An SF Wedding In July With 100 Guests. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Family flew in from all over the country

A couple of weeks ago my local news station ran a story about an 100-guest wedding at the Saints Peter and Paul Church (where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio famously wed) in North Beach. Just a few months ago this wouldn’t have been newsworthy but when it came across my radar my only thought was What could possibly go wrong? (Said in a very sarcastic tone).

Guests were told to enter through a door in the underground garage and not the front door of the church. Which if we’re being honest, might be the first sign that you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. And then someone sent a tip to the City Attorney’s office prompting the Deputy City Attorney to head to the church to put a stop to it. Upon arrival, he ordered the ceremony to move outside to a basketball court, also located on the church property leaving the guests to stream the ceremony on Zoom. Shortly after, the couple and eight of their guests tested positive for Coronavirus.

Now. We’re not here to blame or shame folx that get COVID. Getting sick isn’t a result of a moral hazard. It’s a result of living in this world, and currently, under this terrible government.

BUT. If you get yourself, and a bunch of your guests sick, after having a large wedding that public health officials have told you that you should not be having, well… you’re going to need to do some real soul searching. (And there is nothing more horrible than the idea that your wedding could kill the people you love most in this world.)

So here is the question: what lengths are the people around you going to to carry on as normal? How are you personally balancing the risk and reward of having a wedding that’s vaguely similar to the one you imagined having (It’s noted in the article that the couple insisted on getting married at that church because that’s where his parents and grandparents married. But at what cost?)

This virus is moving so fast, and what we’re all feeling comfortable doing also seems like it’s moving at light speed… and is regional on top of it all. (In the Bay Area, this kind of event is way outside the social norm, which is exactly why it made news.) So here is your check in. What feels ok to you right now? What doesn’t? How do you feel about this super spreading wedding vent?

Gatherings in the Bay Area are still on hold, but we’re seeing events of different sizes pop up around the country. Are there larger events happening near you? Would you feel safe hosting or attending a wedding with more guests than just your immediate household present? Let us know Where you’re at (and where your part of the country or world is at) in the comments.

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