APW Book Tour: The Video

Meg Keene: You’re Welcome, Internet. from Rory Gordon on Vimeo.

Party In A Book Store from Rory Gordon on Vimeo.

Dear Team Practical,

I’ve been writing you letters for years, but this time I just want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting the APW Book and helping it to do so tremendously well that, in month two of the book being out, we’re in the third printing (howcrazyisthat). Thank you for coming out on the book tour. Thank you for being smart, articulate, and hilarious, and making a month on the road a total joy.

And what better way to end this whole tour than with some video? The first video is an interview with me, mixed with some fun stuff. The second interview is bits of me speaking. Both of them are me with my most casual, least professional, least NPR voice. Fun, no? Hopefully it will make all of you feel a bit like you came on the tour, or like we had a drink together. It was all shot by Rory Gordon Photo in LA, who’s a total wonder-ball, and shoots photo and video for weddings and small businesses. If you’ve been pondering a bit of video, you should totally call her right this second. She’s so easy to work with that the whole thing seems effortless.

And finally, finally. The book tour is over, sort of, for now. Next week, once I’ve gotten enough sleep that I’m coherent enough to write, I have a bunch of entrepreneurship posts (and some marriage posts) up my sleeve about the broad scope of things I’ve learned in the past month. Plus, we have a ton of APW projects that we’ll finally start getting to show you next week, and then even more projects a few weeks after. So! There is so much more happening. But for now, we’ll bring the book tour to a close with this. Perfect.

And, for the record? I’ve decided I want to do more public speaking. So if you want me to speak at an event in the Bay Area (or can get me to LA), let’s chat. I’m quite the talker, and I make good jokes, too.

Thank you thank you thank you,


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