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APW Happy Hour

Brr, it's cold in here

Hey APW,

So I think last week we promised you photos of our new office. Hahahaha. Very ambitious, past-selves. We are still very much in the process of moving in, setting up shelving, getting things out of boxes, and mostly, trying to stay warm in our spectacularly un-insulated cement building (the trade-off for having a cool industrial artist warehouse vibe). So right now what I have to offer you is the above photo of Meg in her full winter regalia trying to figure out how to type and wear gloves at the same time.

Instead of work, let’s talk about hobbies. After an overly packed 2018, your APW staff decided we needed some low-key creative projects for ourselves this year. If you follow Meg on Instagram, you may have noticed she recently began decorating her childhood dollhouse to look like a miniature version of The Wing. She calls it the #WeeWing. Meanwhile, I’ve taken up sewing clothes for my toddler. I’m working my way up to the big leagues (aka clothes for myself), but since he doesn’t yet have the vocabulary to protest his outfits, he’s a great guinea pig. Behold, the tiny faux ostrich leather leggings I made for him last month. There are some weird seams happening in and around the diaper area, but mostly I’m very pleased with the outcome.

I’m struggling with measurements and consistency as I explore the wonderful world of baby pants, though, so I’m curious if anyone has good leads on stylish baby patterns? I need beginner skill level resources that can easily be modified for tall skinny bebes. (I’m currently just tracing his pants I bought at Target.) Any and all advice welcome.

Other than that, my family all caught our yearly bout of plague this week, so I’ll be spending my weekend huddled up in doors with a bottle of Dayquil. So enjoy Happy Hour, and maybe next week we’ll see you with some photos. (Fingers crossed.)



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