APW Book Club… The Follow Up


I missed the APW book club, because I was sick. How much does that suck? Oh, healing, why must you be such a b*tch? So to help me, and everyone who missed it, live vicariously through you can you please post your photos to the APW Flickr pool? Then, will you email me snippets of what you discussed? Maybe how the discussion of the questions went? This week we’re talking about money, money, money (yay!), but next week we’re talking about community. So next week, I want to post pictures, run downs of what you discussed, and kick off more, virtual, discussion. So let me know, won’t you?

I’m excited already!


Picture from the Denver book club, by Christy of Moodeous Photography

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  • can’t wait, and sorry you had to miss the meetup, no good! hope you’re feeling better soon…

  • Christina

    we missed you Meg!

  • You were there with us in spirit (and sassiness) Ms. Meg!

  • Helen

    The Nashville meet up HAPPENED.

    • meg


  • ddayporter

    I missed the DC one. :( can’t wait for the recap!

  • Hope you’re feeling better Meg!

    I’m still hopeful that someday there’ll be another Vermont reader and there will be Vermont meet-ups!