2020 Holiday Cards Guaranteed To Spread Joy

Photo cards to boxed sets, we have you covered

As a Jewish person in a (secularly) Christian world, I have mixed feelings about the season we call “The Holidays.” Because the truth is, the season is a Western one. Hanukkah is a minor Jewish holiday that we amp up a little to let our kids feel less left out at Christmas time. Our holiday season is in the early fall, and it has come and gone.2020 holiday cards graphic

BUT. I do not have mixed feelings about holiday CARDS. They are, in fact, my reason for the season. We generally do New Years cards, because they’re fun and glittery, and you have a little more time to send them out. But I put both time and money into them, because I LOVE them. It’s a way to reach out to friends and loved ones, and show them in pictures what we’ve been up to this year. Plus nice paper, foil, envelope liners, pretty stamps, and other details. (I mean I’m not in the wedding business for nothin’.)

Holiday Cards, With a twist

Friends. Though. 2020. Never have I felt more at a loss as to what to do with my holiday cards. What photos should I use (or take). What note should I strike. (And I am NOT making the mistake I made in 2016 and planning my cards before the election, and then realizing that all of those “celebrate good times come on” vibes were all wrong.

The funny thing though, is since the beginning of the pandemic, I have thought over and over about family cards that I have from World War II. They say things like “Wishing you love during this wartime Christmas,” and they have continuously reminded me that bad things can last a long time, and we can still survive them.

So are we sending out holiday cards? You can bet your bottom we are. But am I glad that designers are getting creative this year? 100% yes. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best holiday cards we could find for 2020, with hope that it helps you bring joy to those you love, during what will undoubtedly be a dark winter.

Photo Holiday Cards

2020 holiday cards from minted

Letters and Words Hanukkah Card via Minted

Oh, I love this design approach on a modern Hanukkah card!

modern grateful card

With Gratitude Holiday Photo Card via Minted

Okay, maybe this year IS the year the more folks start embracing non traditional color palettes. TBH, we’re not mad at it.

quarantine holiday card

Quarantine Searches Holiday Card via Paper Culture

We’re not the only ones that have been googling our way through the pandemic. Who else can relate?

modern 2020 holiday card

Lens Holiday Photo Card via Minted

The Lens design is the perfect card if you’re not trying to scream holiday vibes.

colorful card with arched frame

Jolly Holiday Card via Minted

On the other hand, this one is colorful AND festive and we’re here for it.

home for the holidays recipe card

Recipe for Happiness Card via Paper Culture

Send your (secret) recipe to family and friends near and far with this recipe card from Paper Culture. Bonus points for sharing your recipe with us too 😉.

what a year customizable holiday card

What a Year Card by Rosemary Lines via Esty

Because this year we’ve all had to roll with the punches.

blue and white menorah card

Modern Menorah Hanukkah Card via Paper Culture

A modern AND classic design? Sign us up!

red and pink 2020 holiday cards

Gingerbread Edge Photo Card via The Paper Source

Hot Pink and Red are one of my favorite color combos. Traditional, no, but chic AF? Yasssss.

2020 would not recommend holiday card

Rating 2020 New Year Card via Minted

Feels fitting for 2020 holiday cards, no?

house photo card

Home Travels Card via Paper Culture

Maybe you don’t want to stick your own face on this year’s card. That’s fine, substitute your furry friends in!

joyful photo card

Modern Abstract Joy Card by Coffee + Paper Co. via Zazzle

Spread the joy (and the love) with this unique holiday card.

good times holiday card

Well Wishes Holiday Card via Artifact Uprising

Sometimes simple and sweet are the perfect touch. Like this cute card from Artifact Uprising!

botanical photo card

Winter Floral Photo Card via The Paper Source

If you’re looking for something classical that never goes out of style these winter botanicals are for you my friend.

gold foil card

Shine the Way Card via Minted

This simple and pretty card with gold foil is getting saved to my designs ASAP.

Holiday Card Box sets

Murakami Christmas Flowers Holiday Card (Set of 12) via MoMa Design Store

Art Lovers, this one is for you!

blue and gold holiday card

Twelve Tribes Boxed Set of 8 Cards by Rifle Paper Co.

This is legitimately the prettiest Hanukkah card I’ve ever seen.

assorted 2020 holiday cards

6 Assorted Christmas Cards by Alice Olivia Designs via Etsy

Raise your hand if this is what the holidays look like around your house.

social distancing cards

Social Distancing Series by Side Dimes via Society6

Not exactly a holiday card, but pretty much sums it up. It might make the perfect card for your End of Year update!

feliz navidad cards

Feliz Navidad (Set of 6) by Moglea

When I mentioned fancy envelopes this is what I was talking about!

mele kalikimaka card

Mele Kalikimaka Guitar Cards via Papier

For when you want to send big island love and festive cheer!

christmas card photograph

Paul Outerbridge, Jr.: Christmas Gifts Holiday Cards via LACMA Store 

This may be the time for 2020 holiday cards but why not take a trip back to 1936 via this artist’s classic Christmas gifts photo?

yellow stocking illustrated holiday cards

Stocking Bouquet Cards by Chayan Lewis Events via Society6

May everyone’s stockings this year be filled with fresh flowers!

assorted home for the holidays cardsHome for the Holidays Greeting Cards, Set of 20 via Anthropolgie

Sometimes you just want a variety of pretty designs to send out. This set is sure to brighten up your friend’s mailboxes in no time.

color wheel holiday cards

Color Wheel Holiday Card (Set of 8) by Seltzer

These are so good I had to pick some up for myself last holiday season.

galactic card

Miracles and Blessings Card by Asja Boros via Society6

Thinking of sending far out cards like this one? Hop to it!

christmas mask 2020 holiday cardsChristmas Mask Cards (Set of 8) by La Familia Green via Etsy

This is the most appropriate of 2020 holiday cards. When in doubt, mask it out!

variety surprise pack of holiday cards

Surprise Holiday Card Pack of 20 via Poketo

Feeling adventurous? Even though this is a surprise pack no need to fret, Poketo’s designs are what all your modern stationery dreams are made of.

That’s The Spirit Card by Tyler Varsell via Society6

This feels like a nostalgic throwback that is also coincidentally so fitting for 2020.

not a puppy card

It’s Not A Puppy Enclosure Card by Paper Luxe

And this sassy card, just in case you needed a disclaimer.

In a year where everything has gone digital we can’t wait to get our hands on IRL notes and updates from our closest folx. We want to know how you’re navigating Holiday correspondence this year. Are you going all out or scaling back a little? We’re all ears. (And, if you still haven’t found something you love, take a look at our 2020 Holiday Cards Pinterest board where we have a ton more options for you to choose from over there!) 

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