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APW Happy Hour

Grief anniversaries... and the new Toy Story

Hey APW,

See that beautiful picture of me in Palm Springs? That was me, this weekend last year. It was at the end of a long work and play weekend, where we’d done a shoot and I’d thrown a bachelorette party. On that Friday afternoon, I found out that my dad had fallen, and been rushed to the trauma center ICU. There was no way to know how serious it would be, and no way for me to get to the ER in time. David headed over for me, and had the last coherent conversation anyone would ever have with my dad. Then his brain swelled, his TBI went into full effect, I spent the rest of my summer at the hospital, and in September he died suddenly.

Grief anniversaries are tough, and this weekend is a doozy of a grief anniversary for me… but also a whirl of Pride events for my kids, and baptisms, and new Toy Story movies. Mostly, I hope the good balances the bad a little… and that I just get through to the other side.

Here is wishing you and yours a far easier weekend. (Plus, lots of good links below.)


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