APW Happy Hour

Where my NYC people at?

Hey APW,

First things first, if you haven’t heard: Meg and I are coming to New York in two weeks to celebrate the launch of our plus size wedding dress collection, and we super duper want you there. So if you’re a regular reader who wants to come hang out (even if you’re not dress shopping or plus size), we’d love to see your face! We’re having a mini get together at Brideside’s new NYC showroom on 20th and Broadway on Thursday night, and we’ll have the whole collection with us, plus champagne and general revelry. You can RSVP for that right here.

Other than that, it’s mostly been a week of catch up and recovering from a fun but exhausting holiday week. My aunt came to visit from Maine, and we skipped town for Thanksgiving. Upside: not having to host a holiday in my very messy house. Downside: my house is still very messy and now I’m back at work. But I did manage to steal away a few hours to work on our holiday cards. It’s one of the creative highlights of my year. Working in a creative field means I get to do lots of photo shoots and creative work, but holiday cards are one of the few projects where I’m the sole creative force behind the finished project, so it’s like a fun side hustle where I’m my own client. Anyway, I’m trying to decide between these three photos:

We do our holiday cards with Minted every year, and while this is not a sponsored mention (though we do get a little commission every time y’all buy from them), I thought I should pass along that they are now doing a free design service where you text them your photo and their designers will customize five designs that look best with your image, and then send them to you. Again, for free. Which is basically the thing I always want someone to do for me, because by the time I’m done getting the photos and sourcing addresses from people, I’m like… ugh, you want me to look at a hundred designs and pick the one that looks best? Nothanx.

In the meantime, who wants to show me their holiday cards in the comments? Like I said, I want to see your faces.

And with that, I’m outta here. I got a house that still needs to be cleaned. So it’s your happy hour. Do. Your. Thing.



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