APW Book Club – Dates!

Hello All,

So you voted, and you picked. The next APW book club will take place on Saturday March 5, at 1pm (feel free to adjust the time as needed for your individual book clubs). As a reminder, the book with be The Bitch In The House (and if you buy it through the Amazon affilate link, a portion of the sale goes to support APW, hooray!)

You can organize your local meetup through the APW Facebook discussion page. I’ve started threads for a handful of cities that always meet up, but please add threads for new locations as needed.

When we get closer to the date we’ll brainstorm questions, and talk about how excited we are to get together and have cocktails and cookies, but till then, get chatting.


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  • Thanks Meg! This is a great birthday present.

  • Jerry

    Awww, I got to work. :(

  • Paranoid Libra

    so very excited to join in. I’m guessing i’ll join the Baltimore book club unless there are other APWers closer to Harrisburg, Pa

  • this book has been out of stock at amazon since you announced it. coincidence? i don’t think so. i’m still awaiting mine and it looks like at this rate it won’t be getting here until february 23rd at the earliest…guess i’ll have to read fast!

    • Yup, me too.

    • I just ordered mine from Amazon UK today and there were lots of used copies available for £0.01 + shipping (got mine–including shipping to Italy–for under €5!). So if anyone can’t get it elsewhere in the U.S., maybe check it out over there. I love that y’all have bought out the available stock in the U.S. store!

    • yep ordered mine a while back but it just shipped today, due to me by the 22nd. hope it’s a fast read. :)

    • It just came in to me at the library and after I picked it up, I read it for about 15 minutes. And couldn’t put it down. I think it will be a wonderfully fast read.

  • I’m really excited for this one! I hope my book gets here in time!

  • Cara

    I wonder if anyone would be interested in a Brooklyn group (separate/in addition to the NYC group)??

    • meg

      NYC ladies, band together. I lived in Brooklyn, and I know it’s a pain to get to the city (so maybe you can rotate boroughs? But seriously, if you split up, you’re going to miss meeting so many cool women.

      That’s my advice at least.

    • Kristen

      I’d be down for a Bklyn meet-up! I totally get Meg’s point, but NYC encompasses such a *wide* geograpical area, and lots of people come in from Jersey…. As the book club gains popularity, I could see the value in segmenting out a little. Or at the very least trying it out and see what happens.

  • Amanda

    Attn: Kindle lovers, lets ban together and click the button on the left of the Amazon page where it says:

    Tell the Publisher!
    I’d like to read this book on Kindle

    We can do it!!! ;-)

  • Brandy

    Can’t wait! Just posted on the LA group, even though I’m in OC.

  • i tried to buy it through the link…still on back order!

    Chicago- I can’t wait for our next meet up!

  • If y’all are having a hard time getting it through amazon, try abebooks.com. I got mine + shipping for about $4. It won’t support APW (which is too bad), but at least you’ll get the book! Or, you know, try a local book store ;)

  • Stephanie

    There are almost 300 used ones listed on Amazon! :)

    • Good to know, I may go that route. :)

    • 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping… how could it go wrong? :) Buying my copy now…

    • Just make sure you check the seller reviews before you make the purchase — sometimes the reviews all say things like, “Never received my book.” or “Book arrived 4 months late.” I’ve had a lot of good experiences ordering used from amazon but it’s worth checking out before you make the purchase!

      • Noted. I’ve never had a problem ordering used, either, but good advice nonetheless. :)

  • Fiorentina

    Well, dang! I was really looking forward to attending book club, but will instead be attending a friend’s wedding. Which is a pretty good excuse I guess. Will look forward to the next installment.

  • Kisha

    Wow, I actually bought and received the book and I was really excited to go to the book club…but I have to go to a wedding that day. How’s that for irony? : )

  • Janey

    Are there any ladies here interested in a San Diego meet up?

    I looked on Facebook and didn’t see San Diego listed. Hopefully there are more APW fans here than just little ol’ me!!

    • Janey

      I started us a San Diego discussion on FB. Would love to hear from you!!

  • Ladies in Phx/Tempe area, I started a discussion on FB page. Go! Go! We can get it together this round, yes? :)

  • marbella

    I would love to join the DC meet up (assuming there is one) but this is the weekend after our wedding. I don’t know if I will have time to read the book that week but will try if there’s a group meeting up!

  • ANI

    NOooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo! The ONE totally impossible time!!!!! I NEED my SF APW ladies!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!! I am wasting away here…. BoO!

    deep breath.


    Emily there better be some good pictures. . .

  • Aw bummer, I’ve got a birth class that day. (God, I’m such a cliche aren’t I?)