How Are You Doing Gifts This Holiday Season?

This year is feeling different

Have you looked at a calendar lately and thought where the hell did 2020 go? The clocks are turning back this weekend, we have the election NEXT WEEK (it’s fine), and then BAM, The Holidays. And with everything going on this year, it seems like the holiday’s just popped up out of nowhere. Michael’s started selling holiday decor in August… to remind us I guess. But all that holiday stuff (THAT WAS OUT BEFORE THE SUMMER WAS EVEN OVER) got me thinking about what I’m gifting my family and friends this year, which seems like a particular challenge.

My go-to gift for people closest to me has always been in the form of experiences. I want the quality time! Fancy restaurant reservations, museum visits, sporting events and live shows. But 2020 crushed those dreams, so I need my gifts to extra feel personal and sentimental. Now I’m on the fence about taking the DIY approach (I have some hand embroidery ideas in mind) because while the final product is so worth it, it just takes so much time. Another idea I’m bouncing around is making handmade cloche ornaments for the yearly collectors in my family. (If you have experience let me know, I need all the tips!) And on the other hand, I’d really just love to support local businesses. So this year might be a combo of both, which is a little more all over the place than my usual holiday shopping routine.

And if there is one thing that’s not changing this year it’s my penchant for spending way too much time planning holiday gifts. If you’re familiar with my gift guides you know that I get into it. I want the most options, the more sentimental the better. And this year I think we could all use a moment to get sentimental. It’s time to celebrate your nearest and dearest. It’s the least we can do in the dumpster fire that is 2020.

2020 Holiday gift guides are coming soon, if there’s a particular gift guide you’d like to see let us know below. In the meantime, What are you gifting folx this year? Is there anything out there that has jumped to the top of your wishlist? Maybe you want to rave about an “As Seen On TV” gift that you swear by. We’re cool with that too, leave it all in the comments!

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