APW’s #KeepFamiliesTogether Fundraiser

Phone-banking for good

Hey APW!

Remember how we produced a fundraiser (alongside our fave, Sequoia Diner) to #keepfamiliestogether a few weeks ago? Despite all the odds (family emergencies, cramped timeline), I’m here to tell you it was a massive success! We’re wildly in awe of our community, and together we were able to raise $3,000 to send to RAICES and make tons of calls to our local representatives. Highlights included:

A woman smiles at a young child talking on a phone.

1. When Maddie’s son gave Meg the moral support to call her representative. (It was the first time ever for both of them. Let’s hear it for phone phobias/ not knowing how to work a phone.)

Four brilliant women and a young girl

2. When all the local badass lady-bosses in the room came together for a moment: Liz Stanley from Say Yes, Meg from APW (obvs) and The Compact, Judith from LaliSimone Vintage, and Sequoia of Sequoia diner.

A woman and child sit in a restaurant and smile

3. When this future leader won the raffle and immediately grabbed the Bossed Up swag bag.

4. When this glamazon won the raffle and went straight for this amazing necklace from Donivan and Maggiora Fine Jewelry.

Two children sit in a restaurant booth

5. When Liz’s kids showed up wearing the exact artwork we’d been using to promote the event. (Psst: A portion of sales go to RAICES, you can get your own here.)

A woman checks her phone

6. Maddie’s jumpsuit. Enough said. (Got it at LaliSimone, FYI).

7. When People cared so much, they made calls while they worked.

8. When a room dedicated to helping kids, was full of kids.

A collection of cardsA pound of coffeeA woman holding an envelope

9. The incredible donations we had from local businesses. Revel Wine. Camino. The Kebabery. Preserved. Tartine Manufactory. Highwire Coffee. Subrosa Coffee. Bossed Up. Beauty’s Bagel Shop. Communitē Table. Body Mechanix. Minted. Good Bonez.

The money is potentially enough to bail two people out (though more likely, only one, which is a whole other story), but there’s something to be said for spending time IRL with people plus businesses in your community who show up to make the world a little better. This fight isn’t over, and we encourage our community to keep donating to the ACLU and RAICES.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Kristen Murakoshi for donating her time to photograph the event! She also photographs intimate weddings and elopements, and she will absolutely make you a deal if you say you found her on APW.

And on that note, it’s your happy hour, so jump on it!




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