APW Happy Hour

Making more with less

Hey APW,

As those of you who have been following along know, the past few months have really been something. And after all the deaths, burglaries, move outs, beloved staff members moving on (we miss you Najva!), and more this week, we were left with just… less. We finished moving out of our office of the last two years in one final exhausting daylong clean on Sunday. (It’s been a long time since I double mopped a thousand square feet, and I’d be fine if it was a long time before it happens again.) And just like that, there was less hubbub, less people, just less. And I don’t want to say it’s fine, since I’m still deep in grief from losing my dad six weeks ago, even apart from everything else. But it’s been remarkably okay. You might have noticed that we’ve had the occasional publishing day with one post instead of two, because we’ve decided everyone will live and our sanity and well-being is most important. We’re going a little slower, and devoting ourselves to some bigger picture questions, and getting used to the empty space.

Meanwhile, this week we got to head out to David’s Bridal in Sacramento, California (the world’s most stylish David’s Bridal, holy moly). We had piles of fun, and were able to confirm what we’ve thought for awhile—which is that David’s Bridal is doing some of the most fashion-forward (and plus size friendly) work out there right now. I mean, yes, sure, you’ll find all the traditional cupcake dresses. But you’ll also find tons of styles that you could only get for $10K or more a few years ago, and DAMN do they look good.

And with that, I’m off to help my girlfriend prep for her wedding next weekend (I’m relearning all the things we fail to teach people about weddings, and will be back with plenty of pointers soon.) In the meantime I have a gorgeous velvet bridesmaid dress I’ve gotta get hemmed, some gaff tape I need to order for my boobs, and some APW wedding planning spreadsheets I have to fill out. It’s like I’m doing this wedding planning thing all over again.

Cheers to the weekend!



P.S. We sent Jareesa to Mexico to soak up the sun (you can follow along on our Instagram stories), but she’ll be back next week with more links for you and a review of her amazing trip.

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