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Aly, Elroi & The Pirates

We’re still celebrating the CA Supreme Court Ruling out here in San Francisco, so I can’t resist posting this! I wanted to share this amazing Moulin Rouge-esq wedding with you because it is so cool, so stylish, so inspiring, and so unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I baffled why it hasn’t made it’s way all over the blog-o-sphere already. It was shot by the super talented Our Labor of Love out of Atlanta. So here goes!

Meet Aly and Elroi:
This is so cool I might fall out of my chair. PIRATE bird cake toppers. It’s like all my favorite things in one!Check out the reception hall! Moulin Rouge meets a wedding. I love it.

Super cool paper goods…And a stunning bouquet toss picture! Aly is rocking the non-white dress. Just goes to show, you should wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful.

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