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APW Happy Hour

Here is to gratitude


It’s been another brutally hard week. As I’m sure the whole world now knows, the Bay Area has been living under a cloud of apocalyptic air. Think: lines of people forming in the morning to buy air masks, and then dispersing 45 minutes later when the masks are gone. Bloody noses, colds people can’t shake, smoke visible from one end of your living room to the other. As of today, rain is supposed to start clearing the air, and we’re all hoping and praying that the air will stay breathable after the storms pass.

My family has been hiding out in Denver this whole time, worrying about folks at home, feeling guilty that we’re gone—but also knowing that one more kid with respiratory issues in the ER isn’t going to help anyone. The rest of the APW team has escaped to clean air for the holiday, after suffering numerous health problems just trying to get through the day. In short, it’s scary, it’s sad, it’s exhausting, and we’re heartbroken for our state and communities.

But as we head into the Thanksgiving weekend—which we’re largely throwing together on the fly, wherever we can find to breathe clean air—we’re counting our blessings. The blessings of family, being together, taking care of each other, and all the kindnesses that have been shown to us personally and as a community during this heartbreaking period.

Here is to you and yours. May you lift a glass tomorrow to celebrate all that’s good in your lives, even those of you doing it with heavy hearts.



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