Lauren & Aidan

* Lauren, Wedding Photographer & Aidan, Philosopher * Photographer: Gabriel Hacker * Soundtrack for reading: “Strangers” by The Kinks *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A Scottish wedding, homegrown with lots of love, and a few confused/amused/eventually very drunk Americans in attendance (They had whiskey for the toasts! What were we to do? We were overwhelmed!)


The Info—Photography: Lauren’s former roommate, Gabriel Hacker / Ceremony Venue: Govan Old Church / Reception Venue: Govan Cross Church / Lauren’s Dress: J.Crew / Aidan’s Suit: Kilt hired from Slaters in Glasgow

Other cool stuff we should know about: This wedding was mostly put together by Aidan’s family (especially his sister) and members of his mum’s church. I was a little freaked out ahead of time because it was nothing like what I imagined my wedding to be. I am not religious, I wanted a simple outdoor quaker style wedding, with all of my friends and family there, and with food and booze and dancing. When we agreed to get married in Scotland I had to do a lot of letting go. I wasn’t keen to get married in a church, but Aidan’s mum (a truly wonderful woman) is a minister and most of his family is religious, so it would have been hard for a lot of people if we hadn’t been married in a church.

Most of my family and close friends couldn’t make it to the wedding, so it was scary to walk down the aisle with one hundred people looking at me, only ten or fifteen of whom I had ever met before, and I was sad that a lot of people who were important to me couldn’t be there. However, I’m really glad that I had a traditional Scottish wedding even though it was foreign to me in so many ways (though fortunately it did include food and booze and dancing), because it really pleased so many people. To this day Aidan’s father gets emotional talking about what a beautiful day it was, and a lot of people declared it the best wedding that they had ever been to. To me that is more important than getting the exact wedding that I thought I wanted. In the end I realized that our wedding wasn’t about me or even us, it was about being welcomed into Aidan’s family, and it was about showing us what a generous and caring community we have supporting us and cheering us on. (Aidan would like for me to clarify that while this was not the wedding I had in mind, it was exactly the wedding that he had in mind—so there you go.)

Favorite thing about the wedding: We didn’t have any money to spend on our wedding. None. So the outpouring of generosity from friends and family was incredibly moving. Aidan’s sister planned the entire day as well as all of the decor, his mum married us, his sister’s boyfriend (now husband) was our piper, his aunts cooked the food and baked cakes, church ladies that I never met bought flowers for the church and sewed table runners, my mother paid for my dress, my father paid for my airplane ticket, one of Aidan’s cousins brought tons of food and loads of really nice wine, our guests all pitched in to do the dishes and help clean up, Aidan’s brother and sister sprung for us to have room at a castle-y hotel, the Russian choir from the Russian congregation of Aidan’s mum’s church came and sang at our ceremony as a gift, my grad school roommate flew himself from L.A. to Scotland to photograph our wedding for free, and the list goes on.

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  • Looking at the pictures, I got the biggest smile on my face. Then reading your write-up, I got shivers. What an incredible outpouring of love and support it was that made such a beautiful wedding possible. This and your previous post have made my day. (Well, this, your previous post, and Colin Firth have made my day. But mainly you.)

  • Awwww, so cool, and gorgeous. Gabriel did a hell of a job. Also, he looks just like Boris Becker. Bet he’s never heard that before ;)

  • Can I point out that I have the best wedding twin ever: we totally made friends with each other based on the fact that we had the same dress & blue shoes, and then bonded further over a mutual love of books. Though Carrie: we’ve never had the Quaker Lake conversation! We gotta do that sometime.

    Anyhow – Adian would also like for me to let you guys know that he messed up and he didn’t get his kilt from Sloans, he got it from Slaters. Sloans is the pub that he goes to sometimes with his friend who rented us the kilts. We apologize for the mix up!

    • The Quaker Lake conversation? Did you go there too?

      Also, Yay wedding twins and Yay blue shoes!

      • Not for camp, but for North Carolina Quaker stuff yes. There were a lot of firsts for me at Quaker Lake ;)

        • Oh my gosh. Did you go to yearly meeting too? The Virginia Beach meeting was part of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative), so I went a bunch. It was always at Guilford or Chowan? Could I have met you as a kid?

          • After consulting Wikipedia, I believe we attended a liberal meeting, which is like the conservatives in all ways except a bit less Christian centered. Our yearly meeting was the Piedmont Friends Fellowship at Quaker Lake, & I also mixed with the Souther Appalachian Yearly Metting people, and we attended the big Friends General Conference one year – so maybe? That would be so cool.

          • Different yearly meeting – it seems that we were very close in childhood, but not quite in the same place! What a small, small world.

            I showed Jami this grad post (Look! It’s my internet friend who sent the baby teethers) and she agreed that we should meet up if we are every in NC at the same time. It’s got to happen sooner or later!

  • “In the end I realized that our wedding wasn’t about me or even us, it was about being welcomed into Aidan’s family”.

    I wish someone had said this to me before we started planning. I could have saved myself loads of stress.

    • Ditto! And it’s also a warming and nice sentiment that should always be remembered, no? Love it :)

  • Jessica

    I love the blue shoes. Where did you get them?

    • I got them from Zappos. I just had a look and I don’t think that they still have them, and our wedding was three years ago. Still, you type in blue dress shoes and hundreds of options come up.

  • Megan (from Nova Scotia)

    So beautiful, I just love all the pictures! The generosity of everyone involved is also very touching. Totally wiped away a tear while reading:)

  • Whoa, just whoa. This wedding is beautiful (and the photography… dang!!) Beautiful, beautiful, especially the way your community came together for you both :)

  • So beautiful!!

  • lorna


    our weddings looked very similar- you should have mentioned that!

    i LOVE seeing you and aidan looking all happy and relaxed and having such a damn good time. that’s what a wedding should be.

  • You have no idea for how long I have longed to see these! I wish we’d known each other then, I’d have liked to come to your wedding. x

  • beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely day. We can’t all have as many weddings as we might like to have (I had two, which is enough for me), so I love seeing how everyone else did theirs. I had so many different ideas, and we just had to go with one.

  • soozy

    So much for the “wordless wedding”–and thank goodness! Loved your afterthoughts, and glad things worked out well!

  • Stephanie B

    I have that makeup kit!!! I use it all the time!

  • Damn, you guys. This is all kinds of movingly beautiful.