APW 2010 Reader Survey!

So, as I’ve been working on my behind-the-scene projects, it’s become more and more obvious that I really wanted specific feedback from you guys. So, I bring you (drumroll please…) the very first APW reader survey. It will take you 5ish minutes, and make me eternally grateful, which is a good trade off, no? It’s a mix of demographic kinds of questions, and ‘I’m digging for what you think’ kinds of questions, and I’d like you to take it. Yes, YOU. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m a guy/ lurker/ not planning a wedding/ probably not the average reader, she doesn’t want ME to take the survey.” But yeah, I totally do.

So would you?

Click here to take survey

Thanks. I like you too.

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  • As a Women's Studies PhD student, I have to comment on the survey's first question:

    Gender = Man/Woman
    Sex = Male/Female

  • Since I am in a job where we often survey people and I hate having to remind people to do the surveys, I completed it right away! And now I've given myself a cookie.

  • As someone for whom this blog has been a friend, comfort, and resource, I'm happy to complete the survey!

    But, just a note: our budget is in the $5-$6K range, and the survey only allows me to have a sub-5 or 6-plus budget. Ach! I'm clicking on the $5K, since that was the original budget. I'm not sure SurveyMonkey will let you modify a survey once it's gone live, but if so, you might want to add a category if you do this sort of survey again.

  • Kim

    Meg, will you be posting any of the results for this survey? I'm curious about my fellow readers – you know, their demographics, budget, etc.

  • Meg

    Yes, I think I'll post some results. I didn't know if it was only me, but when blogs I love do these, I'm always crazy fascinated with the results. And already these results are super interesting (at least to me)….

    I know, I had to pick totally arbitrary divisions or you would have had a million options. I think you picked the right category for the spirit of the thing :)

  • I forgot to add this to the survey, so I'll post it as a comment.

    If it's possible to do this without making the blog overly sponsored (ahem, theKnot), it would have helped me a bunch if the not-internet based wedding elves were grouped into regions. I guess this is most relevant for photogs, but it could apply to dress makers/tailors or florists too.

  • Yes, very curious to see end results.

  • Meg

    Already in the works :)

  • I completed the survey, then when I clicked "Submit" I got a message that said the survey had been closed, and to please contact the author. Just wanted to let you know!

  • I think I totally effed up on the 'Top four websites you read' question, and assumed you meant out of ALL websites on the entire interweb, rather than just the top-four wedding related websites that I read. Oops.

  • I'm guessing you've received tons of survey responses because when I clicked the link it said survey closed! I tried. ;)

  • I just tried to take the survey, but got a message that it is closed. I can try again later, but thought I'd make a note of it; I'm probably not the only who is having this problem.

  • Survey still closed!

  • Sarah

    i actually love surveys for some weird reason!

    i would also love to see the results of the poll, as well… curiosity reigns!

  • survey closed! Sad Wednesday.