APW Happy Hour

Summer camp is coming!

Hey APW,

Life has been an absolute whirlwind for me of late. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that my dad has been in and out of the hospital for a traumatic brain injury that he suffered in late June. (Sadly, he fell right in the beginning of this amazing weekend in Palm Springs, so if I look a little sad in some of those pool pictures, that’s why. Though in those moments I had no idea how bad things were really going to be.)

I took a break from being the primary caregiver at the hospital to head to Puerto Vallarta with my family two weeks ago, during the height of the hot and rainy season. It was hot and rainy, and traveling with kids (particularly my spirited kid) can be a bit of a roller coaster. But it was still a delight, and I hope we can make that getaway a more regular thing. Add to that my oldest is starting Kindergarten at our local public Spanish immersion school next week, so he should be fluent by next summer. But also—I had babies a second ago! Time flies.

And time really does fly, since David and I celebrated our nine year anniversary last night, and it seems like only yesterday I was writing about our wedding right here on APW.

BUT. BUT. On top of all of that, our first ever feminist summer camp, aka The Compact Camp, is happening starting next Thursday. You can check out our amazing itinerary here and our speaker list here. We are in full wild prep mode, with our office filled to the brim with boxes and the work never stopping. I’ll be here (and in the hospital) working all weekend, but I can’t wait to see some of you in the redwoods next week. If you’re not following The Compact on Instagram, you should be. You can get a taste of camp… the second we get back to Wi-Fi.

Which brings me to a note: During the next week, you’ll see a few repubs. They’re either great articles that new readers will love, or conversations that are worth having every wedding season, with every new crop of couples. It’ll all be mixed in with new weddings, advice columns, and all sort of other good new stuff. But it’s possible that between the hospital, summer camp, APW, and our SUPER exciting plus size wedding dress launch with Lace & Liberty (still in the works and coming soon), I over extended myself just a touch, and I had to have a few less things on my plate to edit for a week. I’ll try to recuperate in the redwoods.

From my whirlwind to yours, wishing you a big cold glass of white wine during a nice sunset somewhere tonight.



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