Liz & James

Ski. Wedding. SKI WEDDING.

Liz, Conference Services Consultant & James, Carpenter

Photographer: Jason Macqueen

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Fun outdoors with friends and family, followed by great food and a killer party.

Soundtrack for reading: “Thank You Too” by My Morning Jacket

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Ski Wedding | A Practical WeddingSki Wedding | A Practical Wedding (7)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (33)
Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (5)
Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (32)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (26)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (15)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (16)Ski Wedding | A Practical WeddingSki Wedding | A Practical Wedding (5)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (27)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (35)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (23)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (38)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (10)Ski Wedding | A Practical Wedding (11)

Favorite Thing About the wedding

A personal, intimate, and surprisingly warm ceremony.

Other cool stuff we should know about

We met working together at a ski resort, our first date was hiking to the top of a ski hill, we first said we loved each other at Sunshine Village, James proposed at Sunshine Village, and we got married at Sunshine Village with our wedding reception at the ski lodge. Our wedding transport for all guests included a gondola and a chairlift. The bride arrived on a skidoo. We had a post-I Do ski run with our guests. Instead of a sand ceremony, we had a Whiskey Ceremony to represent our time together in Scotland.


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  • So incredibly adorable! And because I’m sensitive to temperature- SO COLD!!! But absolutely fabulous! You both look like you are having a blast! And I adore the picture of you framed by the trees in the snow. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gina

    Love, love, LOVE this!!! Great photographer, great love, great sport(s) ;) My hubs and I are also a one-half skiier, one-half snowboarder couple. Congrats!

  • Jessica

    My jaw dropped–I love all of this!

  • anonymous

    my parents met on the sunshine chairlift at banff! just had their 30th wedding anniversary in march. must be a lucky in love kinda place!

  • KerryMarie

    This is incredible!

  • This wedding looks like so much fun! Everyone is smiling so hard, their faces might crack!

    A dairy queen ice cream cake sounds like the BEST kind of cake!

    • i second that!

      • Liz

        Thanks! It was so good, but difficult to transport up a gondola lift!

  • Lindsey d.

    I can just imagine the dress shopping for this one: “Well, I need something I can ski in and it needs to fit a pair of ski pants under the skirt.” Love it all!

    • Liz

      Hi! Bride Liz here. I originally wanted short bridesmaid dresses but the girls asked for long so they could wear thermals underneath! And I had to get a hoop to keep my dres away from the skis!

  • TeaforTwo

    I want to know more about what a whiskey ceremony is!

    • Jess

      My thoughts exactly! Whiskey I can get behind!

      • Liz

        I couldn’t find a whiskey ceremony online so we wrote our own. You’re welcome to steal!:

        A good whiskey, like a good marriage, is the result of many years of hard work. It takes fine ingredients, well-nourished and cared for by those that created them. There must be patient and deliberate crafting, and a little bit of chemistry. Of course, a good dose of alcohol helps.

        This whiskey, The Balvenie, is named for a 12th century castle in Scotland that James and Liz visited together. The time they spent in Scotland deepened their love, taught them more of one another, and further solidified their relationship.

        Just like Balvenie Castle, a good marriage must stand strong for the test of time, ready to weather the storms that may come its way. Unlike Balvenie Castle, let’s hope your marriage isn’t the scene of a small Scottish revolution.

        James and Liz both agree that whiskey is best when mixed with a little water, and so they have chosen this as a symbol of their union.

        Water is needed for life itself, and whiskey can bring embellishment to that life. While the two are whole on their own, when they are joined, they’re awesome. And they cannot be separated afterwards.

        As James and Liz join together in marriage today, they commit never to be separated, to complement one another, and yet to remain whole on their own.

        • Jess

          I love it! Just the right amount of funny and meaningful. And a great choice of whiskey.

  • light0a0candle

    Oh my goodness! How brave! This would be a really fun wedding. ;)

  • LOVE this!!

  • Caro

    This is the best.

  • NTB

    As a Colorado native and an avid skier, to this I say…HELL YES! Love it. Totally jealous.

  • Kayjayoh

    Wow. Bride and bridesmaids in strapless dresses look so cold compared to everyone else. Great photos, but brrrr!

  • Crayfish Kate

    This is adorable! What fun! But….how the hell did you not freeze to death?! I’m in MI, and I get cold sitting in my house with a blanket and cat. :-P

    • vegankitchendiaries

      Canadians don’t mind ;)

  • Claire

    What the what?! This wedding looks so fun!

  • Meg

    This. is. badass. I thought I was a rock star for wearing a strapless tea-length dress to my outdoor fall wedding when it was 50 degrees (and guests had hot cider to keep from “freezing”), but this? This? Whole different level. Lovely and gorgeous, and major props to the bridesmaids as well! :)

    • Liz

      Some of our wedding party weren’t even skiers or riders but they were all so on board. Dream team!

  • Morgan

    OH MY GOD YOU GOT MARRIED AT SUNSHINE! I love that! I was like, “I know that chair lift! I know that run!” My only question – when in the year and what was the weather? Because that doesn’t terribly look like spring conditions, which means you did it the badass way.

  • June

    This is the coolest, most AMAZING wedding I have ever, ever seen. My brain is exploding.

  • YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. I can’t even handle what I just saw.

    Your wedding is epic. And the amount of love that keeps your (sleeveless!!!) bridesmaids warm(ish?) is epic.

    If anyone else is getting married on a mountaintop and then heading down on skis, this here (former slalom racer) photographer is dying to join you.

  • Alyssa M

    I don’t even ski and this may be the coolest wedding I’ve ever seen! aaah! I love it.

    And you are a SERIOUS badass for skiing in your wedding dress!

  • Jacki

    This looks like so much fun!!

  • EF

    this is maybe my favourite wedding ever. absolutely fabulous.

  • Andree K.

    The direction sign with “I Dos” on it was super cute! Glad they were able to put their passion of skiing at the center of their wedding.

    • Liz

      Thanks! My sister painted all the signs two days before the wedding.

  • Liz

    Hello! Bride Liz here. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments. The wedding was a blast! Really great day. Hopefully some of you are inspired ;)