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APW Happy Hour

Whatta week

Hey APW,

What. A. Week. Our work week was one of the wildest work weeks I can remember. It was the kind of week where a major company we work with called us to say they were suddenly going out of business (that person had found out not an hour before that it was her last day at the job). But what was wild is that wasn’t even the craziest phone call or email we got that day. Most of what happened did end up being a blessing in disguise, but none of it leaves me feeling less emotionally hung over.

It was all made better by our very own Najva being in town. Fine, fine, she has a flashy new job for Quartz now, but she’s still one of our best. And our favorite Keriann, our Director of Brand Partnerships was in town too. So while things were legit nuts, we had a team of amazing people to remind of us of what was really important.

Beyond that, I need to take a moment to say that it was a really painful week (again) to be Jewish in America, and an awful week to be a progressive Jew. I’m not going to dive into it in depth here, though you can catch my thoughts on Instagram Stories. Beyond that, I’ll send you to the letter that the Anti Defamation League wrote on the issue, which is concise and factual. I’m ready to spend some time with my family celebrating Shabbat, peace, and our Jewishness, with hope for a better tomorrow. Particularly on the left.

Shabbat Shalom,


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