The #LazyGirl Last-Minute Amazon Prime Gift Guide

Add all of these to your Amazon Wish List right now

by Chelsea Hanepen, Studio Coordinator

collage of items featured in this post

Every year around this time, I have the same problem. I know what I want to gift to my friends and my family during the holidays, but when people ask me what’s on my list, I have no effing clue. If I find something I like, I tend to just buy it for myself without thinking that this might actually be something good to add to my wish list. Well, this year, I’m trying to hold off with the impulse purchases and actually leave some things on my list that I like or, even better, love.

Amazon is pure magic in the sense that if you can think of something, chances are you’ll find that special something on their website. And even better for last-minute shoppers like me, they have that magical Prime two-day shipping. But the options are literally limitless when it comes to gift options, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites to add to our Amazon Prime Gift Guide this year.

These products run the gamut, so there’s probably something perfect for everyone. Or you can be like me, add this all to your Amazon wish list, and email it to your family. (In fact, do that today, if they’re still bugging you for a list.)

woman holding burgundy backpackHerschel Supply Co. City Mid Volume Backpack, $65

For the Go-Getter: Beautiful and functional, this bag is an upgrade from your typical schoolyard tote. Pack up all your daily must-haves while staying stylish when you hit the streets.

indoor planter boxAeroGarden Harvest, $149.95

For the Apartment Gardener: Do you dream of fresh herbs within an arm’s reach, but that’s impossible because you live in a tiny apartment? I HEAR YOU. Bring the outside in with this hydroponic countertop planter. For those of you that might not have a green thumb, it will even remind you when to water your plants and automatically turns the growing light on and off when needed. Yay, technology!

pink wireless headphonesKinivo BTH-240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, $29.99

For the Music Lover: I literally used to spend half of my morning commute untangling my damn headphones. With these pink Bluetooth headphones, that (thankfully) is no longer an issue. I can now get my groove on wirelessly!

rectangle glass bud vaseMoMA Vanishing Vase, $23

For the Tastemaker: Move over boring bud vases! Liven up your mantelpiece by adding your favorite seasonal blooms to this stunning modern vessel.

adult card gameWhat Do You Meme?, Adult Party Game, $29.99

For the Comedian: Who doesn’t love a good meme? Laugh your ass off with your party guests by playing an updated spin on your old favorite, Cards Against Humanity.

rose gold and white ceramic teapotBredemeijer Teapot, $114.95

For the Tea Lover: No offense to grandma, *sips tea* but this is not your grandma’s teapot. Modern and luxe, this teapot was designed to be the center of attention and look great on the stovetop or the countertop.

gold geometric glass tumblerGold Geo Glass Tumbler, $22

For the host: You can make a kick-ass drink, but do you have the glassware to back it up? This gold tumbler will visually take your drinks to the next level and have your guests smiling with every sip. BONUS: They also come in black!

shot glasses made of saltHimalayan Salt Shot Glasses, $35

For the Entertainer: Toss those boring shot glasses to the side and throw these Himalayan salt ones into the mix. Beautiful and tasty, they get the job done and you won’t have to clean up all that pesky salt.

white hexagon letter boardThe Original Hexagon Letter Board, $44.95

For the Quote Collector: Get your daily mantra or favorite Beyoncé lyric Instagram ready with the rectangle letter board’s cool cousin, the hexagon. If white isn’t your thing, it also comes in black for something a little more traditional.

red wireless speakerBose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II, $129

For the Life of the Party: Bring the party on the go. All you need is a Bluetooth-capable device and your best playlist to get the party started. If you turn up too hard, no need to worry, this speaker is spill-proof and water resistant (speaking from experience).

black and gold 2018 hardcover plannerRifle Paper Co. Hardcover 12 Month Agenda, $30

For the Goal-Setter: There are few things in life that I personally enjoy more than a new planner. I need something durable and functional that gets the job done, and Rifle Paper Co. always seems to have the most beautiful designs, year after year.

light up alarm clockPhilips Wakeup Light, $119

For the Early Bird: During wintertime, I literally have to drag myself out of bed in the morning because it’s still dark in the wee hours of the morning. This alarm clock is like a dream come true, letting you rise with the “sun” so that you’re not stunned by the loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP before you even open your eyes.

free standing gold pour over coffee brewerOsaka Pour Over Coffee Brewer, $43.99

For the Coffee Aficionado: The ultimate glam pour-over set up, IN GOLD. This coffee brewer is the perfect addition to the kitchen and best of all, #nofilter needed.

tarot card deck and guidebookThe Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook, $39.99

For the Dreamer: Open the gates of your imagination and explore the magic of tarot with this beautiful deck from The Wild Unknown. If you’re a newbie, this set comes with a guidebook to help you explore the vast meanings of the cards in this deck.

holographic clutchCircus by Sam Edelman Rose Clutch, $58

For the Showstopper: Go on with your bad self and turn heads with this paneled holographic clutch from Sam Edelman. Dress it up for a night on the town or dress it down as your everyday grab-and-go bag.

book titled "Bad Girls Throughout History"Bad Girls Throughout History, $19.95

For the Future Bad Girl: Beautifully illustrated and straight to the point, this book tells the stories of female pioneers that were the movers and shakers of their respective times and industries. Unforgettable bedtime stories for the win!

rose gold cocktail shaker and strainerHomestia Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker and Strainer, $32.99

For the Amateur Mixologist: Pour it up, pour it up. You can’t be seen pouring top-notch drinks unless you have the tools to match!

modern ceramic desktop planter with wooden legsCase Study Desktop Planter, $89

For the Office Trendsetter: True fact—plants improve concentration levels. Be the most productive version of yourself and the envy of your coworkers with this modern planter at your desk.

assorted colored postcardsPantone Postcard Box, 100 Postcards, $19.95

For the Color Obsessed: Sometimes an old, traditional card just isn’t enough to pack a punch. Break out that pen and send your BFF a cute note, just to say hi. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note!

Instant cameraFujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera, $115.72

For the Camera-Ready: Instant gratification is something that we’re all used to, speaking digitally, of course. Impress your friends with this retro-looking instant camera and get those photos ready for that scrapbook you’ve been holding onto.

What’s your dream gift? Let us know what you’ll be adding to your gift list in the comments!

Chelsea Hanepen

Chelsea Hanepen is a biracial floral designer and all around creative from the San Francisco Bay Area. When Chelsea isn’t at APW or playing with flowers, she spends her time wandering Northern California looking for the best camping spots (with the best wild flowers and swimming holes) and tasting all the food and craft beer that the area has to offer.

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  • CMT

    I like that letter board a lot! I’ll put that in my Amazon cart and maybe order it six months from now, which is how most of my Amazon purchases go :P I really wasn’t interested in any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping this year, but I did drop some money at Ann Taylor on some new suits. I’m leaning in; I need to look the part!

    • BSM

      Same on the letter board!

  • Laura C

    The Bose speaker is great, although I want one where I can have a couple of them linked and I don’t think that one is able to do that.

    Personally, I want an Instant Pot, a wallet, a couple Solarpuffs, a toolbox (I have the tools, just need the box), and a pretty number for our apartment door.

    But mostly I want to spend a bunch of money on our apartment, and I am having trouble prioritizing what’s first.

    • penguin

      The Solarpuffs look interesting! I hadn’t heard of those. I have two Instant Pots and can confirm that they live up to the hype.

      • Zoya

        Dang, two Instant Pots? I’ve just got the one and use it constantly. Two is a real commitment…

        • penguin

          Yeah it’s definitely not necessary. I picked up the second one for a specific purpose – we do homemade canning, and use the Instant Pot to cook down apple peels and apple cores. Then we cool them and send it through a food mill so we get out every last bit. Otherwise we usually only use one at a time, although I suppose this way we could make dinner and dessert simultaneously.

      • Laura C

        My neighbors have a Solarpuff and we used it to help light our Halloween candy distribution and I was just like “want!”

      • savannnah

        I just pulled the trigger on one today!

    • BSM

      Sonos for speakers! Kind of pricey, but we love ours.

      And I totally feel you on the house stuff prioritization.

      • Eenie

        Use code PSA10 for 10% off too.

    • Oh, we have very similar lights to those Solarpuffs and they are awesome for everything. Potential power outages, camping, just general dim lighting/mood lighting.

  • Kara

    My love language is about as far away from gifts as possible, so it’s hard coming up with ideas for myself.

    I guess my 13 year old hand mixer died last month, so I’d like one of those this year. Other than that, I normally ask for donations to be made to the dog/animal rescues I support.

  • Zoya

    Dammit, Chelsea. I already own five teapots, I don’t need another one…

    • ssha

      Or do you??

  • theteenygirl

    Man I’m so good at coming up with presents for other people.. mostly because I’m always on the lookout no matter what time of year. But I’m horrible at coming up with ideas on the spot. AND we just got through with the wedding gifts… I really really don’t need anything else in my life right now! So my list this year is: oven thermometer, ice cream scoop, outlet timer so I can put my parrot’s UV lamp on a timer, and a pair of hypo-allergenic studs for everyday wear.

    • ART

      If you don’t wind up getting the outlet timer as a gift (and care to wait this long), I’ve found them at Target for 70% off in the days after (because they wind up in the tree lighting category). Same with regular old Scotch tape, oddly enough! Guess they just order wayyyyy more than they will end up selling at regular price after the holidays.

      • theteenygirl

        We don’t have Target in Canada but we do have Canadian Tire and I’m willing to bet they have a similar sale! Thanks for the tip!!

        Also.. outlet timer for Christmas tree.. genius.. why have I never thought of this?

  • Katharine Parker

    The sunrise alarm clock is AMAZING. I hate waking up and naturally am a pretty late sleeper, and the fake sunrise is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning in winter. I have mine set to NPR, and it’s the most pleasant way to wake up.

  • ART

    The thing I really want to get for all my lady friends, but probably won’t, is a pStyle. I swear to god I love it so much. I have two (one for car, one for backpack) and…TMI warning…it is getting me through the last month of pregnancy with that “I have to pee all the time feeling” (because sitting down just doesn’t let me get it all out, hence having to pee again the second I stand up!) Sadly I’m not the kind of person who goes around getting people peeing aids for Christmas. But if you are, there’s a $10 off 6 of them promotion…

    I also might get this spice grinder for myself (I mean, I would want to test it out before giving one as a gift to someone else…yes that’s the reason)

    • MC

      I got a pStyle at a white elephant party and I looooooove it and use it all the time when hiking & camping!

    • AP

      I love my pStyle!! Used it all over the southwest this summer on a camping trip and recently on a couple of hikes! And totally second its usefulness during pregnancy! I use it in less-than-ideal public restroom situations where I don’t want to sit on the toilet seat but I’m too big/off-balance to hover these days.

  • BSM

    #notonsale, but I just bought these pretty splurge-y boots for myself. I’ve had my eye on them forever and am trying to buy more quality, ethically made clothing/shoes/accessories, so this was my first foray into that.

    Also, dropping some money on a legit cut and color in a couple weeks, since I only do that a few times a year.

    Other than that, I could use a couple new sweaters (eyeing some Everlane ones), but I mostly don’t need much of anything.

    • Those boots look nice! I’ve been trying to buy more ethical shoes and clothing too. (Maybe check out Pact if you need new undies, socks, etc.? I buy stuff from them when it goes on sale and have always been super pleased.)

    • ssha

      Ooh, Red Wing.

  • Spot

    1) That wake-up light was a splurge registry item we were pleasantly surprised with receiving, and actually being awake by the time I need to be up and not just deliriously fumbling for the snooze button mid-dream is life changing.

    2) We used those Pantone cards as a guest book! People (as many as will sign a guestbook, anyway) picked their favorite color for the usual signature/message and the cards now fit neatly in a little photo album.

    • K.K.

      I got that wake-up light as a gift and I love it but I also feel like maybe I’m not placing it optimally. Do you have it at the foot of the bed? On a nightstand? How high up relative to the bed and facing which way?

      • Alli

        I don’t have the same exact light, but I realized I need to place mine angled away from my bed, because otherwise I’ll just wake up suddenly when the initial, softest light comes on. Mine is on my nightstand about a foot away from me though. When I get around to organizing the bedroom I may put it on a dresser across the room and see how that works.

      • Spot

        We have it on a makeshift nightstand at eye level (on my partner’s side of the bed due to outlet logistics) aimed just slightly diagonally to our faces. That way we can do the slow wake up and be conscious before it hits full brightness. If I happen to be sleeping on my side turned away from it I can still doze through the better part of it though!

    • Lawyerette510

      I have the less expensive version of the wake-up light and I love it! I’ve had it for about 3 years, and it’s a total game-changer especially in winter. I have mine on my bedside table and nearly always wake up somewhere before the light gets truly bright. One way I know I’m really tired and need to be good to myself is when I sleep through to the beeping.

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  • AP

    A little late to the comment party, but you know what I would LOVE some help picking out for myself?? A 2018 day planner/organizer. I would sincerely appreciate a post about how the APW staff stays organized (since y’all are total hustlers) especially now that I’m about to have my first baby while simultaneously running a non-profit. Combo of tech/paper? Completely rely on one or the other? Seriously, I need help!

    • Jenny

      I ordered former APW intern RAchel’s book about dot journaling/bullet journaling ( It’s honestly the only planner I’ve ever used for more than a couple months, and the only one that keeps me sane and organized. I still keep a work calendar digitally, and occastionally I’ll take a pic of a page in my journal if I want to reference it later and think I might not have it with me, but 10/10 highly recommend bullet journaling and Rachel’s book to get you started.

    • ssha

      No idea about your style, but planners!!! Here are a few I’ve had my eye on! (awesome woman-owned business) (seems like a good boss lady one?) (dateless, so you can buy it whenever, not just January! #lazygirl)
      I know a couple APW readers use Passion Planner.
      I know you’re a person of faith so have you heard of the Sacred Ordinary Days planner? It goes with the lectionary. It looks so cool but I can’t drop the $$ on it right now.

      • Hope

        Thank you for mentioning the Sacred Ordinary Days planner. For $4 I downloaded the December/Advent month and I’m excited to try it out.

        • ssha

          Oh, that’s a good option! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Alli

    Just a heads up on the What Do You Meme game, since I got it for my birthday from my dad this year. My friends and I are usually fine with the crassness of Cards Against Humanity, but there was a Trump related card that made us all so uncomfortable that we decided was just too much, so we ripped it up and threw it out. Idk if there are any more like that, or if we were just being too sensitive, but it kind of darkened the mood. Just something to consider, it was surprisingly a pretty fun game though!