Affordable Wedding Dress Alternatives

Someone (who wears a size 8 or 14) needs to go buy this dress immediately as a simple beautiful wedding dress. And then send me pictures. It’s on sale for $359, which puts it firmly in the ‘expensive for a normal dress, fantastic price for a wedding dress’ camp.
I know, I know. Normally you expect far more wordy goodness from me. But, frankly, it’s been a crazy week, and I wanted to leave you with a tiny bit of goodness before the weekend. I have so many great exciting guest posts for you next week, and a few of my regular sassy posts. Until then, I wish you wild weekend rambles.

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  • Yikes Meg I think you hit the spambot jackpot with your title.

    I’m digging the dress… It has a cool 70’s Barbie vibe, which is intended as high praise, believe it or not.

  • Meg

    You have no idea how often I hit the spambot jackpot. Sigh. Fixed.

    Anyway, I know right? I’m normally a little over jcrew with their overpriced “simple” effing dresses, but this one is not in their wedding dress section and it has a bit more flair. (and I love sales)

  • Leigh Ann

    That dress is GROGEOUS!

  • Obviously, that should be gorgeous.

  • Article in the NYT Styles section on pre-owned wedding dresses:

  • fay

    I can't find that dress on the website! Maybe next time you can give the name or the order #. :)