Announcing Wedding Graduates Return & A Call For Submissions!

Hello Everyone! It’s APW Editor Lauren here to announce a new push for an infrequent, but always awesome part of A Practical Wedding: Wedding Graduates Returns. This has always been one of my most favorite parts of APW. Even when I was at the very, very beginning of my wedding planning process, even before I started working with Meg and the team here, I gobbled them up whenever they came around.

Wedding Grad Returns are all about people we’ve already met before, at one of the most emotional days of their lives, and here they are again reminding us that life happens after that day. These posts are moving whether they’ve gone through trials and tribulations, added to their family, lost parts of their family, are living their vows every day, or are searching for what those vows truly mean. The are real and honest and there to teach us something about weddings and the largeness of sharing your life with someone.

So! If your Wedding Grad has run at least 9 months ago (and beyond!), and you have some life stuff (happy, sad, hard, thoughtful, exciting) you’d like to share with us, please go to the Submissions Page and submit your post (with 2-3 photos) through the Wedding Graduate option. Make sure to specify that this is a Wedding Grad Returns post in your title.

When writing your post, we ask you to think about the following:

In the year (or years!) since your wedding day, how has your journey progressed? Looking back at your wedding grad post now, what would you like to tell your just-married self? How does your marriage now, reflect your wedding, or does it? What have been the surprises in your marriage? What hard things have you stumbled upon? What have been the joys? (We’re not delicate flowers, so if life hasn’t worked out the way you’d hoped, we want to hear about that too.)

And yes, if things got hard, or you got a divorce, we want to hear from you. And if things are wonderful and you’re happy beyond your wildest dreams, we want to hear from you, too. In sum, we are super excited to hear from you!

Photography: Lauren McGlynn Photography (Via the APW Flickr Stream)

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  • Oh man, this is super exciting right here, I tell ya! I will have to sit down and talk about how things have changed, since it’s now been over a year since we were married (Though our post is a little under the 9 month mark, it’s totally giving me more time to really think about what I want to say!) This is especially interesting considering my fiasco with finding a wedding dress and my struggle to feel beautiful on my day as a plus-size bride.

    Anyway, really stoked for this and I’m looking forward to submitting something in the next few months! :) YAY FOR WEDDING GRADS RETURNING! (I, too, loved these posts while planning our wedding, as I wanted to know what life was like beyond this one day we spent so much time planning.)

  • How do you feel about those of us who have been married a year or more, but didn’t submit a wedding grad post? Can we write something too? :)

    • Yeah, I’m still trying to work through my feelings from the day and write my wedding grad post, and its our first anniversary in like 3 weeks. Oops.

    • I was wondering about this too, and for people who didn’t plan their weddings with/on APW but are part of the community now. My husband and I are coming up on 5 years (!) next May and there are definitely things that have changed and stayed the same in that amount of time.

  • Definitely something to think about. How to put all the moments and thoughts into words. Writing posts for APW is an excellent exercise in sorting through what really matters.