20 Valentine’s Day Cards To Send Your Lovers & Friends

Spread your love via snail mail

Let’s get something out of the way. I am a sucker for a good card. So when the Season of Love rolls around, you can bet that I’m sending Valentine’s

valentine's day card graphic

Day cards out to my favorite folx near and far. My list of loved ones includes, but is not limited to: my partner, my BFF that lives across the country, and everyone in my top group texts. And after the year we’ve all had, we could all use a little extra love, am I right?

But my favorite part about sending Valentines is that they aren’t just about vocalizing your love, but that they can be a way to send a little humor or a reminder of appreciation to your people. If you’re at a loss for where to start in selecting a Valentine this year, get specific. Is your love obsessed with the Mandalorian? Did your group text go wild when Bridgerton was released? Does your boo love a good Dad Joke? Take these as cues for the type of Valentine that they’re guaranteed to love.

Valentine’s Day card options on the internet are literally endless, meaning that there is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get those stamps ready and get to it! (And if you still can’t find a card you love, check out these Victorian-era Valentine’s Day cards for some some inspiration or just a good laugh.)


Valentine’s Day Cards

Bridgerton Valentine's Day Card set

8 Individual Mini Bridgerton Valentines by Tiny Baker Creations via Etsy 

Yup, sending these out my ladies’ group chat ASAP.

I love NY valentine

New York Brought Me to You Card via Catbird

Because sometimes you’re lucky enough to find love (and friendship!) in the Big City.

goddess and swan card

You Are A Goddess Card by Janet Hill Studio via Etsy

Okay, this one is just downright pretty. I’d save this one and frame it ASAP!

moira rose Valentine's Day card

Valentine’s Day Schitt’s Creek Card by Paige by Designs via Etsy 

Do you read this card in Moira Rose’s voice? I can’t be the only one.

stars aligned card

Lucky For Us Card by People I’ve Loved

Simple and sweet is all you need to get the 😍  with this Valentine.

ladies kiss card on blue backdrop

Vintage Ladies Kiss Card by Finnikee via Etsy

I really love all of the vintage style Valentines out there, this one is particularly sweet.

hand sanitizer card

Pandemic Valentine’s Day Card by Lemon Face Creations via Etsy

Would it really be 2021 if we didn’t have a Pandemic Valentine in the mix?

galentines card

Galentines Day Card by Robyn Janine Shop via Etsy

Sending this one to my BFF riiiiiiiight now.

sexy cupid card

Personalized Sexy Cupid Card via Papier

Y’all. You can personalize this one!

Mandolorian card

Mandalorian Valentine’s Day Card by Ella Geida via Etsy

It’s not Baby Yoda, but it’s still real cute!

pandemic valentine's day card

You Are Essential To Me Card by Rumble Cards via Etsy

Pandemic, but make it lovey. You know, just all the important stuff.

pink and red heart card set

Red Heart Cards via Paper Source

Pick up this set of classic Valentines to send out to everyone on your list. Bonus points for adding your own DIY flair!

hairy legs card

Hairy Legs Valentine’s Day Card by Sister Paper Co. Shop via Etsy

Too real? Nah, we don’t think so.

funny card

Find This Card in a Drawer and We Will Still Be in Love Card by Always Fits 

Hah, this one made me chuckle. Might just have to snag it for my partner this year.

spice girls friendship card

Friendship Never Ends Card via Papier

I’m really showing my age here, but I LOVE a good Spice Girls pun and so does my childhood BFF. Sending this one to her!

conversation hearts card

International Women’s Day Conversation Hearts Card by Lauren Heimsoth Studio via Etsy

Now these are conversation hearts I can get behind!

scratch cards set

Scratch-A-Sketch Valentine by Inklings Paperie via Etsy

Feeling nostalgic? These Scratch-A-Sketch Valentines are cute AF.

cat in a box card

Black Cat Valentine’s Day Card by Jacky Rae Design via Etsy

Cat owners out there understand 😹.

hot sauce valentine

Hot Sauce Valentine’s Card by Sister Paper Co. Shop via Etsy

For the Valentine that can’t go a meal without their hot sauce.

illustrated queen of hearts card

You’re The Queen Of My Heart Card by Jade Fisher via Papier

For the Queen of your heart, because duh!

What’s your Valentine style? Do you prefer to take a DIY approach? Let us in on all your V-day card tricks (and where you purchase yours) in the comments!

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