APW Book Club Updates


I’ve started to hear about the APW book clubs that took place this weekend (One took place on a farm with cows! One took place with sparkles! LA and London finally had meet-ups!) and I’m excited to hear more. To fuel our discussion later this week, please upload your pictures to the APW Flickr stream, and email me a little of what you discussed.

Would you do that? I think we’d all be glad.


P.S. Sparkles and cows!!!!!!!!!

Picture: APW Book Club as taken by Spiralcma1 and uploaded to the APW Flickr stream

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  • woohoo! sparkles and cows…one of these is not like the other…one of these…
    we had a GREAT time in Dallas…all I know.

  • Cows, chickens, Zan’s freshly baked cookies and cinnamon rolls … the upstate New York meetup was my first book club and the highlight of my weekend. We had a great time discussing the book. Looking forward to hearing how the others went (and seeing the sparkle-rific photos).

    • meg

      I demand cow pictures!

      • Zan promised she is working on pics! I have the update written, sending it now … :)

        • Zan

          Geeze — good thing I didn’t see this until now or I might have felt pressured. :)

          The cow pictures are actually bull pictures, I had crazy hair in the cow pictures so I nixed those for the interweb. We just have to have another book club run in the summer when things are nice and green so that we can photos with less mud and more grass.

  • Denver’s meetup was awesome! No sparkles for us, sadly, but we did have a historical building filled with books! (Which is now my new favorite place in town.) Has someone else already sent the email about our meetup, or should I?

  • Denzi

    Atlanta ladies, y’all look GAW-JUS! (And I am so, so bummed about the food poisoning and not being able to join you.)

  • Victoria

    How is it that I went on Flickr to see photos of other book club meetups and I found TWO of my real life friends who live in other cities in the photos! (Hi Katy and Heather!) Small world :)

    • Katy

      Hi Victoria! :)

  • I am looking forward to the online discussion, and hearing back about what people discussed in their local meet-up groups. :)

  • London meetup? Really? How did I miss this? Aww. *sadface* Please don’t say I have to be on facebook to be in the loop!

    • meg

      At the moment all the planning happens on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, I suggest getting a London buddy who is who can clue you in. One day we might be planning it all on APW, but that day is not coming in the next few months, since it would be a big project!