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From the Mexican sun to the Midwest autumn

Hey APW,

Jareesa here, currently enjoying the peak of Midwestern autumn, aka my favorite season. I love that moment when the season changes, and it’s so pronounced that you can smell it in the air. The leaves are turning beautiful colors, the days get shorter, and the air is crisper. My sweaters are all lined up in my closet, I spent the summer knitting three different shawls, and I’m indulging in all my fave fall foods (hello apple cider and caramel apples!). Autumn also means that work is heating up—my day job is in retail—so I’m gearing up for a busy holiday season.

As much as I love fall, I also love a nice beach trip, so I jumped when the APW team reached out with an opportunity to visit The Fives Azul Beach Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, as part of a press trip. Immediately I called my husband to see if he wanted to come with, and his first response was, “What about the baby?” Usually Josephine rolls along with us (and she loves to travel), but we decided to leave her at home with my mom, who graciously agreed to fly in and watch #BabyPi for us.

William and I have done all-inclusives before and enjoy them, but we were unprepared for the full experience that the Karisma team provides at The Fives Azul. The resort features both plenty of beach for those who need sand between their toys, and pools throughout the property for those who aren’t beachgoers. Another highlight? The spider monkeys! We managed to catch a glimpse of them in the trees on our first day.

Our first night, we experienced a blindfolded dinner. (I know.) We ate with our hands and used our other senses to devour a four course menu that featured various textures and flavors. We also got to create a traditional Mexican family meal at Casa de Rosa, and the highlight for me was watching my husband learn to make fresh tortillas (guess who’s getting a tortilla press for Christmas? LOL).

If you are planning a destination wedding, The Fives Azul is worth considering… Especially if you are going for a smaller wedding and have friends and family who would like to participate remotely. The property features several locations for couples to hold their ceremony, including a rooftop overlooking the ocean. They even have cameras that allow your guests who couldn’t travel to view the ceremony via an app.

Next time, #BabyPi is going to make the trip with us. While we didn’t bring her on this trip, The Fives Azul Beach Resort was extremely family-friendly. In fact, we’re planning a group trip back to the property already, and we’ve only been back a week.

Our four days in Playa del Carmen were a whirlwind, but we enjoyed every moment. But I can’t lie, I also couldn’t wait to get home and back to my baby girl.



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This post was not sponsored. APW received a complimentary stay at The Fives Azul Beach Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and the above are our genuine thoughts on the experience. If you’re looking to plan a destination wedding, it’s a really nice alternative to the big-box destination resorts you’ve already heard of.


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