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Five games of 52 pickup


How is your New Year going so far? And how is it almost the end of January already? Over here it feels both like All Good Things, and like I’m playing five games of 52 Pickup at the same time.

We’ve been moving into a new office (we’ve unpacked enough that I can now show you a tiny corner, above). I was accepted to The Wing as a member, which means I’m working some of the time in that women-focused co-working space in the city… which I’m mostly using to draft the second edition of the first APW book. That book will come out in December/January, with my face and the APW logo on the cover. (HOORAY!) Plus, we just announced dates for The Compact Camp this summer, so if you’re interested in joining us, go sign up for our email list. Tickets will go on sale early this year.

Here is the loveliest story of the week. After a long day at The Wing meeting with my editor about the second edition, I went to The Wing wall o’ books (curated by The Strand, all written by women authors) to try to find a book to check out. I’d previously looked for my book, but hadn’t found it… but suddenly, THERE IT WAS. I picked it up and yelled across the room to Maddie, “Look!” and this woman looks up and yells, “THAT IS A GREAT BOOK, IT CHANGED MY WHOLE WEDDING!” And I pivoted and said, “Thank you, I wrote it.” And she was like “You. Are. Fucking. Kidding. Me. Right. Now.” And then a whole table of women insisted I sign it on the spot. (And I got feedback on what’s best about the book.) It was a delightful treat.

And now Roger Stone is indicted! So for the horrible dystopian times we’re living in, I’ll call that a good week.

Here is your open thread. Hit it.



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