Ah, Facebook

So, I have been told by the powers that be, that to influence the world…..

… you have to be on Facebook. Sigh. More particularly you have to have lots of FRIENDS on Facebook. (whatistheworldcomingtoo). SO! I’m offically announcing the APW Facebook page, which, to be fair, I actually kind of *like.* There you can A) See clipped RSS feeds, so you know every time I post, and B) Get my twitter stream. Sass on demand, yay! C) Chat with each other if you so choose.

So. Would you join please? Then we can be lovely and chatty over there… and you never know… I might throw in extra awesomeness just for Facebook sometimes. I rarely flat out ask y’all for favors, but I am today. Thank you, you are delightful.

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  • I became a fan, Meg. I like your spunk! ;-)

  • I would like to know how facebook knew to suggest I become a fan before I even knew I could become a fan. I had to check APW to see if it really was you!

  • facebook is so over.

  • Meg

    I am so, so aware.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I fucking hate facebook. But I have an account and I added your page or whatever it's called because I want them to give you a book deal. Now can I never have to look at facebook again?