APW Happy Hour

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey APW,

It’s been a weird week over here. Call it Astrology, or vibes, or just how things are going… but it’s felt like there was a giant boulder of “no,” in front of us all week. You know those weeks? Where every customer service call ends in misery, problems seem to appear out of nowhere, and things that should feel easy feel impossibly hard? Well, it’s been kind of like that, for no reason in particular.

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But we had a lovely Valentine’s Day with my kids. We always try to do a special breakfast, and this one turned out particularly well, with tiny confetti-filled piñatas.

And this week we’re also delighted to welcome our two new writing fellows to the site. We’ve been working with them for the past few weeks, and you’ll get to see their work starting next week. We hope you love them as much as we do.



APW’s 2019 Writing Fellows

Amanda Torres-Lantz is a Seattle area–based queer writer, lover, and mama to one. She is an intuitive ambivert who has spent most of her life with her nose in a book but also really lights up when going out dancing. Whether working on her marriage, playing hostess, or helping friends solve style dilemmas, she is a research enthusiast who crafts narratives to make sense of modern life and relationships.

Emily Zheng: Between working at the library and scribbling in her idea journal, you can find Emily Zheng crafting dog clothes or conducting cooking experiments. As she navigates the perilous realm of adulthood with intrepid curiosity, she is also discovering all the ways in which being a queer first-generation immigrant impacts the way she experiences the world. Emily lives with her co-dog-mama and their tiny pup in Edmonton, Canada, where it’s far too cold.

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