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APW Happy Hour

It's self-care weekend

Hey APW,

How was your week? Last weekend, I took a dance class with one of Beyoncé’s choreographers, Chris Grant, through Pop Star Booty Camp. That meant we spent an hour learning about two minutes of the Formation choreography, and then the next two days wanting to die from soreness. It was amazing, and in short, I need more joy and me time in my life.

Which brings me to the fact that it’s Mother’s Day weekend! (Before I say anything else, a word of support for all of you for whom this is a hard weekend. I see you.) This year, I finally got it through my head that I can ask for what I really need on Mother’s Day. And y’all? It’s not a big family brunch, though I will likely get that too. But what I really need… is some time alone. So tonight, I’m headed to a hotel in San Francisco… all by myself. I plan to watch TV in bed, and then sprawl out with absolutely nobody bothering me. I can’t wait.

In other news this week! David and I are planning a vow renewal/ten-year anniversary party in Palm Springs this summer, which is a fascinating process. In some ways, the wedding industry is so much better than it was ten years ago… and in other ways, it’s still the same impossible beast that makes me want to rip my hair out. Also, the team has been playing around with the idea of launching a gender-creative kids line. (Really, starting with t-shirts. Be the t-shirts you wish to see on your kid.) I’ve talked about it over on Instagram, so if you want to offer your two cents, go give it to me!

And with that, I wish all of you a great weekend. And to the moms out there, I wish you a particularly restful one, where you ask for all the things you want.



P.S. You’ll notice there is now a tip jar at the bottom of happy hour. We appreciate all of the feedback you guys gave us over the last few months about how you’d like to support the site. We’re still cooking up some new plans, but for now we’re starting with including a tip jar in happy hour each week since that is how you overwhelmingly said you’d like to participate. We’ll also be implementing an opportunity to support the site if you’re using an ad blocker, which we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.

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