APW Happy Hour

We took our plus size wedding dresses on the road

Hey APW,

We’re back! We had a gloriously unplugged holiday break (plus a couple of bouts of the flu), but this week we’ve been moving into our new offices at the amazing and beautiful Arthaus Studios in Oakland. (Side note: If you’re in Oakland and looking for a creative office space, offices of all sizes are available here. Call, drop our name, and then come be our neighbor!) But unless you’re interested in seeing piles of boxes, we don’t have any cool photos to show you of our new offices, till next week.

So in the meantime, we wanted to bring you the joy of our APW x Lace & Liberty plus size wedding dress trunk show that we hosted with our friends at Brideside in New York City last month.

We kicked things off with a dream team of female founders and team members from the APW, Lace & Liberty, and Brideside crew. (From left to right that’s Keriann, Meg, Danielle from Lace & Liberty, Sonali from Brideside, and me!)

Teriann of Dream Plan-It Events is basically our new BFF for being the first to try on our dresses.

And then once we got her in one, she was basically like, “Hold my wine” and went in for the cape, and another dress, and another…

The cape is appropriate for day and night, by the way. Just saying.

Meg, never not CEO-ing, helping one of our attendees figure out which dress she liked best for a potential vow renewal. The green lace strapless was a close contender until…

…we pulled out the dress we based off Meg’s BFF Gina’s wedding dress. Bam. Done.

And then who showed up, but our very own Allison of Davis Row events. (If her face looks familiar, it’s because she’s the person responsible for all the smart planner-y advice you read here on APW.) We coaxed her into my favorite dress from the collection, and I think she looks like a vision.

To cap off the evening, one of my longtime college friends answered Meg’s dare and stepped into one of the dresses himself. With the cape, obvs. I think he pulled it off.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to support us (and to Brideside for lending us their beautiful new Flatiron showroom for the event). And a special thanks to everyone who got a little brave and tried on one of our dresses. The night wouldn’t have been half as fun without the impromptu fashion show with our best people.

P.S. If you want to see more from our full plus size wedding dress collaboration with Lace & Liberty, you can peep that right here.

Until next time, it’s your happy hour, so get to it.



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