This Is Why You Should Have a Winter Wedding

A cozy, intimate Advent wedding that just nails it

Kristin, Middle School English Teacher & Peter, Hospital Chaplain

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A romantic, intimate winter dinner party, full of delicious food, drinks, music, and love.

Soundtrack for reading: “You Send Me” by Otis Redding

Kristin + Peter's WeddingKristin + Peter's WeddingKristin + Peter's WeddingKristin + Peter's WeddingKristin + Peter's WeddingKristin + Peter's Wedding

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Once we decided to have a winter wedding, most of the elements of the ceremony and reception fell into place with ease (well, as easy as planning a party for nearly one hundred people can be). We knew we wanted to focus on food and photography, and to find a reception location that felt intimate and warm on a cold winter night. As two introverts, we were careful about making choices that fit us and would help us feel comfortable the whole evening. Our ceremony took place at our church, which was decorated for Advent and full of candles and evergreen. We sang Christmas hymns and were blessed by our family and friends. The reception was held at a small local restaurant and the food was AMAZING. Our wedding photographer said it was the best he’s ever had! Our families made Christmas cookies for dessert and we ate and laughed and toasted and danced the night away. For anyone who has the urge to get married during a less traditional time of year, or have the reception in a less traditional location, I say go for it! Our wedding was intimate and unique and fit us perfectly.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Kristin: One small thing I loved was that Peter picked out his suit with the help of two friends—I didn’t see it until the wedding day! He looked so handsome. On the day itself, I felt surrounded by love. The support from our family and friends was overwhelming—I could feel it physically. I loved looking in Peter’s eyes and holding his hand. It felt like a beautiful beginning.

Peter: Seeing Kristin smile and cry.


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