APW Book Club #2 Poll!

APW book club number two, hooray! This time we’ll be meeting the weekend of November 4th through 7th. I’d prefer if we meet on a time other than Saturday day, so people who couldn’t make it last time have a chance to make it this time, but I’m leaving the poll open. That said, I reserve the right to pick the runner up. Vote and then we’ll organize via Facebook next week. I’m excited! Wheee!

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  • Sept Bride

    I just wanted to say that your polling software is kind of awesome. I like being able to see how people in my area are voting.

    • Alyssa

      ME TOO! I was so impressed with that I clicked on it twice.

      • Sarah M

        So far I’m the only one from my province….crossing my fingers that other people may vote…proof that I’m not the only one here!

    • Me too, although when it gave me the option to see how others in my state were voting, I hoped that meant there were others in my state. Alas, as of yet I’m the only one.

    • For some reason I show as “null”.

  • Anna

    If anyone wants a meet up in Kathmandu, let me know!

  • Tara

    I’d go to a meet-up in Seattle, but I’m currently traveling elsewhere so I think I messed up the poll a bit. At any rate, all of the times are good for me at this point!

    • Meredith

      yeah. I’m at work in the Boston area but we are headquartered in NJ, so it tells me “see how users in NJ are polling”. I suppose I can just vote when I get home.

    • LBD

      Yeah, for some unknown reason, even though we’re firmly located in Seattle, our IP address says we’re in Oregon. No idea! It freaked me out because I first discovered this while using Gmail’s account activity feature. I was all, who the heck is logging into my e-mail from Oregon?! Then I matched up the pattern, and figured it out.

      • meg

        guys, it doesn’t matter. We’ll set the meetup for the same time all over, and individual areas will tweak as needed on Facebook.

  • Jessica

    I picked a Friday night but any time is good for a DC meet up! Can’t wait!

  • Amanda

    Hey girls, are there any other readers in Holland ? I thought it would be nice to meet other APW girls around. I am near Den Haag, but we could meet anywhere.

  • I would like to request that for future book club meet-ups we be given the choice between 2 different weekends (back-to-back; so for example the option would be the Nov. 4 weekend or Nov. 11 weekend. I’m 0-2 now because of my custody schedules, and I would really love to be able to participate.

    • meg

      Sadly, I pick based on when I have a free weekend. I suppose if there is one I’m not expecting to attend, or if I have multiple free weekends, I could do it like that.

    • I absolutely agree. Unfortunately, I can’t make this weekend but I could make the weekend before and the weekend after. I’ll still read the book and still participate in the discussion, but part of the reason I love going is to interact with the awesome ladies in Chicago. :(

  • Melissa

    Ack! I missed the first one (but read the book!) and was really hoping to make this one but I have teacher training that weekend…hmmm….let’s go Thursday night!!

  • If it is Saturday night or Sunday day, you’ll see me in NYC! If it is Thursday night or Friday night, I’ll volunteer to head up an Albany locale, or, failing that, roadtrip to Western MA.

    If it is Saturday day, I have a baby shower until 2:30pm (in NYC), so I’ll be there, but I’ll be late. :)

    Kinda hoping for Sunday afternoon the most, though I ticked Thursday and Saturday nights as well (Friday is doable, but a stretch). :)

  • It seems Tennessee is liking Thursday. I was supposed to be a member of the unfortunate Nashville group. Hoping for a better meet up this time around!

    • meg

      YOU GUYS! We’re all meeting on the same day and time. I used free polling software. It’s telling you how your area is polling because it’s trying to sell you an upgrade. That’s it.

      • Oh I know. Just a comment.

  • Alicia

    Okay london or nearby peeps, here’s hoping we manage it this time!

  • Danielle

    Where are you, my Iowa friends? Oh, well. I suppose that if I’m getting married the 6th it doesn’t leave a lot of time for book club nights. Pity.