Ladies, my few lovely Gentleman,
There have been beggings, and some pleadings for more real weddings, nownownow (which is a delight to me, I didn’t know you all loved them so). I am doing my best this week, but if you’re sitting at home thinking, “Hum. I’ve been meaning to send my wedding over to Meg,” do. Or drop me a line to get the wedding graduate prompt if you’ve been dreaming of being a graduate.

I can tell you that I’m so grateful for getting the chance to write about our wedding. Having put it down in words makes me remember it that much better, and lets me go back and re-live it, through my own eyes, anytime I need to be closer to that moment. So. Writing about your wedding may be the best gift you can give yourself (and yes, you’ll figure out surprising things as you write).

Think about it,

PS If you haven’t done it recently, go read the Wedding Graduates for wisdom, and the Real Weddings for inspiration.
PPS I can’t publish everything these days, but I read all of them and GRIN.

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  • I've been such a lazy blogger, owed you my graduate post now for three months. I'll try to finish it!

  • MWK

    One of my Turkey weekend goals was to get my second (final) draft wedding post to you…but it hasn't happened yet. But I'll send it soon, soon, soon. I want to give myself enough time to get it right.

  • How I wish my future wedding would grace the hallowed halls of APW one day. Alas, I fear it is not meant to be!

  • MLE

    Can I send a wedding that was, um, almost two years ago now? I assure you, it's quite practical! :D

  • Meghan

    I have had mine half done too! After our last email and now this post I will send it!

  • I am outing myself as one of those brides who has not sent in her wedding graduate post yet. I'm hoping the public humilation will spur me into action…then again, I still have at least ten thank you notes left and a bunch of announcements I still haven't sent out, so there may be no hope for me.

  • Wow, I hope I get to be a wedding graduate someday! You rock, Meg!