APW Book Club: How To Be A Woman, Dates!

Caitlin Moran How To Be A Woman

The votes, are in!  The next APW book club will take place on Saturday November 5th, 1pm.  (This time is a suggestion. It can be adjusted as your individual club sees fit.)

In case you missed it, we’ll be reading Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. I swore up and down to you all that it was a book that was written for you, that it was hilarious, feminist, and honest, and you’d love it. LOVE IT. I swore it was the best APW book club pick yet. I swore it was worth getting shipped from the UK. And thus far on Twitter, you guys have backed me up. (If you’ve started reading, feel free to tell other APW-ers that they should, in fact, read it in the comments.) You guys? This meet-up is going to be epic and boozy.

So! Organizational details: local meet-ups will be organized through the APW Facebook discussion page. I started threads for cities that often have meet-ups, but if you don’t see your city please start a thread. (Don’t just slouch around the comments wondering if you should start a thread. You should.) Once we get closer to November 5th, we’ll give the official locations and book club point persons, as well as brainstorm discussion questions.  So head over here and start talking about things like time, place, what you’ll wear, and drinks.  You know, the important stuff. And San Francisco, I’ll totally see you at this meet-up. I expect a full turnout, with sparkles. This is worth it. And if you can’t attend a meet-up, don’t worry. We’ll be back discussing it online the week after, as soon as we sober up.

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  • Girls… I am up for a bookclub in Holland, and I am not the only one reading APW in the low lands. I know. So I will start the thread in facebook… hope we can finally have a book club in the Netherlands and extra info; The american book center has it, so you can get it there. And yes, it is hilarious.


    • Hey, I’m in Brussels, so depending where in Holland you were considering doing it, I might be able to make it! :)

      • I am in Den Haag, but we could easily meet somewhere in the south of Holland… or in Antwerp maybe?

  • Listen to Meg. (Heck, listen to me.) Read this book. Laugh, think, ponder.

    Then, get thee to your closest book club. Discuss, drink, report back.

  • I’m very much there!

  • Kate

    Read it. Oh man, you really need to read it. I giggled so hard at the gym the dude next to me kept reading the spine and giving me a look. It is SO. FUNNY. And true. And everything you ever wanted anyone to say to you when you were 13.

  • Other Katelyn

    I was so skeptical, since the reviews on Amazon aren’t exactly inspiring, but bought it anyway after Meg vouched for it again on Twitter. And it was hilarious, and a good read (took me two days to finish it), and now I’ve recommended it to all my offline lady-friends. I would have been in earlier if I’d known she was a ROCK CRITIC, for God’s sake.

  • Mia Culpa

    I hope my book shows up soon so I can read it in time!

  • Anne

    I’m excited for this! I’m moving from the UK back to the States, so I can buy the book here (when I leave on Saturday, sigh), and attend a gathering back in the US. I’d offer to bring back a couple copies for fellow San Francisco dwellers, but I can barely get my suitcases closed as it is!

    • Hi! I just moved to San Francisco from Europe (Spain & Italy). We should meet up when you get here & get settled, in addition to the book club! Email me: RegularlyAmazed | gmail.

      Good luck saying goodbye to your current home & arriving here. I hope the journey is uneventful!

      • Kate

        I too have recently made the move from London to San Francisco and am planning on going to the book club. Look forward to hopefully seeing you there!

        • Sarah

          I’m just about to move from Manchester to the Bay Area. Will definitely be at the book club if we’re settled in by then.

  • Jessica

    So I get motion sickness when I try to read books in moving vehicles. This book was so funny, I read it in small bursts on the bus anyway. Three days ago, I was snorting and chuckling to myself so much that the woman sitting next to me leaned over and asked what I was reading because clearly I was “having too much fun.”

    Also, I just finished it last night, and all I can think is “Woah”. The chapters about kids are kind of intense in the best way possible. I can’t wait to talk about this book.

    • meg

      I think the chapter about NOT having kids might have been my favorite. I theoretically want kids, but I VEHEMENTLY AGREED with everything in that chapter.

      • Maggie

        I’m really eager to read that chapter, in particular.

    • This book made me laugh aloud heartily on the NYC subway during morning rush hour the other day, which is no small feat! About halfway through, can’t put it down.

      • A

        Me too! Definitely been snorffling into my travel mug while reading this on the train! I keep looking for other NYC APWers reading it so we can high five, but I haven’t seen you yet… Ah well, November approacheth.

        • Eileen

          I’ll be taking mine on the subway soon, so I look forward to being the laughing person everyone stares at!

        • Haha I ALSO keep looking for others reading it — no luck so far! If you’re ever on the N/Q in the morning, keep an eye out ;)

  • Another Alice

    I ordered this book, and the day it arrived a friend lent me Michael Chabon’s Manhood for Amateurs. The two make a fun pairing. I’ll probs be reading both while my husband reads neither, ’cause I like non-fiction and he doesn’t. Guess I’m the more amateur man anyway.

    So excited for the SF book club! I can bring muffins. Or cupcakes. Even muffin-pies.

    • meg

      I love that book too.

  • I leave for London on Monday (the honeymoon begins!) and I plan on purchasing this there. it seems especially fitting :) so excited.

  • I can’t wait to read it even though I can’t make the book club (boo!) because of a wedding. I love a book that’s getting a stamp of approval from the APW community!

  • Just purchased on Kindle will start it tonight, I’m all for a London meet up x

  • Okayyyy, no slouching — I started a thread for Portland, Maine. Thank you for the very clear directive, Meg.

    • Adrianne

      Yay! I’ll host Portland, Maine! And if it’s just us, we can carpool to Boston book club.

      • Adrianne

        Shoot! I can’t do this date anymore. If it’s just us two, we can get together another time…

  • I was a toss-up on this one, but reading these comments and finding out it’s available on the Kindle, I’m in.

    Also, FYI, Facebook discussion boards are going away Oct. 31 because Facebook likes to change things for no reason and make life difficult for page admins. So, it’s very possible all these meetup discussions will disappear right before the next book club.

  • C’mon Columbus peeps, I know you’re out there! Join us for this one, we’re a fun little group. I promise. And there are rumors of cocktails!

    • Suzy

      I know at least one other Ohio reader out there (in fact, she’s a photographer and just had a sponsored post recently – Brianna are you seeing this?) but we’re both in Dayton! Is there a larger Columbus-Cinci-Dayton thing we could get started?

      • There are a few of us who meet regularly in Columbus, and we did a big OH meetup for the Yay New York event. (It was a blast!) Hop on the facebook discussion page, I think the idea of a wider meeting has been suggested again.

  • Alia

    Hey ladies, I’m not on facebook anymore, so if anyone in the Toronto area can touch base with me via email about the date/location that everyone decides on, I would really appreciate it! It’s alia [dot] siegrist [at] gmail. Thanks!

  • Hmm, I likely can’t make the book club because of a wedding (still deciding if I can make it), but I’ll be in London for visit shortly and will be able to pick up a copy there!

  • Kira

    Are there APWers in Germany? I’m spending this year in Berlin and would be thrilled to meet any other readers in the city (or anywhere within reasonable weekend trip distance, too!).

    • Hey I am in Holland, maybe we could organize something midway? I started a thread for the Netherlands, but if no one signs up was thinking of going either west to Germany or South maybe to Paris ?

  • Hoping to make it!