You get to a point where there’s not much you can do but put on your fancy party dress,* a pair of fabulous shoes and grab a bottle of cheap champagne to swig with your girls on the way to meet your groom. – Cyd

*Once you start thinking of it as your party dress, the whole thing gets so much simpler. And better.

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  • April

    I am so in love with the APW blog. I want to marry it! ;) [yes, silly, I know… I'm kidding…]

  • Great way to think of it! I love it! :)

  • yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!

    this is the point i'm *starting* to get to… just a few more details and i'm there…. i hope…. :)

    thanks for sharing this!

  • I just read about some amazing wedding invitations in hollowed out books – really lovely (\). But it got me thinking about details and my feelings about them now, post wedding. They are great, but if the details overtake the emotion the wedding can seem hollow. My brother just went to a wedding and said that he remembered the sensation more than the sentiment. Like it was more about the wedding party being rockstars and partying alone than sharing with the family and friends who came. To bring it back to the amazing wedding invites I mentioned, I wonder if the details matter more for the invitations, save the dates, etc because they increase the anticipation of the event, but that on the day it is about being with friends, family and just having a great party.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    hell yeah!

    Once you start thinking of the whole *day* as a party the whole thing gets so much simpler. And better.

  • Meg

    Totally Laura. I've been talking to people about that. I think… it makes me sad when I see brides post wedding who *still* think it's about the asthetics or the details. It makes me think their party wasn't super fun… I don't even remember my OWN centerpeices… and I made them. You know I love me some good asthetics, but I think that's part of what weddings are there to teach you. It's about heart and family, and something so much bigger than the flowers.

  • Sunshine

    I have always noticed that I've come away from some weddings that seemed filled with love, and some where I didn't feel it at all.

    But it has something to do with the interactions between the bride and groom and their interactions with everyone around them.

    I once went to a wedding where I knew for a fact the couple was deeply in love. But it didn't translate on the wedding day because they hardly interacted with the guest at all! The guest entertained each other and I had a blast, but the couple might as well not have even been there.

  • Sunshine

    typo – "guests"

  • I just recently started planning my 2010 wedding and stumbled across your blog…thank you so much for your posts….it's so easy to get overwhelmed by the aesthetics of the day, but I absolutely don't want to be thinking about that on the day of….or even the week of…i want careful planning and then to say "Fuck it".

    thanks! keep em coming!

  • Sunshine – you are so right. The most enjoyable part of our wedding was spending time having fun with everyone. Dakota and I took a moment in the middle of the party to have a seat in the grass together and give ourselves a pinch, but the rest of the night we wanted to be partying with everyone we love so much. I too have been to weddings where the bride and groom never really interact with anyone (don't get me wrong, I understand there are a lot of people to get to and you may not have the long catch-up conversation that you would like, but you can tell when it is very separate). My other favorite part of our wedding (aside from marrying the man I love) was finishing supper and just watching everyone laugh, talk, and celebrate with a huge smile on my face.

  • oh geez. i heart you.

    can't wait to get me a party dress to go with my party Choos!

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