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APW Happy Hour

May their memories be a blessing

Hey APW,

I wanted to start this note telling you what an amazing week we had, and the crazy beautiful photo shoot we pulled off with a diverse and amazing group of womxn on Monday. But late last night when the news broke about the massacre in New Zealand Mosques, everything took a turn. It feels like only yesterday that this pain was hitting the Jewish community, and I have no words for how horrifying it is to see it play out again for so many people that I love. Seeing another white nationalist, steeped in the same cesspool of online hate, kill so many human beings as they worship, is something I just can’t find the right words for… because at the end of the day, there are no words.

To our Muslim brothers and sisters: From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry, and we are sending the full force of the love of the APW community your way. If you’d like to support the victims and their families, the New Zealand Council of Victim Support has set up a fund here. And for all of you triggered and terrified by this most recent horrific and violent example of the rise of white supremacy: I see you. Know that in this part of the internet, you’re safe.

May their memories be a blessing.



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