Two Big Exciting Things Are Happening at APW Right Now

This is not even slightly a drill

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief


Did you notice something a little different about APW today? (Hint: It’s the whole site.)

That’s right, we’ve got a new logo and a new layout (don’t worry, I made sure to keep lots of hot pink for y’all.) And while we might be biased, the whole APW team thinks it looks pretty damn… rad. But! This is just the beginning. While pretty changes happened today, what comes next is the big deal. We are burning the site to the ground and re-coding it from scratch (we have duplicate lines of code dating back to 2010, so it’s time). And that means a full relaunch of APW is coming by the end of 2016.

Our goal is to make this the most user-friendly version of APW ever, and to do so, we need your help. Send us an email to team (at) apracticalwedding (dot) com, or comment below and tell us: How can we make this possible? What do you need more of? Less? What does your dream version of APW look, feel, and act like? Till then, enjoy the new site. It’s gorgeous and I love it.



That first one was actually the smaller of the two announcements today. Because the big, huge, enormous deal is that we are launching a brand new site next year. (Cue all the confetti emojis in the whole world.)

I’ve spent the last eight-plus years of my life working on APW (I have always loved weddings, y’all), but I’ve been dreaming of one day being able to run a site for you that’s not about weddings and marriage. One that’s about everything else: relationships, parenting, how to pick the best lipstick, if you should even wear lipstick, how to decorate your house when you’re not made of money, intersectional feminism and politics that impact your day-to-day life, how to cut your bangs. The works.

Well, that day is finally coming.

It’s coming summer 2017, and the site is called The Compact.


  • a small flat case containing a personal mirror.
  • a formal agreement or contract between two or more parties.
  • a feminist digital magazine about… your life.

While we won’t start publishing till the summer (OMG THE WAITING), please check out our soft launch site, and join our newsletter now to get all the news first, and occasional delightful emails with feminist stuff we’re loving. And yup, you’ll get to weigh in on how we build this thing, so get your front-row seat to the creation of some (actually) women-owned independent feminist publishing, already.

Nine months is a long time to wait, so right now we’re up and running on social. Join the conversation on Facebook (we’re going to make this party HAPPEN on Facebook, starting yesterday), but please also find us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. We’ll drop hints about what’s coming.

You can sit with us.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit

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  • Aurélie

    As long as you keep the RSS feed working, I’m happy :)
    And congratulations on the new website!

  • louise danger

    i like the new logo, and i am glad that the hot pink is still around. i have a lot of trouble navigating chronologically tiled layouts like this, though. is there a chance that the main page could be more like the one in your screenshot/image here in this article, where (even if still tiled) everything is aligned in rows?

    I also am really excited that some of the extra content is being spun off into its own site. the content is great and usually i love reading it, but sometimes i’m bummed that the week’s content on here skews less toward wedding and more towards parenting or Other Things – still important! but not wedding-related and not my main reason for visiting.

    congratulations on everything, you’re gonna do great!

    • Lisa

      I’d second the comment about the tiles. I can’t even find this post’s heading on the homepage! Maybe including the date would be helpful?

      • Scalliwag

        I had that same thought! When I see an APW post pop up on Facebook that’s new, I come directly to the site rather than clicking through because having worked in media, I know the value of organic traffic rather than social media. But with this, I couldn’t get to this article and I am also not a super fan of what I consider “Pintrest” layout. It’s fine when it’s just photos, but I like the articles on APW.

        However, I am very excited for The Compact. I’ve been married a year and still enjoy APW but am skipping over some of the more logistical wedding content, so excited to have a new destination for some of the other pieces.

        • Lisa

          I’m excited for The Compact, too! I know commenters (including myself) have wanted an outlet for the awesome feminism/post-wedding life articles for a while. The content on the site has felt a bit divided for a while. I think it seems like there’s enough material to support both sites at this point.

          I hope that with the breakout of Compact that some of the features I liked about old APW will return, too. I feel like so much of the content now is sponsored posts, which I’m not going to typically click through on anymore. There used to be 3 posts/day, most of which was wedding content. Also, maybe I’m the only one, but I liked the monthly themes, which haven’t been a thing for like a year+ now.

          • Meg Keene

            We had to top three posts a day because we literally were not sleeping. And sponsored posts what allow us to publish/ finally make it so we can afford to launch a new site!

          • Lisa

            I totally get it the importance of the sponsored posts! I do click through on them sometimes because I’m guessing that helps you guys out. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of that type of post and miss more of the content that I used to see.

          • Meg Keene

            I know, I totally feel you. I just also need sleep ;)

            And it does help when you click on sponsored posts, very much so.

          • LadyMe

            Not to give you guys *more* to do, but if there was any way you could do some outreach to vendors to try to get some more geographic diversity in the options. I love your philosophy of who you partner with and promote, but the vendors seem really concentrated over on the west coast. Which I get that’s where y’all are located, but yeah. Would be nice to have more not Bay Area / NYC / Boston vendors.

          • Meg Keene

            Girl, I feel you. But at the end of the day we can’t control who wants to list with us. By the end of the year we’re going to offer a free listing option though (!!) so I think that should really help.

          • Sarah

            I agree with your comments about the sponsored posts and bringing back the old APW. As an Australian I’m not so interested in the sponsored posts – they might be for great businesses but either I can access them or the shipping costs are too prohibitive. I was first started reading APW in 2013 and particularly loved the how tos and following the graduates planning their weddings (was so excited to hear Rachael on the Another Round podcast recently.. I loved following her wedding planning).
            The Compact sounds great – can’t wait to read!

      • stephanie

        Actually, it wasn’t on the front page for a while because of a technical glitch. :) We’ll totally keep this feedback in mind, though, and we’re chatting about it right now.

      • MC

        I second the request for dates underneath the post title!

    • Alice

      I agree. I’m not sure if it’s just the browser I’m using (which is up-to-date Firefox on a Mac, btw), but it looks like a potentially pretty site that’s not really displaying in a way that I can navigate easily. Doesn’t look like the picture in this post, and the article titles are really hard to find :(

      Very excited for the new site next year, though!

      • louise danger

        Same – I am using Chrome on Windows 7 on an enoooormous monitor (god bless you, Workplace That Shall Not Be Named) and I even tried maximizing the window to see if it was just my weirdly-sized layout that was smushing everything in. Alas, no :(

    • The tiles, popups, and some of the sticky ads also tank the site from an accessibility standpoint, at least from what I can check in our office. They can be done in a way that renders them accessible, but they just aren’t right now. The accessibility checker we use at work can’t get past the newsletter popup to even begin to check compliance, and but using other tests show almost every line of code fails WCAG and Section 508 standards. Not a big deal for small websites with small audiences, but definitely something to think about (and not get sued for) when it comes to the plan for world domination.

      Wanted to note it since you guys mention burning down the code and building from scratch—it’s much easier to build accessibility into that process than to try and wedge it in at the end.

      • Corey Winter

        Yeah…there’s a reason we’re rebuilding it from scratch. Haha. :) Meg wasn’t joking in the article when she said that most of the code is 7 years old. Internet coding standards have evolved and the APW code hasn’t, which is why we’re just burning it down and starting completely over.

      • suchbrightlights

        Just a shout out and a high five for bringing up accessible design. :) That is all.

  • Erica G

    I definitely prefer the old branding & logo, but I’ll get used to the new look! Very excited about the new site though! :D

    • Lisa

      This is kind of how I feel, too. I miss the glitter, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it with time!

      • Cellistec

        I miss the glitter way more than any emotionally sound person should. Sporting my glittery gold mourning armband in solidarity.

        • Corey Winter

          The glitter logo still makes same cameo appearances here and there. We have it as the avatar image for APW posts, for example. :)

          • Cellistec

            Whew, good. I was starting to go through withdrawal.

    • Mariah

      I’m actually having an issue with the new font – no matter what size, the text looks blurry to me. Is anyone else noticing that?

      • Another Meg

        Yes! I think it’s the serif.

  • Alison M

    The redesign looks awesome! And I’m so excited for The Compact. Since I’m already married, that’s the content I’m mainly coming to APW for anyway.

    The one thing I’d like to see improved on the new APW is the search feature – it’s been broken for ages. Works fine when you search from the nav, but if you click on the options for List/Thumbnails/Full Content, those don’t work at all – I think before they showed search results without the search term, but now they are actually taking me to the home page, which is definitely not the expected behavior.

    • stephanie

      OMG yes, right there with you on this.

  • Nicole

    Meg (and y’all, but mostly Meg for reasons below),

    CONGRATULATIONS. The site looks amazing, and I cannot wait for The Compact. When I saw it this morning and went over to the social media feeds I swelled with pride. Is that super weird that I swelled with pride?!?

    On one hand, I don’t have a personal relationship with anyone on the team and did none of the (I’m sure, VERY) hard work this entailed. But on the other hand, I’ve been reading since almost the beginning, and I know how this has always been in your peripheral vision as a future goal. From that perspective – from the early-readers group who were excited and relieved to see fem(me)ininsm discussed in engagement, wedding, and relationship space – I feel justified in my pride. So CONGRATS, and can’t wait to see what’s coming. Much love and gratitude.

    • Meg Keene

      oh thank you so much Nicole!!!!!! <3 <3

    • Lmba

      Yeah I am in the same boat, and considering I got married six years ago, it’s honestly a relief to be able to move on from reading a website with “wedding” in the name. Looking forward to new areas of content being unleashed!

    • Anna Plumb


  • Becky

    I got married two and a half years ago and have an eleven month old, but have been sticking around WAITING FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!


    • stephanie


  • Eenie

    WOOO! I’m super pumped for the new site, and super excited that APW is getting re-coded :)

    I visit the site daily when posts are published, so for me personally, I like it when the most recent post is easy to get to. I have really enjoyed the “monogamy Monday” themed posts and enjoyed the themed months back when those were a thing.

    ETA: I like Disqus, but I don’t love it. With the happy hours, it doesn’t always work well, comments don’t load, it reloads them, or it’ll refresh the page and then you have to click “load more” over and over again.

    • Yeah I love a lot of things about Disqus, but on APW, it makes the site crash for me basically every time I am following a comment section.

      • Sarah

        I have the same problem, but assumed it was just me!

        • cml

          Same and same! It crashes my browser and hurts my heart.

    • Lmba

      Oh em gee disqus drives me up the wall. When writing a comment, it will frequently zip me to another party if the comments section, seemingly at random. Actually interferes with my willingness to comment a lot of the time because, no, I do not have time to be scrolling around trying to find my unfinished comment during my five-minute phone break. Rrr.

      • Eenie

        Yup. I don’t have a great alternative to suggest, but I like that you can sort by upvotes/newest/oldest, easily flag and block the spammers, and on shorter posts generally follow along. I gave up commenting via mobile, and mostly just use my computer, but even that sometimes gets glitchy (and don’t even think about hitting backspace! goes back a page, have to reload, loses comment…)

    • Mary Jo TC

      Since Disqus is glitchy, especially on the Happy Hour threads and open threads that we all love so much, I wonder if this new site would be an opportunity to start a message board? I know message boards are hard to moderate and can turn nutty, but I like the way they’re always open, always available, come-and-go-as-you-please. Then I don’t get so much FOMO if I’m busy on a Friday afternoon.

      • Totch

        I get so much happy hour fomo!

      • Emily

        This was my first thought… could we comment in a way other than Disqus? I don’t have a solution to offer though…

        • MTM

          Me too.

      • Meg Keene

        It’s been a debate, particularly for APW and wedding stuff. Message boards are notoriously hard to keep… civil…. and I worry about having enough staff. BUT. It’s something we’ve considering.

        • nm

          Maybe a message board that requires a non-anonymous link (FB for example?) for access to some boards and the ability to comment?

    • cml

      I can’t even use disqus on my computer (probably because I’m at work and I assume the commenting feature is blocked), and it’s so twitchy on my phone. So I just don’t comment as much as I’d like.
      Thanks, ladies on this comment, for letting me know it isn’t just me! I thought I was alone in my issues lol

    • Lisa

      Glad to know I’m not the only person who knows the time schedule of APW posts and swings by around the time that happens. ;)

      • Eenie

        I always mentally send some good wishes to the staff when a post is delayed… When the content dropped to two a day I was so concerned!

      • Jessica

        I do it too!

  • lady brett

    fuck yes, y’all.

    and truly *brilliant* job naming the new site.

    • Meg Keene

      Thank you. We spent a lot of time on it and then one day I JUST KNEW.

    • Totch

      Yeah, I absolutely love the name.

  • Dess

    YAAAASSSSSSS. My grey and dreary day just got filled with metaphorical glitter! Hurrah!

  • Audrey

    I’m so excited for The Compact! I fall into – I’ve been married, I’ve got a kid and I stick around for all the other content you post. I can’t wait for The Compact, and I love the name.

  • Save The Date

    Well this is terrific news! Super jazzed about the evolution of the site and new additional directions. YAY! Fab work team! Leish x
    (Bridechilla Podcast!)

  • Been waiting for this since I discovered APW as a wee pre-engaged lass in 2012!!!!

    • scw

      yes!!!!! this!!!

    • idkmybffjill

      This is the best most appropriate gif ever. You have nailed it. Well done.

      • Donnahlewis3

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    • Rachel! I ran a lovely, relaxing bath last night and turned on Another Round and you were on it! So fun to listen to your take on cleaning, self care, etc. I’m planning on using all your advice starting immediately. It was also great to have the APW world and Another Round collide! Just wanted to say hello!

  • Amy March

    So excited!

    • Amy March

      And to fill this response out a bit, I really don’t have anywhere to go that feels like “home” on the internet. Jezebel is too caught up in celebrity gossip for me. Refinery29 reads like a catalog (srsly with the sponsored posts R29). I feel too old for Buzzfeed (I love a good click bait list, but not everything is listable!)

      I’d love one place to go that feels like I am sitting down for #winetime with a group of smart women- who knows exactly what will happen? Maybe we are talking feminist rage. Maybe we are trying to figure out how omelettes work. Maybe we are dishing on the struggles of interacting with men. Maybe we’re just sitting around trading yassshillary memes. Maybe we are still trying to figure out eyeliner in our 30s. Maybe 7 of our friends are getting married and we have thoughts about those weddings.

      For me, too many sites assume if you care about whether your books are arranged by color, by size, or by subject, you must also be an idiot who probably doesn’t even know how to read all those books anyway, and would like a solid mix of ads for essential oils, gushy posts about how DH (who we know only from the knees down) is just the bestest ever, and the occasional/daily sponsored visit to like a cranberry bog for no apparent reason.

      • stephanie

        THIS THIS this forever.

      • scw

        the compact sounds like a great time to start “real talk with amy march” (alternate column title options: pool time with amy march, wine time with amy march).

      • Bsquillo

        “…and the occasional/daily sponsored visit to like a cranberry bog for no apparent reason.” Loooooooving the snark early this morning! <3

        Also, I am in favor of a "wine time with Amy March" spinoff either on the internet or IRL.

      • Ashlah

        All of this! I feel like The Compact will fill the hole The Toast left in the internet/my heart.

        • Gaby

          I caught on to The Toast SO LATE in the game and was devastated by their end.

      • Emily

        Yes! Yes!

      • Sara

        Man, will eyeliner ever get easy? I recently turned 30 and decided that maybe I’ll be come an under-eye eyeliner person. How have I not figured it out yet?

        • Scalliwag

          If you learn, pleas share your secrets. I also recently turned 30, and I still can’t do it. My sister has tried to show me to no avail. Not that my regular eyeliner game is strong either…

          • Cellistec

            An APW happy hour commenter recommended a brand of liquid eyeliner so user-friendly that even I, with my shaky hands and lack of patience for morning makeup, have become proficient in as of this week. So if we’re going to talk eyeliner in our 30s anywhere, clearly The Compact is going to be it.

          • Scalliwag

            Well it is good to know I am not alone, and yes, The Compact will be a great resource! What’s the brand? Eyeliner for me is “special occasion” make up and feel it would be nice to be able to use more regularly.

          • Cellistec

            It’s Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner, per commenter “AA” who recommended its solid brush for better control. As someone who rubs my eyes constantly, so far I’ve been impressed at how well it stays on, even if I slip up and touch my eyes a few times. It did rub off when I rinsed my face after my workout this afternoon, but it never claimed to be waterproof (that I remember).

      • Meg Keene

        That’s what we’re planning.

      • ItsyBit


  • Kara

    Yay!!! Been here since 2009 when I was trying to figure out how to plan a wedding without going out of my ever loving mind.

    Personally, I struggle with the tile(s) layout, but I will adapt, and I can’t wait to read more from the Compact!


  • Trinity

    This is the best announcement EVER.

  • idkmybffjill

    This THRILLS me. I am almost married (2 weeks from tomorrow what is this real), and was sort of internally wondering if I’d be as avid a reader when the wedding wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. I imagined I would be because the content is just so good, but The Compact sounds like the best compliment and I am so so excited!!!

  • Mrrpaderp

    Super excited about The Compact! Congrats on this amazing project. Curious how this will affect the content on APW? There have been many awesome discussions on APW about non-wedding things – will those discussions move to The Compact and APW will be solely wedding-focused?

  • lamarsh

    YAY! Since I’m getting married in June 2017, the Compact could not be launching at a more perfect time. I am incredibly excited! So happy I randomly stumbled on this site through a YNAB newsletter a few weeks after I got engaged. It has been the #1 thing helping me navigate wedding planning and I do not know where I’d be without it. THANK YOU!!!

  • Elizabeth

    So I’m excited about The Compact, but wow do I hate the new layout. It’s going to make it a beast to me when I want to look at any of the archived posts and means I’ll probably cross the website off my ‘keep open in a tab daily’ list.

    • Amy March

      Really? It’s been a hot 5 minutes. Maybe give it, like, a week’s try before declaring that you hate it?

      • idkmybffjill

        Will you be my best friend.

      • Elizabeth

        I am indeed capable of forming a personal opinion in the three hours since I’ve seen that the site is updated. Since that opinion affects how much I’ll visit the site, I see merit in stating that opinion. In this case this is a site I visit for my own pleasure, so I don’t see that much point in sticking out an update that I find makes that pleasure insufficient.

        I can always check back if I feel like it or to see if things have changed. I didn’t say I’m swearing it off completely, far from it. But for me it’s become a ‘I will deal with the site to get to that content’ in a less frequent manner rather than a ‘I enjoy the layout of the site’ matter.

        • Amy March

          You do you. Literally every time a website makes any change, there’s always a massive huff about it. I just think, if you’ve liked the site so much so far, maybe actually try out the new layout for a while. It just seems to me that, especially on a site that has a personal feel to it, declaring you hate all the changes that people have made after, one would imagine, a lot of hard work and thought, doesn’t have a lot of merit to it. Suggestions, ideas, particular things that are causing an issue? All of that makes sense to me. But just “i hate it bye”?

          • Elizabeth

            Whereas I guess to me it seems very different than how it was, it’s also in a way very similar to other websites that I also have never much enjoyed spending time on. When I think of the websites I check on a daily basis, they all have much more in common with the previous layout than this one. I only spend time on websites with this sort of layout/formatting to check specific articles, not to browse them. That’s a fact I’ve noticed about myself in the last five years or so. I don’t need to give this webpage more than five minutes to know that I never enjoy black text on this kind of dark-ish gray background (as an example, but there are more, because if it were one thing I would probably mention that one, but it’s an overall style instead).

            HOWEVER, lots of people do enjoy this method/halmarks of this style more, which is why I don’t mean at all to say that it doesn’t have merit to it, and why I’m not listing things to change to make me happy. The changes I don’t like are probably things other people do like, or I wouldn’t see them on so many other pages. It’s an overall design change that doesn’t match the way I prefer to do things. Which isn’t even really a surprise, because this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered it. I’ve been through design changes before that I had to just get used to, but there’s nothing requiring me to use this site. Since I participate in the comment section generally, I decided that it did merit making a comment about it.

  • Lmba

    Ok, so is the new logo just “A Practical Wedding” in pink serif font? That’s all I can see on my mobile. Is it not displaying properly or am I just not cool enough to understand why that is awesome???

    • Lisa

      The browser tab is a pink circle with APW in it. Maybe that’s it?

      • Lmba

        Hm, not seeing that. I guess maybe it’s not displaying for me. I’m running chrome on a nexus mobile.

      • cml

        My browser tab is still the old logo. It’s a mystery! Haha

        • Lisa

          I have the old logo on yesterday’s post, and the new one on today’s! It’s definitely a mystery.

          • cml


    • BD

      Same here. I’m on a Mac laptop (os 10.9.5) and all I see is the pink serif font.

    • Meg Keene

      Yes, that’s the logo. Apparently you just don’t like it!

  • CharlotteJ

    Very excited for all of these changes! I’m just a pre-engaged lurker newbie, but I’ve really enjoyed the APW community and can’t wait to see it evolve, both here and at The Compact. I’m definitely all in. You ladies are awesome!

  • Bsquillo

    Eeeeeeee, so excited!!! I’ve stayed a devoted reader 2+ years after my wedding, because of all the non-wedding content. Now I’ll feel a little bit less silly sharing awesome feminist content with friends, because it’s not from a wedding website (which I don’t care about, but those not already in the APW fold may not quite get). I would absolutely LOVE to see a networking component on The Compact- either in web groups or in real life (like old school APW meetups).

    And congrats on the new site design! I do a good bit of web design now and understand the sweat and handwringing that goes into design changes. I think the update looks great! Wishing you patience and lots of bourbon as you continue to clean up the code :)

    • Lisa

      I agree about the break out site! It feels difficult to convince my friends to come to feminist content on a wedding site, but it would be easier for me to sell them on The Compact, I think.

      • Totch

        I’m not even married yet, so I feel like it’s more fair for me to link friends to a wedding site? But i don’t think they always click through because I’m planning a wedding and they’re married, so why would my wedding site relate to them?

        Very excited!

  • Frances Pierce

    so excited!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I started following APW 6 months ago, and literally visit the site every weekday. I love changes (in general so); i love the new design ideas; i love the concept of The Compact (see Amy March’s comments – yes). And I like the way it all looks on my phone :) which is randomly very important to me!!

  • Nora

    Um, YES. I’m sure I’m not the only person who will be very interested to hear if/when you start hiring for the new site!

    • Meg Keene

      We’ll be hiring a marketing assistant soon (we’re overloaded). We’re not hiring for the new site right now. We’re able to do it with the staff we have on hand, moving people to full time, which is part of what makes it affordable. We will do a call for hiring freelance writers however.

      • Nora

        Interesting! I’m a Marketing Manager for a print and digital pub right now, but you guys are kind of a dream team. Will definitely keep my eye out for the posting.

  • heyqueen

    Is anyone else having to battle with the new mobile site being very ad heavy? Especially the ads that you have to scroll through? Also, if I’m listening to something the ads on here take over my volume, and I can’t listen to anything on my phone.

    • Meg Keene

      We’re working on ad sounds. PLEASE let us know if any of the ads are acting up, we’ve been spending tons of developer time fixing ad coding. That saids, ads are around to pay the bills, and they’re vital.

  • JLily


    This past month I’ve been really wishing there was an APW for other life stuff that didn’t have to be tangentially related to weddings. I’ve been searching around the internet for it, but haven’t found anything quite as good as what I find here. I am SO EXCITED about The Compact! (And I know you did it all for me, so. Thank you :)

    Also, the other site I visit daily is xoVain, which has been having some funding issues lately so not as good as they used to be. But the community there is so great, too! So bring on the lipstick posts!!! The world needs this!

  • Allison

    FRIDAY MADE (and I lost my keys this morning so this is a big deal). I still come here every day even though I have been married for two years and mostly… skip over the wedding stuff. I love all your writing so much though so this gives me all the feels! Congrats!

  • cml

    Wow, exciting! I can’t wait for the compact. :)
    Thank you for keeping the header categories at the top of the APW main page, because I, like, NEED those!
    I have a hard time navigating sites with the pinterest-like tiles. (Though I did just discover a post I’d missed before by scrolling down through the tiles, so maybe I shouldn’t complain!)
    The thing that is kind of bumming me out is that the whole site doesn’t load for me now. I’m on Chrome at work, and the feature at the top with the left/right navigation arrows isn’t working and is all wonky. Maybe that means I shouldn’t be on APW at work? ….nah, that can’t be it. :)
    Overall, though, just coming by to say yay!

    • M

      I’m having the same issue! The top feature isn’t working, which I’m sure is taking away from the beauty of the new site. I’m also on Chrome!

    • cml

      Also, just looked at the site on my phone and it looks great there. :)
      I LOVE APW and you guys have had such a positive impact on my life & upcoming wedding/marriage.

      • Eenie

        Besides the new scroll ads on mobile, agreeing that the mobile site is awesome (it was awesome before too)!

        • cml

          Agreed. Just ran into two of those ads. -____-

        • Meg Keene

          I know ads are annoying you guys, I really do. They also pay the bills, and the staff, and are what allows us to do things like give you a new site.

          We’ve been bashing away at fixing technical problems with ads, and if you have some, let us know. But otherwise, ads are vital. We love y’all, but you don’t pay us!

          • Eenie

            Oh I know ads pay the bills! I specifically don’t use AdBlock on the site (and others) because of this very reason. As a mobile user, I actively avoid sites with scroll ads… Which means I just won’t be visiting on mobile unfortunately.
            I’d pay ya if I could ;) I know that’s not the business model you’re going for though.

          • Meg Keene

            I wish I could make a living and pay my staff that way, I really do. But it’s not a sustainable model, sadly.

    • Meg Keene

      That should be better by now. If not it will be soon. It’s always something with a re-launch, and today it’s site speed issues. Our developer is hard at work.

      • cml

        “It’s always something” – no truer words have ever been spoken. :) You all are doing great!

    • Corey Winter

      We’ve actually gotten rid of the arrow navigation slider at the top completely (it’s now just 3 featured posts. No arrows,) so if you are still seeing that, you may need to clear your browser cache. Chrome seems to be giving us issues today, and it seems to be because of how the browser does its caching.

      • cml

        It looks good now, thanks!

  • Rebekah

    I have so many feelings this morning because of this information!
    Most importantly, can Liz please do advice columns on both sites? Please please please.
    Second, I am really hoping that this means APW can show a few more wedding posts. I love HWDI, but I miss the Wordless Wedding posts with music. Those are so sweet.
    I’m hoping one of the major organizational pieces that gets a deep dive is the search function. I always have a hard time finding the post I’m thinking about, so perhaps posts can have more tags? Sometimes I want to find the posts because of the conversation in the comments, so if they aren’t, can those be included in the search options? (for example, there are so many great threads that include conversation about things to do in a specific city or country, or advice for things to read about babies)
    I’d really love if you had archive collections for each of the past interns, and for the series about doing adult things, and for the physical aspects of weddings (the bra fitting, the hair styles, the dress tips [non-sponsored posts], and the body conversations. Maybe this looks like a drop down option that sorts my front page to be just wedding posts, or just AAPW, or just this week’s posts?

    Congrats, and good luck, and thank you! This is the best Friday news!

    • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

      Advice columns for evaaaaaaaa!

    • toomanybooks

      Yesss – and I’d love a search bar on the mobile site, and easier-to-read-through archives

  • Kaitlyn

    Love the hot pink! And I do like the new lay-out, it seems nice and bright :) Congrats on the new changes!

  • APracticalKiki

    Great news! My only comment for improvements on the updated APW website would be the search engine on the vendor guide. I could never get it to sort the vendors by geography and so it didn’t narrow things down for me enough. It’s entirely possible I was just doing it wrong, but either way, I ended up using other websites for vendor searches. BUT I always loved all the other planning tools on APW and the other content! Now that I’m a newlywed I’m definitely going to be following the new website. Already signed up for the mailing list :)

    • Kyla

      I’ve had the same problem! The geography search never works for me

  • M

    Just a heads up, APW – I’ve been looking at the site on Chrome, and it’s definitely not appearing correctly! I just pulled up on Internet Explorer to compare. Chrome is missing the pretty pink background and posts at the top (it looks like something should be there, it’s just not showing up), the logo and navigation tabs look weirdly smooshed, and there’s a not very pretty line at the top that doesn’t belong. It looks much nicer on Internet Explorer!

    • Ashlah

      Hmm, FWIW I’m not having any of those issues on Chrome. Windows 7, if it matters.

    • Eenie

      Try hitting ctrl shift R. It’s showing up fine for me on Chrome.

    • Corey Winter

      Thank you for the heads up! I’m the web guy for APW. I think you were just seeing some of our launch day bad luck. Our site’s caching + browser caching has caused some issues, but as Eenie mentioned, clearing your cache seems to work.

      We’re still working on some stability improvements, though, so hopefully your experience with the site will only get better!

  • Emily

    I love everything. Super excited about the new site and the relaunch.

    Do you think the Compact will get a lot more alt-right trolls? I’ve always wondered how the comment section here was so free of sexist trolls. I figured that the marriage aspect kept this off of their feminism google alert. Or have you guys just been weeding them out behind the scenes?

    • Sarah

      Good question! Been wondering too.

    • Totch

      I agree that I’ve always wondered how APW stays such a safe, wonderful space. I too kind of assumed it was the wedding aspect, but I hope the community at Compact can be similar.

      But then, I guess number of trolls also relates to number of views? And since Compact will be less niche it could get way bigger! Trolls be damned, that would be a great thing to see.

    • I’ve wondered that as well! APW is one of the few places online that isn’t a negative war-zone in the comment sections. Hopefully Compact will have the same vibe!

    • Meg Keene

      We don’t have them, no. And we hope not. We actually are pretty clear that we don’t have the emotional stamina to run a politics site. I can’t cope with people threatening to rape my daughter, which just happened to Jessica Valenti who does amazing work. SO, I hope not. I hope the eyeliner will scare them off.

      • Kate

        It is so important to me to have an MRA troll-free zone on the Internet I would happily spend a few minutes weeding through comments for free on APW or Compact. Just a heads up if it ever becomes necessary.

      • nm

        Congrats Meg. I’ve been married over three years and still check APW now and then. As so many others have said, this new site is what I’ve been waiting for. I might even bother getting a commenter account! Also: Eyeliner as a defense against misogyny. Awesome.

  • Cliz

    The site looks so pretty in the screen shot, unfortunately when I see it (on safari on a mac) the titles from articles end up where there is one word per line and the pictures are very very small making it very difficult to tell what I’m even clicking on.

    • Meg Keene

      Try a shift refresh to clear out your cache. If it still looks weird, please upload a screenshot and tell us what browser you’re on.

    • Corey Winter

      I was about to suggest the exact same thing as Meg. Clearing your cache should do the trick!

  • Ashlah

    Curious if we’ll still have a traditional Happy Hour later today? And when the Compact is launched, will there be two weekly open threads to devour?? I’m never going to get any work done.

    • Lisa

      Oh, man, I don’t know if I can handle two open threads!!

    • Meg Keene

      Yes, we’re still having happy hour, and yes there probably WILL be two open threads.

  • Totch

    From us spring/summer 2017 wedding planning babies: yay!!!!

    We’ll get a more-or-less seamless move from APW newlyweds to Compact early adopters! (That said, I hope post-wedding people stick around the APW comments because you all give great advice.)

  • Katie

    Yeah! I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time too! Congratulations.

  • KiwiSarah

    The Compact news has made my day and totally made up for the horror I felt when I opened APW this morning (I’m sure the redesign is lovely from a design perspective, I just ALWAYS hate redesigns. I swear FB is trying to kill me with all the subtle visual changes). But yay SO EXCITED and love the name!

  • Fiona

    This is baller. I love it! I’ve been lurking and then commenting for four years, and even though I got married and then wedding-ed a little while ago, I keep hanging around, waiting for something like The Compact.

  • JC

    YES! I came here for the weddings and I stayed for the wisdom. (And we’re not even engaged yet, y’all…) So excited for new things!

    • JC

      Oh, for proposed changes: Is there any way to make the comments section searchable? Because I for sure came looking for some former advice I had seen some time many moons ago, and just couldn’t find it. Maybe I needed more coffee?

      • MC

        I would also love this – when I search for keywords in the search bar it doesn’t seem to search the comments

      • Rebekah

        Yes to this all the time. APWHH has some great stuff in it, but beats me if I can remember which week it was that someone threw out a link to an article about bats wearing crocheted capes (not a real example) when I really want to find it.

  • Very excited for the compact! Congrats on both that and the site redesign!

  • Mari

    Yes!!! I’m so excited for The Compact! As a long-time APW reader and just-married lady, I’ve been noticing the shift in content to a variety of topics and felt a loosening cohesion of this site. It’ll also be easier to entice my friends to come visit this feminist wonderland when the word ‘wedding’ isn’t in the title.

    Some things I’d love to see:
    – Echoing others about enhancing the search function! Sometimes it’s really hard to find a specific article I’m thinking of that I read on APW, even if I remember a key phrase.
    – The squares on the homepage and in the searches are pretty, but hard to navigate.
    – Cataloguing of all the open thread conversations (like key words) that show up in site search results. Sometimes I’m like “I remember reading that great discussion about mother-in-law relationships in a Happy Hour thread” but there’s no way to find it.
    – Organization of Reclaiming Wife-esque posts so they’re easily searchable.
    – More wordless weddings, virtual book clubs, and more very specific wedding planning articles (“how to’s” like those Elizabeth Clayton wrote).

    Congrats on the big news, and thank you APW staff for being amazing.

    • stephanie

      “Sometimes I’m like “I remember reading that great discussion about mother-in-law relationships in a Happy Hour thread” but there’s no way to find it.” — in the mean time, when I see a comment thread I think I’ll want to come back to, I bookmark it in a folder that’s website-specific. Might help?

  • Booknerd

    Very excited about the new site! Just got married but what I’ve stuck around for has been more the life/marriage/future baby advice.

    The formatting is a little weird on my work computer, which is what I use to visit the site 2x a day, so I feel its worth mentioning. I do like seeing the latest post at the top, and after refreshing (Chrome) this post was way down in the middle. The background also took ages to load and the top logo is really lackluster now, it just looks way busier than it used to, and then with all the ads on the side it takes away from what used to be a really elegant site. Just my two cents, take it or leave it! I’m excited either way and some formatting issues won’t stop me from visiting both sites!

    • Corey Winter

      I’ll take your two cents! Haha! I’m the web guy for APW, and as you’ve noticed, we’re dealing with some launch day woes. Could you explain a little bit more about what is weird about the formatting so I can try to fix?

      And I’m not sure why you would be seeing the latest post further down the list. Is it still like that for you?

      • Booknerd

        I just figured it out- theres a series of “pinned” posts at the top. Derp.

        Anyway. When I first open the site it looks like all the tiles aren’t lining up propertly, and everythign is somewhat staggered. if I refresh the site it all lines up, but it’s taking eons to load. Also I don’t know if you have anything to do with the logo but it’s TINY, like the same size as the category headings to the right of the title. Kind of lost is pizazz IMO but it could be a design thing that just doesn’t float my boat.

  • Jessica

    OMG so excited, to have 2 websites to check daily & double the smart, witty & feminist writing. Because y’all have not just made our wedding fabulous. Your smart writing has prompted me to go to business school, negotiate a super awesome new job in a male dominated field, revert back to my maiden name after initially thinking I’d change my name, & have the tough discussions with my husband to make our marriage an equal & thriving partnership for both of us.

  • Totch

    Hey, as long as this is a space for reporting wiggy stuff related to the new site, the box at the bottom of each article that has keywords and the comment count is being weird (on multiple articles). This is on chrome for Android (Nexus device).

    Not a big deal but I’m sure you want to hear about everything!

  • Molly K.


  • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

    A) I am jazzed about The Compact! Yes! Bring her on.B) Are we keeping the same commenting platform? Pretty much every site where I’ve commented with any regularity in the last 10 years has at one point or another switched commenting platforms. This has rarely been a positive development for me, but I get that sometimes these things happen, that my pouting will not change the inevitable flow of change, and that I need to woman up and adjust. I just would like a little warning to emotionally prepare myself, if we’re gonna do it hear, pls.

    • Corey Winter

      To my knowledge, we have no plans to change platforms at the moment. :) But we’ll know more once we start getting into the thick of things with the new site development.

    • Ashlah

      Yeah, I’m with you. I get that Disqus is…imperfect. And I get frustrated by it. But are there any great commenting platforms out there? Switching always seems so rife with problems for little long-term benefit. I’m willing to be proven wrong, though, of course!

      • Lisa

        It’s the best commenting platform I feel like I’ve come across. Most others don’t update in real time and don’t differentiate between old and new comments. I also prefer Disqus to Facebook because I’d rather not attach all of my comments to my “real” life.

        • Ashlah

          Oh god, yeah, I’d disappear from comments if it were linked to Facebook.

        • Eenie

          Yes. Although I remember when it switched to Disqus and that was hard. Then Disqus stopped allowing guest upvotes, and that made me sad. Then I just finally signed up for a Disqus account.

        • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

          I refuse to attach my Facebook account to any website for commenting. Nope, no thank you, no sir.

          • Meg Keene

            yeah NO, that is not ever gonna happen. NOPE NOPE NOPE, you don’t need your real name on your comments.

          • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

            Music to my ears. <3

      • PAJane aka Awesome Tits

        Agreed! One of my other commenting communities switched to Medium. I can’t sign in from work, because it requires an email address to log in, my account is not attached to my work email, and all other email and social media platforms are blocked by company internet settings. The result is that I occasionally sign in now from my phone, and type up small comments on things, but for all the trouble it’s worth I usually don’t bother. And holy hell, is Medium a pain to navigate, especially from the app. Gawker sites went through several changes of platform, and I gave up when they hit Kinja some years back. Disqus isn’t always ideal, but it’s still one of the most functional and easiest to use, for me. Too many changes and I just give up and stop commenting.

    • Meg Keene

      We don’t have plans to change it currently.

      • Lisa

        I should add in the vein of positive feedback that I’m noticing fewer glitches with Disqus today than normal. Maybe once the re-coding is done, there will be even fewer!

        • Corey Winter

          That’s the goal. :)

  • Kari

    I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write this, but you’ve asked for feedback on the site, so here goes: since the last major revamp (several years ago) I’ve discovered that it is exceedingly difficult to read posts from the archive chronologically. Say, for example, you wanted to read each post in order of the site, most websites have a link to the next post either side at the bottom of each (see something like LoVe My Dress). At APW it takes quite a while to fish through to that first post…and when you click back it doesn’t take you back to the same place in 2009, you have to scroll through from 2016 backwards all over again. If you were trying to read the whole website this is SO frustrating.

    Even if you know what you’re looking for and the date on which something was published it is really hard to find it sometimes.

    I hope this helps, and I look forward to the new website.

    • Meg Keene

      Yeah, I know. We axed the archive link last night temporarily because the functionality is so bad, so until we have a sec to fix it I was like “let’s not even bother.” It’ll get fixed though, in the next week or so. It probably won’t look super pretty till the end of the year, but it will finally work again.

  • Kalë

    YAAAAAAAAAS! So excited I am posting from vacation in Peru!

  • Tiny thing here – I noticed that the floating bar of share links has been floating on top of some things I’d like to see, like the comments or even the shorter HH post. I had to maximize my browser (Chrome) to get it to actually work properly, but the floating bar was still covering a bit of the comments. Attached a screenshot as well!

    • Corey Winter

      I actually just noticed that! Haha. I’m working on a fix as we speak. :)

  • Aarika

    So excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Zoe

    So in regards to glitchiness, I just went to the “Wedsites” tab and there are some words missing in the text! Can’t tell if it’s a code problem or an editing problem, but “Squarespace” isn’t anywhere in the text until the very bottom of the page, just lots of blanks and lone commas where I assume it’s supposed to be.

  • RisaPlata

    Since you’re looking for suggestions… I subscribe to APW on my RSS. Usually I automatically right-click the article and open it in a new tab because I also like to read comments, but not always. Sometimes, especially if it’s a sponsored post, I’ll just read it in the RSS feed, but every now and then it turns out that the post is something I actually want to know what people are saying about it, but there’s not a link at the bottom of the article to take me to your page. I have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the article – and that can be a really long way. Could you put a link at the end of articles either to the article or to the comments? Something unobtrusive so it doesn’t annoy people who just came to the page.

    I’ll also second some of the frustrations with the search function. Recently, one of my friends was telling me that she and her SO have decided to join finances. I told her about this site and she’ll be able to do a general search and finds lots of good stuff. But I specifically wanted to send her the Marriage as Mini-Socialism article and it was impossible to find. I think I had to click around until I found another article that linked to it.

    BTW – I am so excited for The Compact. I’m one of your single-gal readers who enjoys the “not all relationships suck” angle of APW but also really likes the articles about feminism and entrepreneurship.

  • Laura

    2 things:
    First, I cannot wait for your new site. Ever since my wedding passed, I skim over any wedding related posts to get to the other stuff, you know, love, marriage, money, feminism, politics!!! Congratulations on this, I’m so excited to follow.
    Second, to make your site more user friendly, I’ve always wanted a more streamlined search when browsing on my phone.
    Congrats again! ???

    • Corey Winter

      A new search function is in the works! :)

  • Kyla

    I have two viewing things! (I’m on mobile safari)

    1. A practical wedding (the title) is super tiny!
    2. The 3 bars on the left side that pulls up the side menu is huge!

  • AGCourtney

    Late to the party, but yay!!! Congratulations, I’m so excited for this.

  • Grace

    oooh I want buttons/tabs for specific categories for articles, but definitely don’t lose the suggested articles at the end of articles. That’s a great feature. Congrats on all the big changes!

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  • ItsyBit

    I AM SO EXCITED! I almost feel a little silly about how excited I am? But seriously. So excited. Like other readers here, I’ve been married for a few years now but keep coming back because I love all the life/feminist/etc content and CANNOT WAIT for there to be a dedicated site for it! Also really loving the new re-design. Might take me a second to adjust to the tiles layout but I LOVE the font, the gradient, and am really happy that the search/archive functions are going to be worked on. Keep up the great work, all!!

  • Anne

    I like the new look and am super excited for The Compact (which is something I’ve been hoping you’d do for a while now, so yay!), BUT I’m also in the process of becoming a web developer so here are my thoughts on relaunching the site:

    I don’t know if you have been working with professional developers until now or are planning to do so for the relaunch (and for the new site), but please, please, please, if you have not/are not planning to: Hire a professional developer. I know it’s expensive, but honestly, no matter what else is going on, in this area, you get what you pay for. And as much as I love APW, the website regularly annoys me to no end. It’s slow (which, if I had to guess, I’d say is because you’re using a framework that has tons of umnecessary scripts, is not very good at compressing pictures and is possibly just overall not a good fit) and it regularly crashes my browser (I know it’s chrome and it just likes to do that sometimes, but it still happens a lot more often with APW than other sites). These are things that you can only really avoid by hiring somebody who seriously knows what they’re doing. (Exhibit A: The site literally just jumped and collapsed my keyboard in the middle of typing so I ended up accidently hitting the Twitter button and being redirected to the login…) And I’m not trying to be mean or assume anything, but I know that the usual reaction to seeing what a real professional charges, is going “Well, we’ll find somebody to do it for less then.” and I know how that usually turns out, so just in case anything like that is going on, you might want to consider the downsides.
    (Also, even if you are working with somebody, frankly, the way the site behaves is pretty close to what it would do if I had developed it, and I’m in my second year of training, so that’s definitely not what you should expect from someone who charges a full developer’s rate.)

    So, yeah, I hope this doesn’t come over too harsh, but it’s something that has been bugging me for a while now and you asked for input ;)

    • Corey Winter

      Your concerns are specifically why they brought me on board. :) The current APW site hasn’t been recoded since 2010. Even this new reskin is just a facelift, rather than a new build. When the APW site is rebuilt later this year, I guarantee it will be a lot more stable and user-friendly.

      • Kayakgirl73

        Any idea why APW always causes Shockwave to crash.

        • Corey Winter

          Well, definitively, I’m not sure. My broad answer is that your specific browser is having issues displaying Flash content (whether it be our ads, videos, etc.) Are you using Google Chrome?

          The relaunch of the site in a few months will use a lot less Flash than the current site (and what Flash it does use will be a lot more stable,) so it will hopefully not be an issue. So for now, let’s troubleshoot! :)

          • april

            Not the original writer, but this happens to me a lot too (using Google Chrome).

  • Krista Harrison

    So excited for The Compact – like many others, been waiting for this for a long time. Been reading since 2009, and 6 years after my wedding am still reading for the great feminist content. It will be great to have a dedicated site where I’m not skipping over half the non-relevant content!

  • Hannah

    Such big news! I’m resistant to change in general, but reading everyone’s enthusiasm for the new site is winning me over. It makes plenty of sense to have a sister site focusing on general topics, without the wedding-specific content.

    Regarding the APW redesign…

    This might be asking for too much, but I would love to be able to toggle between the tile view and a more vertical list view. Tiles feel cluttered to me, and I have to do a lot more scrolling and visual zig-zagging in order to find the article I want. If every title were aligned along one side, it would be much easier to scan the text quickly.

    Also, the current tiles could use some sort of containment. Currently, they’re floating freely on the white background, and since some tiles are larger than others, it looks kind of chaotic. There’s no visual cue associating any given text element with the text or photos above or below it. It would be nice to have a border or additional background containing each tile. The light grey background behind the ads could be a model.

    Finally, I like the hot pinks in the new title: they’re rich and subtle and sultry. They also clash, to my eyes, with the more pop-y pink (which I think is a relic of the previous design) of the pinned-post arrows and category titles. In general, the colors and fonts don’t look cohesive yet, but I imagine this might already be on your to-do list.

    On a positive note, I’m happy to see the glitter go! I was always fond of the chalk-and-lace header of a few years ago, and this new design feels like a return to that romantic look (while still feeling fresh and bold).

    Keep up the good work, everybody! And bravo!

    • Corey Winter

      Thank you for the feedback! We’re actually working on a solution for the tiles. Some people like the masonry feel, others prefer a traditional list. We’re looking into finding a middle ground. Stay tuned. :)

      • Hannah

        Thanks for the reply, Corey! The redesign seems really promising, and it sounds like you’re all working hard for the site’s readers. Best of luck!

  • Donnahlewis3

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  • Meg


  • Amanda L

    +1 on being excited for The Compact. It seems like a natural progression to graduate from APW and head on over there….!

  • Ms. Yes

    First… LOVE the Compact news. It is music to my ears. Ever since Jezebel sort of self-destructed there has been a gaping hole in the market for the kind of intersectional feminist content that is discussed here.

    Regarding the site design, I’m all good with the use of pink and can even get on board with the tiles. BUT… I’m sorry, there is a but.

    From a marketing and branding perspective, I feel like the new brand is a bit generic and doesn’t visually communicate the individuality, spirit, spunk and joie de vivre of the old logo. This actually feels a lot like MANY of the other mainstream wedding brands out there.

    If the goal is to attract more of those eyes and advertising dollars, then I applaud APW.

    if that is NOT the goal then you might consider further brand exploration. I understand the need to do brand refreshes once in a while – believe me I do. And I suspect part of the redesign is motivated by the need to make the Compact and APW brands feel like they are in the same family. But it seems like it weakens your core brand – the very thing that has made APW successful up to today.

    Ironically, despite the powerful pink color, the new logo is less modern and progressive feeling than the old. And being a long time marketeer and brand expert, I know how hard it is when everyone and their uncle has an opinion about a logo design – but honestly, this comment comes from a place of love and expertise and wanting to see APW continue to grow and flourish.

    Looking forward to now having 2 wonderful sources of content to read…

  • Meredith

    I think I am a little late to the game, but YAAAASSSS!

  • Jenny

    Way way late to this comment party, but just wanted to say congrats on the new site and major props to Corey, Meg and the rest of the the team for graciously opening up the floor for site feedback. I’m sure you guys put in a bunch of long hours already on coding and clean up and then we gave you all our thoughts for more:) Congrats- already signed up over at the Compact.

  • yellowicepick

    I like the new look. Not that I found anything wrong with the old one :)
    This seems more “formal” slightly. One bit of feedback that might help – in countries with slow internet (like mine), the fonts and formatting load around 5 seconds after opening each page. But it’s probably more because of Philippine Internet speeds.
    I would really love to get to submit my wedding to APW because I literally used your website for every step of planning and I’ve been telling all my friends about your site! :)
    But, I submitted my wedding story the day before you launched your redesign. Did you guys receive it? Can I ask that here?

  • theotherginger

    SO EXCITED. I found this site when I thought I was going to get married. I didn’t. I read periodically, but would be happier to read a general feminist site for #adulting help.

  • Lauren

    The little badges for pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc. on the left side of the screen cover up the posts as I read them. That’s pretty frustrating because I like to scroll while I read and I can only see the first line before the words get covered up! This is on a macbook on Chrome if that makes any difference.

  • Anna

    One feature that I think the site had at one point and either doesn’t have anymore or doesn’t show up in my browser for some reason is links on each article page to go to the next/previous article. Especially with the new tiled layout, I want to be able to scroll down to the first article I haven’t read and then not have to go back to the homepage to continue reading all the new articles in chronological order. The tiles are super pretty but less convenient for that reading pattern. Site looks gorgeous though :-)

  • Karen

    I liked the original “a practical wedding” header with the chalk and lace.