A Goodbye…

Today we have a big announcement. It’s a sad announcement and a happy announcement all at once. After more than a year working with APW, editor Lauren is leaving the site and heading off for big new adventures. We’ll miss having her on staff, for sure, but we’re also all delighted to see her grow professionally and spread her wings. We’ve already hired a new staffer to fill Lauren’s position, and you guys are going to be as excited about her as you are sad to lose Lauren. We’ll announce the new editor shortly (she’s currently training like a mad woman and finding her balance here). But today is about saying goodbye to Lauren, thanking her for all of her hard work and the ways she’s made APW grow, and wish her the very best. Here is her note to Team Practical:

A little over a year ago I started working with Meg and learning the ropes of APW—what the community of Team Practical really meant and how to successfully put together a website that was less like a blog and more like a magazine, a message board, and regular group therapy sessions all wrapped into one. Running all of that by yourself is an immense amount of work, and I remember the first week I interned and Meg had me finishing grad posts. She wrote me an email saying she went to the gym with her husband for the first time in a long time on a week day because I had taken some work off her hands. Work she would have normally been rushing to finish and stressing about during the time she wasn’t at her day job.

What she didn’t know was how much I needed to be part of something that used my skills. And that may sound silly, or maybe even overly dramatic, but when you graduate with a master’s degree and a lot of debt, and land in a world that isn’t hiring, where you realize the things you’re really, really good at aren’t employable, it makes you feel helpless and hopeless. After you apply for job after job after job and try to figure out your own way, try to figure out how to forge your own career path only to come up against wall after wall, it’s vital that someone finally gives you a chance. I’ve talked about this before, how Meg finally said yes and how grateful I am for that, and that is still true.

Working for A Practical Wedding has made me a better editor, given me a better eye for visual story telling, and given me the opportunity to continue moving forward. And that’s just the career-y stuff. I would have never met so many fabulous people, or seen how the internet can bring to together amazingly smart and thoughtful women, or been part of a positive feminist force if it wasn’t for that chance. And now I’m taking a leap, and leaving the amazingly nurturing nest of APW to see what other challenges await.

I didn’t come to A Practical Wedding because I had gotten engaged a few months before, though it seemed serendipitous that it all sort of fell into place like that. I didn’t come for free wedding swag and to take advantage (in the negative sense) of the truly fabulous and inspiring Team Practical vendors, though as I’m typing this I am rocking my Turtle Love Co. wedding ring—100% paid for because supporting artists is incredibly important to me. I joined Team Practical to work and to make something that excites me—to turn something that’s been my passion for years into my job. And that’s words and stories. The confidence that being your editor has given me, knowing that I can move forward and continue challenging myself and that I’ll be successful in that, has been the best gift anyone has given me.

So thank you Team Practical, and to Meg. You gave me the opportunity for a true first step, hopefully one of many.

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  • Lauren, it’s been a blast! We’ll miss you around here; best to you and Kamel! xoxo

    • robin

      Look at YOU with your fancy blue comments!!!

  • Franny

    Good luck on your next adventure!

  • FawMo

    Congratulations on taking the next step, Lauren! For those of us that were lucky enough to have someone say “yes”, someone to push us and someone to help us grow we know how lucky you were and how grateful you must feel for your experience here. Can’t wait to see how you take those lessons and run with them.

    Go get ’em girl!

  • So much love to you Lauren. I will be following your adventures as you take flight.

  • I love hearing how life seems to offer us just what we need in such beautiful and serendipitous (love this word!) ways. I’m so happy that you found APW and Meg just when you needed it and have absorbed so much richness into your life because of it. I am so grateful to Meg for opening herself up to ask for help and find such a great match for her and the APW community.

    And I wish you now, all the very best, as you spread your wings and explore and discover what tomorrow will bring to you.

    All the very best!

  • Cassandra

    Good luck on all your adventures coming up!

  • Lauren might be leaving APW but I am reading her post about Old Navy underwear and how they discontinued them– I know this girl is one of my people. I feel the same. Lauren, we’ll miss you!! But I’ll be reading Better In Real Life..promise!

  • Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your stories with us! Best wishes in the future!*

  • Thank you for everything you’ve done for APW, Lauren! Good luck to you!!!!

  • We’ll miss you around here, Lauren!!! Onwards and upwards :)

  • Best luck to you Lauren! We will miss you. I’m glad we still have “better in real life”.

  • Cass

    I’m also leaving my job this week.
    So, Cheers! To gained experience, and many adventures to come!

  • Congratulations, best of luck, and thanks for everything! We all look forward to seeing what’s next for you. Hooray!

  • robin

    Congrats, lady!! BIG things ahead, I’m sure. Good luck on the next adventures. Looking forward to hearing about them as they unfold! xo

  • ::applauds::

    Well done, lady.

    And now … onward!


  • Congrats Lauren! We’ll miss you around here but it’s great that you’re moving forward. Best of luck in your new adventures.

  • Oh, sweetie–This post brought a tear. You have been my wedding sister in so many ways that you don’t even know! Your post on the body diaries coaxed me out of skulking and onto the boards for the first time (after literally months, and now I won’t shut up!), your dress search so closely mirrored mine (face nets and sweat and crying and all) that it made me feel better about wanting to show my fiance… and then we got married on the same day, oceans apart. Just recently your blog made me feel like I could do it too (and I did it!).

    I love this tribute to Meg, APW, and the first job you really loved. I’m so glad that our journeys crossed here, and I hope they cross elsewhere in the future.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to you wedding sister!

    • LaurenD

      ahh yay! Manya you’re the best. And it’s amazing with all of those parallels I had no idea!

  • Yay Lauren! I’ll miss you here, but I’m thrilled for your new big adventures!

  • Oh Lauren I wish you so much success in the next of your endeavors. But I don’t think this is goodbye because I’m sure we’ll still be seeing you around here. Love you lots darling!

  • What you wrote there, you’re little goodbye that wasn’t at all about weddings or relationships or love, struck a chord with me like nothing else I’ve read on APW. Everything that you experienced regarding your professional life is so perfectly inline with what I’m currently experiencing. Thank you for writing so honestly about the desire, the frustration and the let downs. Knowing that you were where I am, and that you somehow found your place, that gives me hope. Knowing that your place was somewhere beautiful and engaging like APW, that gives me whatever level of faith surpasses hope.
    Thank you.
    And good luck.

    • LaurenD

      I wish i could give you a hug and tell you everything is going to be a ok. The only advice I can offer up is – don’t ever say no to an opportunity and keep your ears and eyes open for chances to jump on them. Look in unusual places and just be open to it all. Something will happen. <3

  • Thanks for all your fantastic work Lauren. Best wishes for all your future adventures!

  • Lauren, we will definitely miss you here. I am so glad you came to APW because otherwise I am not sure I would have stumbled upon you and you know that I won’t stop reading you now, because you feel close, like Genevieve said, you’re “one of my people” and like Manya said, you inspired me to start this writing thing and just getting out there. But I am so happy for you that you are ready to take the next step. I am sure you will achieve a lot and I will be there by your side. But I am not saying bye, since I will keep the “stalking” over at betterinrealife.com
    Cheers for new beginnings.

  • Julie

    Congratulations, Lauren, and best wishes on your new endeavors!

  • Much thanks for all you’ve done for APW! It’s always exciting & scary to move on & I wish you the BEST~

  • We’ll miss you but I still love reading your website so I’m sure we’ll keep in touch :)
    Congrats on moving on!

  • Lauren, good luck in whatever you move on to next – we’ll definitely miss you here!

  • Best wishes in whatever is next, Lauren!

  • Congratulations and here’s to a bright future…and to read you again as part of Team Practical!

  • Aw, Lauren! I wish you all the amazing things in the world. Adventures, hooray!

  • LaurenD

    Thank you so much for all of the positive juju!! I was a little apprehensive what the response would be today. So THANK YOU For knocking my socks off with your love and support.

  • Lauren! Big hugs and all the best wishes in the world as you continue onward. You’ve been such an inspiration to those of us still in the career trenches and hitting those brick walls.

  • maura

    so exciting to see the women of APW taking on new challenges! you’ll be missed!

  • Lauren! I was so excited when I heard Meg had hired you (not because I knew you honestly, I was just glad she was getting help) and you’ve been so awesome to get to know. and now I’m so excited to see where you go from here! no doubt we’ll be following you wherever you go. Thanks for all you’ve done for APW, best of luck in your future adventures. and I truly hope you find the perfect pair of undies.

  • Thank you, Lauren, for all that you did for APW, and all the very best in your new adventures!

  • DanEllie

    ditto to what so many other people have said. You’ve been a great voice here and can’t wait to see what you do next. Good luck and knock ’em dead!

  • Farewell dear! Enjoy the adventure!

  • ka

    You’re leaving?! Wow lady, you are just surging forward in life. Seriously. I know it’s scary and all that, but you are moving and doing things, and that is a HUGE inspiration to us stuck-in-the-mud-ers.

  • I wish you all the best as you try new things, have fun adventures, and keep telling stories! Thanks for your hard work with APW (in all the behind-the-scene ways I know I don’t even realize) and for sharing your stories here.

  • Alyssa

    I may be happy for you, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it! :-/

    Big hugs and love!!!

  • ElfPuddle

    Many, many congratulations and much, much love!

    May your ventures be as blessed as they can possibly be!

  • Kamel Perez Mon

    I just know that you will be successful and followed wherever you go!


  • Zan

    Laauuuuren! Much love to you, I’m stoked to see what awesome things you turn your attention to next! Hooray for adventure!

  • Class of 1980

    Lauren, I hope life is great wherever you land.

  • Best of luck to you, Lauren! Will still keep up with you over at I’m Better in Real Life!

  • Marina

    Lauren! You better hang around and keep commenting, that’s all I’m saying. And keep us updated with guest posts too!

  • carrie

    You will be missed! Congrats on so many things and best of luck!

  • Best of luck Lauren! I hope you’re back for a few posts from time to time.

    Also, I think it’s really fucking awesome that you, Meg, Ariel from Offbeat Bride and all of y’all writer types are so supportive of each other and totally destroying that phenomenon where females in the same industry get catty with each other. It’s like people are finally getting there isn’t a finite amount of success in the world. It warms the cockles of my steely heart.

  • april

    Farewell, darling Lauren and best wishes in all that you do! XOXO