APW Happy Hour

Everything is on fire, so come hang out with us tomorrow!

Hey APW,

I feel like every week I’m like… well it’s been a week. But you know, it has. As some of you may know, our offices were broken into a few weeks ago, not once but twice in the same weekend, so we’ve been on the lookout for a new place to call home. We thought we had the perfect solution this week, but then the floor sort of fell out from underneath us. So we’re back to square one, feeling somewhat untethered, and spending a lot of time hanging out on Meg’s back deck right now.

And also, the world is on fire. So there’s that.

But, there are some good things. For starters, we saw Beyoncé from the TENTH MOTHAFUCKIN’ ROW on Saturday night. And y’all. She’s the queen for a reason. Also, babies are cute. Here is a photo of one who lives in my house, wearing a pair of very expensive Rent The Runway earrings. (He is his mother’s child. Don’t worry they are clip ons.)

And then last week we finally got to take the sample dresses from our plus size wedding dress collection out for a spin and I am just so happy with the result. I mean:

In fact, we are having a little get together at the Lace and Liberty studio tomorrow in San Francisco if you want to come see them for yourself (and/or just hang out with us and drink champagne). You don’t have to be shopping for a wedding dress, or even plus size. We just want to hang with our best people and get your feedback on the collection (you can RSVP for that right here). We’ll also be going on the road this fall hosting pop up bridal salons in Chicago, D.C., Charlotte, Los Angeles, and New York City. (And pssst, I’ll be at the Chicago pop up on the 19th, 20th and 21st and would love to see you. We’re even talking about having a little happy hour that Thursday night at the Brideside showroom.) You can go ahead and sign up for an appointment for one of those right here.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending the however many hours publicly harassing my home state’s Senator Susan Collins to not fuck this Kavanaugh vote up for us.🤞But until then it’s your Happy Hour so hop to it.



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