APW Happy Hour

Real talk business part deux: aka we want your feedback

Hey APW,

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’ve got family in town today, and I think I’m going to be forced to go on a hike or something 🙈. #PrayForMe

But I wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave us feedback in last week’s real talk happy hour about the APW business model. As always, I feel incredibly lucky that we have such a supportive, thoughtful community around us. A few of you mentioned that you would be interested in exploring a Patreon-type setup, where you can support APW without having to sacrifice what you already get here and we can provide some fun bonus content that might not fit on the site. So we’ve been playing around with that this week, and we have some exciting ideas to roll out in next week’s happy hour.

But! We realized it would be even better if we got your feedback first so we can make sure we’re tailoring this thing to your actual wants and needs. So with that in mind, I’ve got a short survey for you guys below:

So stay tuned in the coming weeks. We’ve got a few other things up our sleeve that we’ll also be rolling out this month.🤞And speaking of cool communities, our very own Keriann got to speak at Rebelution Resurge yesterday (a new kind of wedding conference that de-prioritizes details and puts the focus back on parties that celebrate community and marriage.) She hosted a panel on finding great clients (pro tip: you guys are it), and you can see the highlights right here (click our stories).

And with that, I’ve gotta run (quite possibly in a literal sense). It’s your happy hour, so have at it.



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