APW Happy Hour

The end of an era

 Hey APW,

This week, instead of hammering away at our computers hanging out virtually with y’all, we’ve been hard at work in our office, packing, tossing, donating, or selling every last thing. After our double break-in last month, we’ve had the miserable experience of having to break a lease. But, once we committed to the move (because physical safety first), we decided to sell most of our stuff. We’re putting the rest in storage till we move into a much, much smaller office in a few weeks. And you know what? All that purging and downsizing has ended up feeling fantastic. After my dad’s death in early September, and the multiple traumas that have hit us since, getting rid of everything and starting fresh turns out to be just what the doctor ordered. The minute we started selling everything that wasn’t nailed down, Maddie said I came to work looking at least an inch taller. That’s what happens when you lift a weight off your shoulders… even if that weight was in the form of a really beautiful pink fridge.

As you read this, movers are hauling boxes out of our East Oakland offices, and we’re toasting the end of an era. We had such big dreams when we moved into these offices two years ago. Some of those dreams turned out to be more complicated than we expected… but we’ve been surprised with joys we didn’t even know to expect (and our fair share of tragedies). Now we’re stripping it all down to bare bones and discovering that everything we needed was here all along. It sounds like the kind of mysterious prediction a witch would give you, but in our case, it’s turning out to be exactly right.

Here is to what’s next. Good things are coming.



important info!

Today is the last day to submit your application for our writing fellowship. Also, our first plus size wedding dress pop up is taking place November 2nd to November 4th in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can sign up for slots here. (Please feel free to nab a slot even if you’re not actively shopping for a wedding dress, or if you’re not engaged yet. We have plenty of spaces open, and you’re not expected to buy a wedding dress at the pop up.) We’ll also be having a happy hour at the Brideside showroom in Charlotte that Thursday night. Our last sip ‘n see in San Francisco was way more fun than I could have expected (think: dress up plus champagne). You can sign up for our mailing list for more details on that soon.

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