And with love like that you know you should be glad

Our friend and rabbinical student Nikki, taught the guests a Hebrew love song, and they sang us down the aisle.

We circled each other. We did, in fact, feel our lives intertwining.

Our parents said a blessing over us.

Our Rabbi had Nikki poured us our first glass of wine, which, per her suggestion was a sweet wine. A sweet, high alcohol desert wine. She told Nikki to pour us a whole mug full. We waved our hands and said, “Ssttttttttttooooooppppp.” She didn’t. We had to pass the wine around to the huppah holders to finish it off.

We said our vows. I had carried David’s ring on my bouquet, and when I tried to pull it off, I dropped it and it rolled away, so I dashed after it in my heels.

The Rabbi pulled out her drash. It was clearly five pages. Oh dear, this was going to be long. I took off my shoes and settled in.

Our friend Nikki sang the seven wedding blessings to us, and her eyes filling with tears of joy.

They poured the second glass of wine, just as big as the first. This time we drank it. All. Well, sort of chugged it, really.

Our friend Caron read the Tom Robbins excerpt about cheese cake. Everyone laughed. She read the bit about peeing out the window, everyone held their breath, wondering what to do. I very loudly said, “AMEN!” Collective laugh.

Our friend Lacey read “I like you,” and her voice cracked in the middle.

The guests all put our hands on us to bless us, and I started crying into my grandmothers handkerchief.

David broke the glass.

We kissed.
We kissed.
We kissed.

Everyone sang Siman Tov and Mazel Tov… as we walked through the crowd, me holding my bouquet over my head in victory, both giddy with joy.Eating fruit in our yichud, looking at our wedding rings, relaxing, as blissed out as we’ve ever been, hearing our yichud guards make jokes on the other side of the door. Feeling loved and blessed.

And then we were ready to party. PARTYPARTYPARTY.

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