APW Happy Hour

Is Nicola reading this Happy Hour right now?

Hey APW,

You know that thing that your relationship is built on? Well, ours is built on rigorous intellectual debate, which is a fancy word for arguing over politics. And this week, we had tickets to see Pod Tours America, and damn it you guys, it was everything I hoped for and more… and also our perfect date night. (And if you’re not listening to Pod Save America and you care about politics, get on that right now.)

I randomly discovered the podcast their first week, back in the hopeful days before the election, when a bunch of Obama Staffers were talking into a mic a few times a week having fun doing a podcast. It was called Keeping it 1600. It was fun to listen to and sort of a mess of raw talent. So as a fellow owner of a new media company, it has been a total delight to watch them grow into one of the top podcasts in the U.S., and to see them become a well-oiled machine of great performance.

We got to the theatre kind of drunk, because we love politics so much that we’ll go have cocktails to celebrate getting to talk about it all night, and left debating what the Dems’ move should be on the upcoming government shutdown fight.

It was such a delight to get to be on the fangirl side of things, and also, if anyone over on the Crooked Media team is reading (because I know there was just a wedding over there, and a lot of appropriately aged staffers), let’s be friends on Instagram.

And speaking of ARE YOU READING RIGHT NOW, let me kick it to APW’s first (and probably only) real-time proposal, from a couple that is having a proposal-off competition. I’m guessing you’ll agree that Andy may have just won that contest. Nicola, we’ll see you in the comments.




Months ago, we began sharing with one another our dreams of the future. We already had a story together but last Winter, out on a desert retreat, we truly began dreaming in unison. Since that day, I have felt more alive than ever before. What we are building and living is something I never thought was possible. You’ve taught me so much about patience, laughter, and friendship. Our mutual commitment and support have already created such wild possibilities for us. We are on an incredible journey.

There is nothing I could ever believe in more than the power of our hearts together. I am so profoundly lucky to have time on this Earth with you.

Nicola, I love you!

Would you like to continue this dance for, oh, just a bit longer?

Would you like to get married?

Will you marry me?


Let’s get these two engaged!

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