Announcing The APW Book Tour!

So you knew that I was going to try to tour the country to meet you guys with this book, right? Right? Well, we’re still in the process of working out the details, which are proving to be tricky to nail down. But, I’m delighted to announce the first few stops on the book tour today, with more coming soon. Each city’s event will have a different flavor, but all of them will include a talk from me, time for Q&A and getting to know each other, and a book signing. Yippie! So please join me at:

  • The San Francisco Book Launch Party. Thursday January 12th, starting at 6pm, speaking at 7pm, Green Apple Books. (Join us for a cocktail party in one of the world’s coolest bookstores.)
  • Alt Summit. Thursday January 19th. Panelist on “Building Relationships With Ad Networks and Sponsors.” (Not technically part of the book tour, but I will have books with me, and will sign yours if you want!)
  • Boston Book Talk and Q&A. Wednesday January 25th, 7pm Porter Square Books.
  • More to come… (I’m not being a tease, I just don’t have any further information yet.)

Now. The secret about book tours these days is that they are 100% author funded because no one has any idea if they actually… work… anymore. But I have some sort of crazy blind faith in an APW book tour, given how amazing APW Book Clubs (and all of you) are. Which means I’m paying money to come meet you guys. So, from the bottom of my heart, I’d love if you could help make all of this a success by coming out, bringing friends, buying a book or having your friend buy a book, and generally being an awesome cheering section for a girl who’s been on the road for multiple weeks.

Seriously? I can’t wait.

Photo: Me making my excited muppet face, which I promise to make on tour, on the night after The APW Book Buy, photo by Emily Takes Photos

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  • Trinity

    SO exciting! I wish you could come to Michigan!

    • meg

      I will be in Michigan later in the spring, chances are. If there are enough of you, I’d be game to set something up in Ann Arbor.

      • Please consider this an informal hand raise in favor of a visit to Ann Arbor!

      • Shelly

        I would probably drive the 2.5 hours from West Michigan if that were the case! Chicago is equidistant for me, but Michigan needs you!

        • Aly

          Another hand up for an Ann Arbor gathering! I’m about an hour away from and would definitely drive over!

        • Trinity

          I’m in West Michigan, too! Maybe we could organize an APW book meetup the next time there’s one?

          • Shelly


      • Harriet

        Yes yes yes!

      • Kt

        yes yes Ann Arbor! and how did I not know there were other A2 readers? we need to get on this APW book club meetup thing!

      • YES, PLEASE. ANN ARBOR NOW. I had no idea there were so many Ann Arbor readers…hi, ladies! :)

    • Chicago, lady, would be the crossroads of the Midwest. I grant that the title, although it is technically Indiana’s title.

      Whatever. You come, we come.

  • SO SO SO excited that you will be at one of my fave. bookstores in Cambridge! Can’t wait!!!


    I can tell you from living around the corner from this place (and from doing my ENTIRE grad school work in their tiny cafe at one of the window seats)– people turn out for their book readings. They really do.

    And that’s before all the APW folks!

    • Lerae

      Oh YAY, I can’t wait for this!

  • maura

    boston is on my calendar. shall we organize a drinks thing post talk?

  • abby_wan_kenobi

    Super exciting!! I’ll put in my vote for an Atlanta (or NE Georgia, or Upstate SC – I’m willing to do some road-tripping to get my book signed) book tour stop. And in related happy news, I got an email this morning from Amazon:

    Meg Keene “A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration”
    Previous estimated arrival date: December 29, 2011
    New estimated arrival date: December 19, 2011


    • Caroline

      Seconding Atlanta, PLEASE!

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      I’m so glad the paper copies are coming out early as expected. Anyone know if the kindle versions are coming out early?

      • meg

        They already have the e-reader copies in Canada…

        • Oh Canada. Always giving us yet more reasons to want to move there.

    • Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta! Woo!

      • Class of 1980

        In the spring of course. ;)

    • abby_wan_kenobi

      Would now be a good time to mention that the ATL APW Book Club is reuniting on Wednesday night? I’ll post details on the APW Forum for Atlanta if anyone is interested who wasn’t able to attend last time :)

  • I am so excited for you! If you come anywhere near Nebraska (Kansas City perhaps?) or even TO Nebraska, I would be thrilled!

    Either way, I am so excited for you and this and everything!

    • Missie

      Yes! I second the KC vote!

  • Holy crap I am so excited for the launch party!

  • I know that there are more people in your state than my whole country, so we’re not exactly a bumpin’ market, but Canada?

    • Yes yes, any chance of a stop in Canada?

      • Rebecca

        Toronto even?

        • Krista

          Toronto: an awesome, fabulous, EASY way to internationalize this book tour!

    • Ashley

      Pleeeeeease Canada!! I’m from Ottawa, but I’d make the trip to Toronto or Montreal!

      • LW

        Yes, Toronto!

  • TEXAS???? *hopeful smile*

    • Seconded! Preferably Austin.

      But I’d drive to Houston or Dallas for this in a heartbeat. <3

  • You know what I’m going to say, so I won’t even say it. ;) But, this is awesome.

    (LONDON.) (I couldn’t help myself.)

    • Hypothetical Sarah

      LONDON. Yes. (You beat me to it.)

      • meg

        You guys pay for me to come to London, I’m so there.

        • Ah. In that case, maybe your next book. By which time I will hopefully once again be employed.

        • There’s probably enough of us to do a whipround for plane tickets, actually. Hmmm… *plots*

          • Yes, I wish I had the money to just say, hey , Meg deserves another Europe cheering squad and bring you. Not the case right now, but would be a nice plot if we all scheme together. Meg across the pond ;)

          • meg

            London is my favorite city in the world, so you know, always an open offer from me :)

  • KA


    best. photo. ever.

    i <3 your face.

    • I know! I want to look at this photo every time I’m down!

      We did it! We all bought the book and Meg made the Excited Muppet Face (TM)!!

      • meg

        You did do it!! I should have just promised the Excited Muppet Face TM, and you would have done it double time!

  • I know Chicago in the dead of winter isn’t ideal, but we’ll have lots of drinks to stay warm!

  • weee! can’t wait to hear about plans for DC, but in the meantime I’m just excited this is happening. and I too received that message from Amazon, drastically moving up the delivery date of the book. I’ll admit, i didn’t fully believe you about the early shipping date, heh. happy to be wrong!

    • meg

      On book buy day it had already shipped from the warehouse. WHY DID NO ONE BELIVE ME?

    • Steph & B

      Ooo if you go to DC, I’ll road trip from Richmond to come see you. I guess I’ll just give my copy of your book away as Christmas present and wait to buy one for when you come. I may not be able to wait that long. Is it okay to pre-read a Christmas present? Maybe I’ll make notes and tab my favorite sections, so it can be like she’s reading it with me. ;)

      • Gah! Another reader in Richmond! yay! We can carpool! Seriously, email me.

        Also, seriously, Meg. If you’re gonna go to DC, you might as well just hop on the Amtrak and come and stay in my house in Richmond. I’ll feed you exceedingly tasty food and homebrew. Promise.

    • Jovi

      Add me to the cheering section for DC! Both cheering for having DC be one of the tour stops, and cheering at the event, of course.

  • Yay for Boston book tour stop! I can’t wait!!!

  • Atlantic City would be awesome but I’ll definitely drive to Philly to see you!

    • Meg

      Yes! Please come to Philly! Or AC. I’d make the drive, too.

  • Tori

    I am also wishing and hoping that the APW party comes to Chicagoland. Please come to The Book Cellar! Please come on a weekend, so I can make it down there from the NW suburbs!

    Also, how much do I love Green Apple Books? I haven’t been there in nearly ten years, but… THIIIIIIIIISSSS much! Enjoy your party! I wish I could be there!

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m in Wisconsin and I would love to see you in Milwaukee or Madison. I have a best friend and a sister-in-law who are getting copies of the book for Christmas and they will bring their’s to be signed! Meaning of course that I am buying them copies of the book and will bring them with me on pain of death, if need be though I’m sure it won’t. I would travel alone to Chi-town to see you, however, and try to get the ladies to join. Oh, please! Chicago is a major city and would attract many readers from the Midwest!

      • Tori

        Sandy – I miss Harry W. Schwartz bookstores in MKE. They would be perfect to host Meg and Team Practical. They were THE BEST. (Of course, I have yet to visit Powell’s in Portland.)

        • When Harry W. Schwartz closed in Milwaukee, the Downer Ave. location was bought by an employee, so it remains a wonderful independent bookstore called Boswell Books. I just saw Jeffrey Eugenides read there.

          Come to Boswell Books in Milwaukee, Meg!!

        • I just saw Christopher Paolini at the Pabst a few weekends ago. He was sponsored by Next Chapter Books but the whole thing was huge (300+ people) so it was hosted at the Pabst. Very cool and so awesome.

        • Powell’s *is* pretty amazing.

      • Emily

        I would drive to Chicago from Madison. But we have a fabulous bookstore in Madison that would be perfect:

  • Savychacha

    Considering that Boston and New York are close to Connecticut we sometimes get overlooked in the Ultra Mega Awesomeness that can be tours. So, maybe if I ask nicely, you’ll make a stop here in little old CT? I promise to show up and bring Bourbon!! :)

    • Yes please! The farthest points in CT are 2 hours away from each other…I’d make that drive for signed books by Meg!

      • Amy

        I would totally drive to a CT book signing, though sadly my pregnant self can only raise a proverbial glass to celebrate with you all.

        • Kate

          Yay Connecticut! I’ll probably make the trek to Boston otherwise, but i’d love something closer to home!

  • I think this calls for a Kermit Arm Flail!

  • Angie

    Denver? The Tattered Cover is an awesome independent bookstore – 3 bookstores actually. Please don’t forget the middle of the country!

    • Ariel

      I second the vote for Denver!

    • Also, Meg, Did you know the dome on the State Capitol building in Denver is coated in REAL gold? Yeah, cause Denver is that kind of place. It is also the birthplace of Don Cheadle, Kip Winger and The Honey Duncan. I know Duncan seems like the real draw there, but dude-KIP WINGER!

      • meg


    • DENVER! please!

  • LosAngelesLosAngelesLosAngeles!

    • Rachel

      Agreed! Los Angeles/Orange County please!

      • Another LA, SoCal vote here!

      • Beth

        I third the SoCal suggestion! ALSO, just got the notice from Amazon that my copies have shipped! So exciting!

    • Skylight Books in Silverlake!! Pretty Please!

  • Already bought two copies, but if you’re coming to Chattanooga or Nashville I will be there with friends to buy more! And if your trip takes you up and over the Cumberland Plateau on I-24, you MUST take a moment to stop by Sewanee and have your soul restored by the scenic vistas (and awesome food from Julia’s, the restaurant where I work).

  • Sweet! So excited for the Boston/Porter Square Books stop.

  • Anne

    Um, can I just say that I’m pretty ridiculously excited that you’re having the San Francisco launch party in one of my favorite bookstores ever? I’ll be there!

  • Powell’s in Portland! Do it!

    • Jen

      YES! Please please come to Portland!! Or I would even go to Seattle, but Portland is where it’s at!

      • Liz

        Meg, if you make it to Portland, Super Runaway will have a sparkly party waiting for you. Just sayin’.

        (No, really. I’ve already got the live music lined up.)

    • meg

      Yeah. If you guys can somehow convince Powell’s to take me, I’d obviously come. I’m currently assuming I don’t have a snowflakes chance in hell, however.

      • Jen

        Who do I need to harass at Powells?! I’ll do it!!

  • Ummm… LA??? Pretty pretty please? When the Pioneer Woman had her book signing at the B&N at te Grove, it was super packed! (I was there coincidentally.) I will come, FI will come, and I’ll make all my friends come!!!

  • Amanda

    Meg, Congratulations! I wish you could come to Pittsburgh. :) I wanted to share my good news that your book has shipped and I can’t wait to receive it on Wednesday!

  • amigacara

    You’ll be at Porter Square Books? AWESOME! I go there every day! :D

  • Nicole


  • That photo is perfect. And if NYC doesn’t get on the radar I will happily head up to Boston (book tour and three Boston nephews to visit, what could be better!)

  • Rachel T.

    Philadelphia?!?! I’m SO excited. I promise if you make it to Philadelphia, I will make a Muppet face WITH you… in person… is it okay if I squeal when I meet you? I know you don’t know me, but I feel like we know you…

  • Yay book tour!

  • Denver / Boulder – somewhere here on the front range.

    And Meg – consider this a formal invitation to stay at our place in Boulder. We just finished our yearlong van trip (and couldn’t meet you when we drove through San Fran ’cause you were finishing this book). So we have a place with four walls and–get this–a spare bedroom!!!! Yipee!

    So. Come here and we’ll take care of you. (Ahem… right ladies in CO?)

    Boulder Bookstore is awesome. Tattered Cover in Denver (either location) – both great options.

    P.S. My husband and I have a sweet van you can borrow if you need to drive anywhere and sleep on the road. ;-)

    P.P.S. Just click on my name and go to my contact page to send me an email. Can. Not. Wait. to read the book.

    • Plus Denver/ Boulder (I live in Denver and work in Boulder) has the added bonus of THE HONEY DUNCAN! Tattered Cover is awesome (I especially love the one on Colfax). Food, shelter, adorbs babies and Denver’s historic train depot, Union Station in the heart of LoDo (which used to be a haven for hookers back in the mining days)—we’ve got it all, yo. Did I mention that SLC and Denver are conveniently located near one another? Hmmm?

  • Caroline

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing you in SF.

  • I will put in the necessary plug for Seattle!

    -We have some fantastic independent bookstore, including Elliot Bay Books, which I think would be a fab fit for Team Practical.
    -We are a TRAIN ride away, no flying needed (that was shameless)
    -The coffee, the beer, the seafood, we’ll do right by you

    *kermit arm flail*

    • Laura

      I second this! :)

    • meg

      I’m going by train anyway, probably. More on that coming soon.

      GO ASK ELLIOT BAY. Have your friends ask Elliot Bay. Get your hustle on. We have an outstanding request, but they are very hard to get.

      • Done. Seriously. I’m all over it!

      • LBD

        Other suggestions I would have that seem to do a lot of readings are the University Bookstore in the U-District (near UW) or Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.

      • If we want email these places, what info should we include? That we’re requesting a book reading/signing for Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding? Any other pertinent info?

        • meg

          Nope. Just that you love me and you’ll come and you’ll bring people and you’ll buy books and PLEASE.

      • Elliott Bay is on twitter at @ElliottBayBooks and the only email address I can find is!

        Let’s go after them!

  • Yay! So excited for you! I can’t wait to receive my books next week!

    I second the calls for South Carolina. I live in Charleston but would travel across the state to come see you!

    YOU ARE A BEST SELLING READER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • meg

      I’m a best selling AUTHOR (kinda)! I’m also a best selling reader, but that’s not new ;)

      • Whoops! That’s what happens when you get excited about reading and you are not a writer. Hah!

  • meg

    For the record you guys, most of the stops are not up to me (though I’m limiting things to major cities/ major APW markets, since I don’t think I can reasonably abandon my husband for more than a few weeks). But! It’s really not up to me. Bookstores have to agree to host them, after my publicist asks. That bit is trickier than you’d think. We’ve had two yeses so far, to one (super rude!) no. So, we’re working on it.

    • Good to know. Either way I am stoked to read your book and (hopefully) meet you in person one day. Here’s to more yeses from happy bookstores!

  • Sharon

    North Carolina! The Regulator is an awesome independent bookstore in Durham.

    • Karen

      I would also second North Carolina. If you prefer the mountains, Malaprops in Asheville is really awesome. They would definitely host a reading!

    • And of course there’s Flyleaf in Chapel Hill and Quail Ridge in Raleigh. So if someone says no, there’s two more to ask. :)

  • Elle T.

    Lucky me! My favorite bookstore is my local one, 2 blocks from my house – GREEN APPLE BOOKS!

  • Has anyone mentioned Denver? Cause I feel like it’s a really great market. Hmmm. Weird that no one has brought up Denver yet.

    • See above. Lots of us rooting for Denver/Boulder area. :)

  • You can totally stay with me if you come to Hawaii! Unfortunately, it would require a plane ride.

  • Noemi

    My copy of the book just shipped today!! What joy! So excited to read it!

  • My book is on the truck for delivery RIGHT NOW. Can’t wait!

    And if you come anywhere near Memphis I’ll be there.

  • Leigh Ann

    Alas, I will be on my honeymoon during the San Fran stop. Sorry to miss it. :(

  • Erin

    I’ll come out and bring friends, but only if you do the Kermit flail whilst making the Muppet face.

  • Melissa

    I got an email this morning from Amazon saying the book has shipped! Hooray! Not that I’m excited or anything ;)

  • Sierra

    JUST GOT MY BOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!! Huzzah! And now to promptly ignore the rest of my life while I read it!

  • Karoline

    Meg, if you come to Chicago, I am so there! Today, I finished my semester projects, got your book from Amazon in the mail, and find myself curled up in bed with relief, a cup of tea, and a great read. Today is a good day.

    PS: Please come to Chicago on your book tour!

  • Susie

    Any chance of a Scottish stop?! We’ll conspire with the London contingent on the transatlantic plane fare… :o)

  • lovelove

    I wish you could come to New Zealand.

    (sad face…)