APW Happy Hour

Writing a book + Womxn Edition

Hey APW,

If I’ve been a little quiet of late (it seems like forever since I really took a deep dive with y’all in the comments), it’s because so many things are going on. Namely, I’m working on the second edition of the first APW book, which will come out just in time for the holidays. I’m revamping it to be a bit more of the emotional support piece to the APW Planner. Plus I’m adding what I’m currently calling “wedding homework” at the end of each section—conversations to have, things to think about, a phrase to repeat over and over when things get nuts. It’s the section of service books that I love the most these days, so I wanted to add it for all of you.

But the craziest part of the whole process is that my face is going on this book (along with the APW logo and all that jazz). But. My. Face.

Wanna talk about imposter syndrome? Because I’ve been doing this for eleven years next month, I have two consistently best selling books, I’m a go-to interview by places like the New York Times, NPR, and The Atlantic when they need a wedding expert. But honestly, I generally ignore that day to day and just live my life and take care of my to-do list. But the idea that my face is going to go on a (already bestselling FFS) book, because I’m a “wedding expert” (literally a true fact) is freaking me out and blowing my mind.

But on that note, because I am a wedding expert, I’m supposed to dress up like a bride on the cover of my book, which leads me to the obvious question: If I were a cat expert, would I dress up like a cat? But we’re trying to keep it very “low-key nod to bridal,” which means we’re ordering a lot of designer dresses we’re going to (cough) return for the shoot, plus some winners from BHLDN. So. Do you think this killer sheer bridal top (hell yes bridal separates) will go with this bonkers amazing designer fringe skirt? Or am I better off with this bridal sweater that I have worn before and am obsessed with and need for everyday? WE SHALL SEE.

On Womxn

And with that, one final editorial note.

We’re a company that focuses on women and women-centric experiences. But we’ve been talking a lot about how to include non-binary and gender expansive folks linguistically… because as a publication, we really value anyone that wants to hang out in non male-dominated spaces. So after much discussion, we’ll be moving to using womxn instead of women (read more about that here), folx instead of folks, and… most excitingly fiancx instead of fiancé. So as you see those words start to pop up as we switch over editorially, that’s why.

And with that, it’s your open thread. Hit it.



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