Aly, Elroi & The Pirates

We’re still celebrating the CA Supreme Court Ruling out here in San Francisco, so I can’t resist posting this! I wanted to share this amazing Moulin Rouge-esq wedding with you because it is so cool, so stylish, so inspiring, and so unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I baffled why it hasn’t made it’s way all over the blog-o-sphere already. It was shot by the super talented Our Labor of Love out of Atlanta. So here goes!

Meet Aly and Elroi:
This is so cool I might fall out of my chair. PIRATE bird cake toppers. It’s like all my favorite things in one!Check out the reception hall! Moulin Rouge meets a wedding. I love it.

Super cool paper goods…And a stunning bouquet toss picture! Aly is rocking the non-white dress. Just goes to show, you should wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful.

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  • the boy bird… has a tiny bird on his shoulder! I’m dyin over here, that’s fabulous.
    Now you need to rush to the pirate store on valencia to get your fix :)

    (ugh, only if they have A.C. though!)

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I love this wedding, it’s been in my backlog of things to log about for yonks!

    The pictures are so beautiful, not to mention the couple and the decor and well, just everything!

  • this wedding was also featured on weddingbee recently– it’s so gorgeous, and i adore ali’s dress.

  • One Love Photo

    This wedding is awesome!!! It was featured on Offbeat Bride and I loved it!!!!