with minimal florals at the waterfront

Double Hexagon Downloadable Building Plans by Further Still Artistry via Etsy

Double Hexagon Arch Building Plans: If a suspended floral installation doesn’t do it for you, this geometric beauty should! And the best part? You can customize to your heart’s desire. Add flowers, paint it, embellish it. It’s all up to you, boss.

faux fall wedding flowers attached to a circular gridded stand

Wedding Swag for Circular Arch by Merci Garden via Etsy

Faux Wedding Swag: Too intimidated to DIY your wedding flowers? That’s what faux floral swag is for. No need to worry about wilting, just attach to your wedding arch and your look is complete (and lasts forever).

gold craft hoops with flowers artfully arranged on a white wall

Gold Metal Ring for Floral Hoops – 10″ Wide via Afloral

Gold Metal Rings: Take an everyday craft supply and use your wreath making skills to achieve a minimal but fancy AF floral installation. Sometimes less is more and we’re here for this! Plus, wouldn’t this look great as a zoom background? We think so.

pink palm leaves and other dried flowers attached to a rod over a dinner table

Over-the-Table Rod via Terrain

Over-the-table Rod: We love this for so many reasons. You wouldn’t think that a simple over-the-table rod would be such a game changer but think of how epic you can make your sweetheart, buffet, or gift table with this. Heck, you can make an epic table top Zoom background with this tool as well. Pro tip: Add string lights, florals, greenery for some extra pizzaz!

Autumnal Toned Wedding Outfits

We see, um, a lot of weddings. But the one fall wedding idea that always feels fresh is non-traditional, autumnal toned wedding outfits. We will support you 200% rockin’ anything really… but we have a particular soft spot for a pop of color here and there. Give us all the colorful suits, dresses and jumpsuits!

2020 fall wedding ideas include pink-red velvet gowns

Jenny Yoo Logan Velvet Dress via BHLDN

English Rose Velvet Dress: Temperatures are going to be dropping but you’re sure to bring the 🔥🔥  in a Jenny Yoo velvet dress. Velvet screams fall but so does the color palette that this dress is available in. The next question is which one will you choose?

man with his hands in his pockets wearing a forest green slim fit tuxedo

ASOS DESIGN Wedding Slim Tuxedo Suit in Forest Green

Forest Green Slim Suit: Y’all. We’re loving this look for fall. Bonus points for a fashionable green suit that doesn’t resemble the harsh green of the Master’s Tournament jacket.

orange florals on a black dress is one of the most unique fall wedding ideas

Marchesa Notte Flutter-Sleeve Fit & Flare Gown via Olivela

Black Embellished Wedding Dress: Flowers, flowers, flowers! This non-traditional gown sure is a showstopper. And those golden yellow embellishments? *Chef’s kiss*

2020 fall wedding ideas include rust orange suits

Linen Suit via MANGO

Linen Suit: We see A LOT of wedding outfits and it’s fair to say that suiting options are just not as vast as dress options. So color us pleasantly surprised when this rusty orange suit came across our radar. More colored suits, please!

teal embellished formal jumpsuit with skirt overlay

HALSTON Metallic Jacquard Skirted Jumpsuit via Bloomingdale’s

Jacquard Skirted Jumpsuit: HALSTON is one of our favorites for their ready to wear collection that easily works as wedding attire. But this skirt-jumpsuit combo is really serving up the best of both worlds!

man wearing a pink 3 piece suit

2 Piece Pink Slim Fit Warm Handle Suit With Notch Lapels by Topman

Slim Fit Suit: This section wouldn’t be complete without a fancy pink suit. Hit save on this look, seriously.

Because of ‘Rona

Y’all know why we have this section. We’re leaning into the times. Sanitation stations, masks for guests, custom hand sanitizers (if that’s not a 2020 themed wedding favor, what is?) and yes, even COVID wedding cake toppers. Make it cute, keep it clean, and keep your socially distanced nuptials as safe as can be.

wedding welcome sign on a black stand with flowers

Social Distancing Poster Template by Willow Lane Paperie via Etsy

Social Distancing Poster: In a time where guidelines can seem unclear, it’s important to make it easy for your guests to know exactly what is expected of them while at your event. Mask up, folx!

we still said yes wood cake topper

Covid Wedding Cake Topper by Bunny Line Designs via Etsy 

Covid Cake Topper: For when the standard cake topper just won’t cut it!

mask sign for wedding table

Mask Sign by Elation Factory Co. via Etsy

Mask Sign: If you’re thinking about providing masks for your guests, make sure they know exactly where to find them with this pretty acrylic sign.

2020 fall wedding ideas include custom hand sanitizer bottles

Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles by For Your Party via Etsy

Custom Hand Sanitizer: The custom hand sanitizers are perfect if you want to take extra precautions, just hand them out to your guests upon arrival.

2020 fall wedding ideas include cake toppers with masked couples kissing

Quarantine Wedding Cake Topper by World Cake Topper via Etsy

Quarantine Cake Topper: Looking for a cake topper that is cute and reflective of our current times? Look no further. World Cake Topper customizes cake toppers, with or without masks.

2020 fall wedding ideas include custom packaging and labels for masks for guests

10 Custom Favor Labels & Bags by Clementine Weddings via Etsy

Mask Labels and Bags: Because your masks should to be germ free too!

Earthy Day-of Wedding Paper

Remember how we were just talking about fall wedding ideas generally feeling too cliché? Well, you can still give off fall feels without having to lean into pumpkins and leaves and the standard fall symbols. Take a cue from nature and get some inspiration from the colors and textures of the season. We’re talking deep blue-greens, earthy brown-oranges and golden yellows. Fall in love with the season’s palette. See what I did there?

teal, rust and pink swirled wedding favor tags

Love Story Wedding Favor Stickers via Minted

Wedding Favor Stickers: We’re in unique times right now that require us to think out of the box. That’s just how 2020 fall wedding ideas go. And while these are technically wedding favor stickers, we think they’d also make great seals for pre-packaged food and beverages at your wedding. Safety first!

mustard yellow arched sanitizing station sign

Honey Sanitizing Station Sign (Customizable PDF, printing options available) by Maya and Love via Etsy

Sanitizing Station Sign: Ah, we love us some ochre yellow! There’s no way your guests are going to pass the sanitation station without peeking at this modern sign first. Bonus points for being a downloadable template!

arched blue table numbers are unique 2020 fall wedding ideas

Arches Wedding Table Number via Minted

Arches Table Number: If you’re planning on having an IRL event it’s more important than ever to have assigned seating (one household per table), so why not make it pretty with these textured deep blue table numbers?

green wedding menu

Contemporary Union Wedding Program via Paper Culture

Wedding Program: Yes, while weddings may look different your guest still want to know what the deal is!

color blocked place cards

Painted Colorblock Wedding Place Card via Minted

Color Block Place Cards: Elevate your assigned seating with these modern color block place cards, available in a variety of colors! We do particularly love this combo if we’re being honest though.

Statement Bouquet Ribbon

Big, billowy bouquet ribbons are one the best 2020 fall wedding ideas, right? Our favorite part of adding a statement ribbon to your bouquet, or any flower arrangement for that matter, is that they work with just about anything. Pair this fall wedding idea with big bouquets, small bouquets and anything in between. Our current obsession? Monochromatic bouquets and high contrast bouquets. Keep the look monochromatic by matching the ribbon with your flowers or select a contrasting ribbon and you’ll be sure to hear compliments rolling in.

bouquet of white tree peonies with a marigold colored silk sibbon

Marigold Botanical Print Silk Ribbon by Silk and Willow

Botanical Print Ribbon: Ok, we might be biased. We have quite a few of Silk and Willow’s hand-dyed ribbons in our office and they are next level gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, we leave them on display year round, with or without fresh flowers.

chartreuse satin ribbon on a white table

Green Chartreuse Silk Satin (2 Inches Wide) by Shy Myrtle via Etsy

Chartreuse Silk Ribbon: Our dream bouquet has a fancy chartreuse silk ribbon swaying from it. What, your dream bouquet doesn’t?

merlot red velvet ribbon on a spool

Velvet Silk Ribbon, Merlot Red, 2″ Wide by Nettle and Silk via Etsy

Merlot Velvet Ribbon: Sometimes you just need to add a little texture to the mix. Is there anything more appropriate for a fall wedding than velvet? Probably not.

fall wedding bouquet with multiple strands of ribbon hanging from it

Silk Ribbon by Moss Hound Designs via Etsy

Silk Ribbon: When you can’t choose just one silk ribbon, add a few! Moss Hound Designs has every color you could imagine.

wide forest green silk ribbon

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon 2.5″ Green by Flower Seed Paper via Etsy 

Wide Green Ribbon: Trying to sneak some Slytherin vibes into your wedding bouquet? This extra wide green ribbon is for you!

What 2020 fall wedding ideas are you hitting save on? Have you had to tweak pre-pandemic ideas to work for your wedding this year? Let us know how creative you’re getting in the comments!

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